Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill

1175 Meridian Boulevard #Suite 108, Franklin
(615) 435-3074

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Jared Cook

Great atmosphere and great oysters! We had oysters three ways fried, Rockefeller and charbroiled. Personally I liked the charbroiled best, nothing wrong with the order two. The cheese was great on the charbroiled. I will be back for sure!!

Daniel Griffith

Some of the best Cajun food you can get around middle TN. The gumbo is to die for! The drinks are great! The oysters were decent too!

Edward Glynn

I wanted to love the place and made a special trip to try it out early, before the rush. Seems like half the folks were locals so that’s a good sign. Atmosphere was a bar, and we were not locals so no smile or howdy for us.We were looking to do crawfish as they are in peak season, so we shared a boil. It was very spicy, as I like it, but my company couldn’t taste much because the regular boil seasoning was too hot. They forgot the sausage, so brought uncut, water boiled sausage later. It was meh. The full shrimp tasted off. The crawfish were over boiled so stick to the shell. The peel and eat shrimp were good. Their crab was excellent, though. The beer was cold and good selection. All in, we spent just north of a hundred for two people.Over all- much better places in Nashville fora boil (especially on Nolensville road) and because I’m not in walking distance, this is a pass for me.

Steven Ludwig

We've been coming here a long, long time. This restaurant hasn't disappointed; it endures in an area where restaurants tend to come and go for a reason. The Cajun influence is obvious and proud. The food is as good as anything in New Orleans. When you go to a regionally-inspired restaurant and it's consistently filled with people from that region, you know it's good. If it sounds good, try it. But I can recommend the Boudan, the gumbo (they have several types -- the ya ya is my favorite), and anything to do with crawfish.


This place is really a hidden gem and the food is sooooo good. The chargrilled oysters are seasoned very well and you get huge raw oysters. The grits in the shrimp and grits were very well flavored. I’m glad there is a place nearby that actually gets Cajun/creole food right.


The chargrilled oysters were GREAT! I like the pastured catfish and cajun mashed potatoes but the crab meat batter was TOO sweet. It tasted like a sweet roll versus a crab cake ?. Overall great service and worth the wait. I will definitely be back!!

Jakeb Reel

Food was decent.. the staff are very friendly and very easy on the eyes! My waitress was great.. the seafood dip was pretty good.. I got the bayou chicken, I'd definitely order a different entree if I went back

Joshua J.

Came here for my birthday. First time impressions are great. Small place so be aware if you have a big party. Everything was excellent. Our server John, was top notch.

Charlene R.

The food was good. The atmosphere on a Friday night is loud and fun. The food is good and the server laid it on thick.

Ken Warrick

My grand I eat there a couple of times each year during the woodturning symposium. This time one of the meals I had was the shrimp New Orleans. The flavor was awesome, but the shrimp was so over cooked they were like chewing shoe leather. I will not order that dish again and don’t recommend it either. The rest of the meals were great as usual.

Kim S.

My boyfriend and I went here for lunch and I had the crawfish boil. Wow- it was SO GOOD! It was just the right level of spicy! I also got a bushwhacker (an alcoholic milkshake) and wow! It was awesome too!

S T.

The atmosphere is pretty good; reminds me of a neighborhood bar, where everybody know your name. The ribeye was cooked well, but had more fat than I expected. It and the veggies were pretty tasty.

Viola H.

We arrived around 7:10pm on a Friday night and knew their would be a wait and we were totally fine with that. The hostess took our phone number and said she would call when a table opened in about 25-30min. No problem we waited in our car since the inside was packed with people waiting. We got a call at 7:37pm that we could be seated. When we got back inside the hostess said she just had to clean the long table by the bar and we could sit there. We were fine being seated there and said to feel free to sit other people here too since it's a long table and only the 2 of us plenty of space. We waited until 8:03p before the same hostess who had set us over 20min prior came and asked if our order had been placed. We told her no that no one has come by to get our drink or food order. We found it odd that she sat us their and never gave us menus/silverware when we noticed her giving other people menus/silverware that were being seated. She came back and said the bartender thought we were waiting on table. We again found this strange on her part when she was the one who called us to come inside to be seated and sat us at this table. So either she told the bartender and the bartender forgot or she never told the bartender we were seated at the table. The bartender came over and let us know that the table that we were at was where people were seated to wait for a table...We let her know this is where the hostess sat us. The lack of accountability on the hostess and bartender was disappointing. It was made out to be our fault we had waited almost 30min before someone took our drink order. The service by the bartender was good and our food was good but the miscommunication from the staff just made it a bad overall experience. When we were leaving a different hostess than the one who had sat us was in a rush to clear our the table again odd since their was no rush to get us served when we were sat there. The customer service fails on the front ends half is the reason for the 2 stars.

Sarah Westmoreland

It was really a great experience. We were there to celebrate my daughters birthday. We couldn't have asked for any better service. The waitress was so friendly and great service and the food was awesome as well. The amazing thing was the waitress took all our orders (8) and didn't write anything down and the orders came out they were all correct. First time there but will definitely be back

Maya P.

This place is a solid 3, they have a lot of things that could be better but the atmosphere and daiquiri made up for what they didn't do right. The good: They have a cute little patio Drinks were pretty good and came quickly Our waitress was pretty friendly The not so good: The crab claws weren't fresh and they tasted off The prices - very high considering the low quality of the food Food is in no way Cajun, maybe Cajun inspired but certainly not true Cajun with the lack of seasoning and freshness Overall: I'd come back for drinks and have dinner elsewhere.

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