Vui's Kitchen

1201 Liberty Pike, Franklin
(615) 567-5962

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Matt Pierce

Good Pho. They make it diabetic friendly with cabbage if you ask.

Narayan B.

We are vegetarians and We've ordered food from here many times since it has opened. We like the food but we had a terrible experience today. We ordered Vegetarian bao buns and we ended up getting chicken. Not like one small piece that got mixed, it was a proper chicken bun. When I called to report it, the guy who answered the phone asked me to hold on for a minute and talked to the manager in the background. I could hear the conversation and the lady says "we can refund and nothing more than that ". The guy says to me we can give you a refund and next time when you come here and let us know we can give one for free. After great hesitation he says a very sheepish sorry. I told him refund is OK but I would have liked to hear the sorry first. Frankly who cares for a refund of $5. Their attitude that people who call to complain are always looking for a refund is disgusting and how dare they say "nothing more". That's just plain insulting. The guy says "sometimes it happens". There was not a tiny bit of remorse in their tone and attitude. The attitude was so high handed. This will be the last time we eat at this place. If you are a vegetarian look elsewhere to find your food because they don't guarantee that they serve vegetarian.

Alvin Kirpal

Stopped by for a quick dinner. The Pho was average really but not bad. Lacked that Pho soup taste one is used to going to a mom and pop Vietnamese place. However, we loved the Beef Bam Mi sandwich. Came away impressed along with that and the Spring Roll appetizer.

Mari B.

We have ordered a few times from the Franklin location since they opened. The Pho is good and the broth has a great flavor. The Bao Buns are a must. Really like the filling and the meat they use. The Lemon Grass Chicken Vermicelli is ok. It has good flavor, but not as authentic as other Vietnamese restaurants, however it's their interpretation of the dish. The shrimp spring rolls were disappointing. They are bland and not tightly wrapped. Missing the mark with a simple, yet delicious dish. Bummed about the Bahn Mi. I'm a Bahn Mi fan usually. The sandwich contents were spot on, but the bread was a miss. A good French Bread is part of a Bahn Mi experience, but ours was "meh" - bread was soggy & bland & the sandwich overall missed a little heat to it. I've had a Bahn Mi made in Nashville, ate it in Franklin and it was fresh and not soggy from the drive, so disappointed with my Bahn Mi experience here. Customer service is good. I don't get the Curbside pick up - first few times we tried calling the number on the sign and it was not a working number. Then the sign says something to the effect - check in, but there is not a check in button or link on the emailed receipt. So we end up just walking in to pick it up.

Rachel G.

Excellent- the yumminess continues to Franklin! It is always so fresh and flavor packed! The edamame dumplings are one of my favorites! I tried the Steak Rice Bowl this time. It was not my favorite Vui's dish, but overall still an excellent experience. Try is out- it will not disappoint!Clean fresh new space.

Rich Hardison

Was glad to see new location in Cool Springs. Ordered the beef pho takeout. It didn’t seem as flavorful as the pho broth at the Nashville location, or at other Vietnamese restaurants I’ve eaten at across the country. The broth just needs much more of all the good pho flavors that make it so delicious. The best pho I’ve had is at Little Saigon in Orlando, Fl. I really hope they work on the pho as I’d probably get it weekly if they improve on the broth. Again, just too bland for me.

David S

Hands down one of our top ten places to eat. Everything is so tasty, and very consistent. We’re fans for life.

Sarmita T

Their ban mis are super flavorful. Pho and noodles need some work. I loved their coconut tapioca pudding as well.

Isaac Castillo

Such good pho! I am wanting to come again. The coconut water was pretty good as well.

Tj Dunham

Best Vietnamese in the world! Fresh , healthy and super tasty. Vui and her food are amazing.

Ashley W.

The food is sooooooo good!! Very fresh. I love the rice bowl with the lemon grass chicken and the boa buns with the pork belly are sooooooo good!

Courtney M.

I was so excited for Vui's to open this spring/summer and have been there at least 5 times at this point, most being take out.All the ingredients here are so fresh and you can taste the quality in every crunchy bite. I tried the Bahn Mi and while not really a sandwich fan in general, this was amazing. So much flavor and the tenderness of the pork belly was melt in your mouth good. My favorites are the noodle bowl and Lotus root salad. Lemongrass chicken is soooo good and also, the chili lime dressing is so yummy & such a bright contrast to the dishes. You'll want extra on the side, trust me. Summer rolls- again so fresh and chock full of veggies. Large shrimp and a killer peanut sauce to dip it in. Staff is super friendly and pick up is simple and smooth! Great addition to Franklin and fantastic location across from Lifetime!

Frank S.

Not bad but not great either. The "summer rolls" rice paper was hard (not fresh). The Banh Mi I had with lemon grass pork belly was very flavorful but so soggy I couldn't pick it up and had to eat it with a fork. I really like Vietnamese food and this one is so close to my home. I'll give it another try soon and update my review if different.

Lily G.

Thanks Vui for opening one in the suburbia right next to Life Time Fitness....I met you at the crawfish bowl at your Germantown location and asked about opening one in Brentwood/Franklin. Delicious as always...been twice in one week! Also your staff's awesome too

Hollie A.

We love Vui's, and this was our first experience at this location. The chicken pho was right on point, as were the dumplings. Yum! The bao buns were much fattier than usual, not so good. We ordered online for curbside pickup, and I offer this tip - don't! Better off to walk in and order. We (and every other online order) had to wait over an hour for our food; however, those who just walked in were in/out in 15 minutes.

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