4570 Frontage Rd NW, Cleveland
(423) 790-3000

Recent Reviews

Bhavik Patel

Extraordinary customer service at Starbucks inside Target.Outstanding recommendation about coffee.Thank you for everything !

Anne Badera Neal

friendly staff and great coffee

Sara S.

Stopped in here after we couldn't manage to get coffee at the DD down the road. All I can say is we did manage to snag some coffees here, although it wasn't truly worth the wait. Hubby and I were traveling back up north and had just prior to this stopped at DD, which was an epic disaster.. we left sans coffee after their espresso maker was broken and the place was screwed up, both indoor and in the drive-through. We were in search of some much-needed caffeine, so we stopped here at this small Starbucks located in the front of Target. The line was not long when I ordered, but the wait seemed ridiculous. Only two people in front of me, but the girl at the end of the counter was bewildered, slow at whipping up coffee drinks, chatting with a 'friend' on break from her Target job, and totally confused. She kept asking me over and over if I had ordered a Frappuccino and then a caramel mach... I kept telling her I ordered two venti cafe americanos..she couldn't keep a train of thought, was absent-minded, kinda rude and not giving a rip about anyone's order. Drinks were mixed up, made completely out of order, and my cafe americano was not very hot. Both of our drinks were ok, I suppose, but not typical Cafe Americanos and mine was kinda lukewarm... the wait absolutely was not worth it and the service sucked. As I was leaving, I noted trash and debris lying around the tables and on the floor and the line was now wrapped around the Target entrance. Ouch. No thank you.

Tiffany Dwiel

Nice baristas but SO slow! Always a long wait in line and for drinks.

Emily Stewart

Been waiting in the drive through for 14 minutes!!! And there were only 3 cars in front of me! Never again

Janice Catlett

Out of caramel should have went to speedway

Janice Catlett

Out of caramel at 6pm it’s Starbucks man

Royal Geesey

Its starbucks lmao👍

Leigh Skillington

Nice barista but I am ASTONISHED that I just paid $5.65 for a not so grande chai latte because I ordered it with almond milk. They arbitrarily add .80 to your tab if you forgo dairy. Why this charge? Almond milk is about the same price as dairy. Would love to know the real reason that Starbucks is promoting dairy and punishing non dairy customers. Hmmmmmmm...

Amanda Doucet

Go here maybe 3 times a week. I hate the drive thru. Barely holds 3 cars so people sometimes cut in front of you but service is fast and coffee is always hot!


Used to get fresh and hot coffee here all the time. I drink it totally black and the freshness and temp. is very important to me. But the last 3 times, it’s been served lukewarm. I noticed they’ve been keeping it in an open container. I asked if they could nuke it and was told they don’t have a microwave. 3 strikes and they’re out.

Ronda Huisman

I ask for Frappechino and the girl gave me coffee. I said I asked for Frappechino and she said “no you didn’t” I walked away with coffee and threw in trash! Won’t be back!

Nashea Shields

Staff was rude and coffee was made wrong. They don't have an oven but won't tell you so don't expect any warm food, but they won't mention that. Over all poor experience.

boom nuke9045

Sometimes there is only one worker and it gets really really slow

Keith Shelton

Service was poor

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