3318 N Keith St NW, Cleveland
(423) 472-6199

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Tia Stairs

I ordered and paid through the app and still had to wait as this location only had 1 poor elderly women working the dinner shift. The sandwiches were not toasted as requested and were squished as if she was afraid of using more than 1 bag. My sandwich tasted delicious as it was very basic and couldn't be messed up but the others were a mess.

Hannah Potter

The staff was very rude. i don’t know who was working, but the young guy was nice while the other staff was very rude.

m sneed42

Subway is extremely expensive for what it is. Usually a small amount of meat and cheese for so much money.

Ricco Canipe

Great Food and Friendly Staff!


Great Food and Friendly Staff!

Jordyn T.

This is the WORST subway I have ever been to. Usually I'm not one to be a Karen and write terrible reviews but this was just awful. I put in my online order an hour before I had to get it so I could pick it up fast and go home after work. I realized I put the order in wrong and tried to call to fix it, of course phones don't work. Then I run to the store and ask them to fix what I wanted and they said ok and that I was going next door real quick but would be back in the time it was supposed to be ready because people were ahead of me. Come back and it's completely wrong. The woman had no idea what even went on a subway melt so I had to tell her everything and she still left stuff off of it. Finally get my order 30 minutes later then the time I put online. I'm only giving it 2 stars because their chipotle sauce is fire.

Debbie Austin

Clean location. Good sandwich.

Bob Kirkpatrick

Good food too much dry bread for my taste

Jessica Lynn

The management could have hired better employees. Let's just say if you want a sandwich, then go to another Subway restaurant; however, if you want a pancake, then go to IHop. For your information, the sandwiches were more like pancakes because the woman at Subway pretty much took out her anger on the sandwiches as if she was angry at the world. I know that we are humans and we all tend to be angry; however, taking out your frustrations at a work is not only unprofessional, but also, it's rude. It seemed to me that she does not want to be there in the first place.

Desiree Surii

Cookies over cooked and I love subway cookies I always get a dozen when I'm feeling the craving

Shannon Roman

Don't know why the Sandwich Artist believe everyone would want it as a mountain high sub of peppers.

lonnie cross

good sammiches and great service.

John Smedley

Clean place and helpful employees. However I feel the quality of the product has gone way down compared to the past. They seem stingy for what they put on the subs. If I order meat I expect meat on my sub not other stuff. Not employees fault as they do as told. But not my favorite sandwich shop. When a 5 dollar sub from Walmart has twice the meat than Subways at a higher price then they have gone down big time.

Glenn McCracken

Always good. Enough said

Glenn McCracken

Always good. Enough said

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