Dolan's Bar & Grill

4140 Carothers Pkwy #2, Franklin
(615) 599-2424

Recent Reviews

Jeff Payonk

Good wings, great service, good prices. Would give 5 stars, but the smoke was too much. I'll be back.

Anna Brammell

Stopped in this bar..and felt right at home. Little hole in the wall bar. Very layback crowd. Eric was our bartender and he was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had. He was very sweet, outgoing, and attentive! This was my first time to TN. This bar is the reason I’ll be going back. Talked to the owner a little bit and you can tell he loves this bar more than anything. It’s always a good place when everyone there loves what their doing and the people around you are ready for a good time!Ps. Try the food!

Jcorey Ography

wonderful staff best place to be when the weather is bad and you just want to relax with friends and people who care!

ben porter

Was pleasantly surprised when I entered this little hole in the wall establishment. It was a Friday night and they were doing Karaoke. Drinks were strong but prices were a little high. The woman that were in the bar were beautiful and the ratio of men to women was 50/50. Everyone was having fun and no drama. If your in the area I recommend you stop in. Dont know about week days but the weekend was of the chain.

James Simasek

Rough crowd. Not your neighborhood family bar. Bar tenders were very nice but the bar itself draws a different crowd

Stanlen Doverby

The food was superb. I could tell there was experience and care taken. It was delicious.

huskesj0 0

I was beyond disappointed with my experience here when I was in last week. The chicken in my grilled chicken sandwich was RAW in the center. Management brought me another but I was too disturbed by the gross oversight to try it again.

Jamie C.

If you wanna support a person who makes posts like this, be my guest:…

Stay away!

Equinoxsss K

I like the bar. The location and the atmosphere. But we needed some water. Tap water. Any water. Thirst is a real human need. And this bar tender said something about every other person out there needing water. He refused to give us water. He will not give out water. We ordered beer also, but he would not give us water and my friend and I were legit thirsty. Tap water. Anything. I can't find the exact violation but if anyone can find it, let me know. It's a good bar otherwise. But people need water sometimes. I'm dying of thirst right now and we have to leave to get real water.

Rhonda Parman

Halloween Fun @Dolans

Tiger Heath

absolutely.. great bar great service.. great local talent.. Gratzi

A. A.

I went here with my dad Napoleon Ragland from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and he absolutely hated the food!

Ben Gilbert

Nice place, darts and pool tables, but it's a smoking bar. Why are there still smoking bars. Ruins everything.

Mike Carlisle

Owners, staff and atmosphere

Martin Langley

Good times. Great live band All or Nothing

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