1621 25th St NW, Cleveland
(423) 244-5740

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Sarah Oliver

Friendly staff and good food ?


Pretty good actually.

Brooklyn Becker

The employee named Sarah messed up my husband's sub and refused to fix it he had no sauce what so ever she was extremely rude ?

John Sligh

Nice people, clean. Not a lot of mask wearing.


Workers don't wear masks. Coughing right over the food.

Leigh Ann Brodrick

Very friendly! Bright fresh veggies

Cottey Farris

I came in this store 30 min before close and was told I can only order cold sandwiches because she turned toaster off and wouldn’t be turning it back on tonight. Most of the sandwiches are heated?

Heather Lay

This is the only Subway in Cleveland that I will eat at! I've been eating at this one since the day it opened! It's clean, friendly environment & quick! Manager & employees are always nice and always greet when I walk in the door! I'll forever go to this Subway for my Subway cravings!

Kylie Davidson

Old grey hair wrinkly old skin and big fat nose was so rude and I didn't get her name so I wrote down what she look like. She was counting change and I told her I had a pick up order from faith. Firstly we did go to the wrong one but that lady didn't have to be rude. When I told her she turn around for a second and said "not here!" " not here!" Saying twice for some reason while continuing to count her change. And this was 3:40 p.m on november 13th Friday

Misty Jackson

This location is always clean and the food is always good, but the staff of this particular experience were two females and they were more worried about talking to each other and working on a simple salad for an online order, than full filling the customers standing directly in front of them. Why it took two to make a salad, I don’t know, but they were not very professional and the one making our order seemed to have an attitude the whole time which made our experience just overall irritating.

Timothy Price

Very slow and sub was not to good


We normally don't purchase from this Subway but today we decided to pass by for some lunch. When we walked in the 3 women behind the bar did not greet us, did not even follow steps of asking us what kind of bread we wanted, instead she was rude, in bad mood and since my mother doesn't speak very good english I had to translate for her and all three women were not patient at all. They were hurrying us up with no one else behind us. Such terrible customer service. I order 2 cookies and when I seen the last cookie in my bad, it was all crushed apart.

Michael Presswood

Honestly this location is hit or miss with both the quality of food and staff.

Aiyana Garner

The service was terrible. I ordered three sandwhiches and neither one of them was right. They weren't complicated orders!


I downloaded the Subway app and earned $6 to use towards an order. Easy to use app. Order was ready on time. Food tasted fresh and the only problem was that the sub was overfilled. Will definitely return to this store but will instruct the staff to use less fillings.

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