Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

8405 US-64, Memphis
(901) 377-3437

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Terrible service, had to ask for salad,bread...there was no salad dressing on the salad. Was covered with water. Entrees were good,got basic orders,butfoid was good and order correct. Just seems like quality of service and management is going way down there. Loud staff members were overtaking our dinner conversation, with loud personal joking and conversation. Bad atmosphere

Donna Johnson

Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara were amazing. Sawyer was an excellent server. Love the $5 take home entrees.

Crysalvea Lee

Awesome food and great service this trip. Although if you sit in the bar area near the door. Watch for flies coming through the door. Not their fault but i couldn't finish my food. The waitress took care of it with another bowl as we had endless bowls. So its cool.

Sem Brignoli

Food was good. It just took long cause the restaurant was packed. Service was good, but she forgot about one of our order. There's room for improvement

LaDarian Thomas

Olive Garden has the best selections! The Food is great. The atmosphere isn't half bad either. I love the interior decorations. If you are looking for delicious italian food or even have a unique taste bud, Go to Olive Garden!

L. Thomas

My wife loves Olive Garden and they rarely disappoint. The food and service have been excellent. However, on our last visit the wait staff greeted us shortly after we were seated and seemingly vanished. He never came back. We had to stop another person employee to get him back to the table. This want' the worst part of the night. As we sat with menus before us and ready to order we couldn't help notice the server at a nearby table serving a large group their drinks. As she lifted each glass off her tray she grabbed each glass around the rim. Now they probably weren't going to put their mouth's on the lip or rim of the glass and I'm no professional waiter. But, I would have to politely refuse any drink being handed to me in a restaurant by a server's fingers on the rim of my glass....

Michael Gillespie

Good food for a chain. Service was a bit slow initially. Food and beer were great! They have zoodles and other vegetarian offerings.


We descended on this place unannounced, all 18 of us. Not a whimper, no attitude from anybody, they seated us promptly, served us promptly, got all our checks correct. Fantastic attitude from everybody. Also, very good food.


Olive Gardens are consistent. The food is quite good. Service is decent. Atmosphere appealing. Overall, it?s average/comparable to the other major sit down restaurant chains. Always satisfying when I?m the mood to go.

Gloria Dowdy

I really did "use to" enjoy dining at Olive Garden. I love spaghetti, it's probably my favorite of all foods. Everytime that I would dine at Olive Garden or call in an order I would request more sauce and I would receive the 1oz cup...not nearly enough! Then the waitress would tell me "I am sorry Ma'am, if you want more sauce I will have to charge you for a serving of sauce". I'm thinking it was somewhere around two or three dollars extra. My thing is, when I eat spaghetti, I don't want just white pasta. After dealing with this time after time I chose to just stop patronizing with them. It seemed as though me being pleased was not an option to them.

Sam D.

Actually , my wife and I are sitting in Olive Garden now. We asked for a booth , but were told that there were none available. Even though there were open booths available. In fact , 2 couples were seated in booths within 3 minutes of our being seated at the table. We took the table we were "assigned" to sit. Then my wife opened her napkin, and it had several black spots on it. In the future, I guess we should say that we have a party of 4 when we check in. On the other hand, the server was very nice and the manager did apply a discount to the bill. It's just that the first impression sets the tone for the dinner.

Desere B.

Yum yum yummy yum yum yum yummy yum yummy yum yum yum yum yummy yum yum yummy yum yum yum yum yummy yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!!!!! Best pasta, bread sticks and salad EVER!

shanta Hardy

Food was horrible my ticket was 48.00 and the food was almost inedible

Kanyiba PE

I have been to this restaurant countless times! Whether shopping around or on a road trip via I-40, this Olive Garden restaurant is one of the best around. You will however need to bring your appetite as their food is A Lot! Easy to walk to the movies, hotels and mall! The standard wait times during my visits is about 10 minutes.

Hope Torres

Love this restaurant. Atmosphere is great. And the wait staff is awesome. Very friendly people. Food is always hot


I enjoyed eating dinner at Olive Garden restaurant. The lasagne, fettuccine alfredo, and chicken parmesan were delicious.

John Hugues

Absolutely loved our server. She was very helpful with getting us to decide on drinks. Food was good too, but our server made the trip.

Monica Wolford

Checked in with the host and told him there were two for dinner and gave him my name. He told me 10 min. He obviously forgot about us because people that came in after us got seated before us. Then when everyone was seated he walked up to us and asked if we checked in. I told him yes and he asked the name and I told him again. About 2 min later he came back and called our name very loudly...we were the only ones waiting. He seated us and had a bit of an attitude. Then a lady named Jasmine came to our table, asked what we wanted to drink. She took my husband's drink order and I was still deciding and she walked off. Then another lady (never introduced herself) came and said she was our server. Ok, gave her my drink order. Then, Jasmine comes back with my husband's drink order but not mine.

Lynessa McCauley

I ordered the "buy one take one" and it was a great deal for the price. I didn't particularly enjoy the scampi pasta, but the cheese ravioli with marinara was really good. I will definitely get this deal again, but I will not get the scampi pasta next time.

Luis P.

LOVE THEIR SALAD'S. Very Nice Italian Restaurant. Delicious Foods To Order Here. Hopefully We Get To Come Back. Great Location!!

Sharon Brown

Our group of twelve had a great time here. We didn't have to wait long to be seated even though we were a large group. Shout out to our waiter Dustin who did a great job! He was very attentive. The food was very tasty! �

Stevie Stone

The hate being the one who leaves a bad review but olive garden based been awful the last few times we have been. I usually LOVE this place. Its my "go to" If I'm not feeling well or if I'm feeling amazing. Some rude staff, ridiculous waits and food always seems burnt. Yes, burnt. A little love and change of pace and my beloved local olive garden could be top notch once again.

Carter Charles

Our waitress was excellent. Route our drinks took our order for appetizers but you came back with our drink order she brought our salad then she brought our appetizers took a order for our meal. She was spot-on. Our appetizers and our meal was excellent. The only downside was did wood trim next door tables on the wall was Dusty and the picture frame was Dusty. The restaurant itself was clean an orderly but housekeeping needs to take better care of that type of thing. Overall is a 4. If the desk hadn't been there it would have been a 5. overall experience was excellent

Audrey Quince

Had a wonderful time. Dined with my Goddaughter. The service here is always great. I am impressed with the knowledge of the wait staff and for die hard pasta fans it is the place to be. Great atmosphere all the time.


We visited Olive Garden at lunch time. The service was very good. The salad and bread sticks are always great. Always enjoy eating here.

Jacqueline W.

Everything was tasty but the reason for four stars it's just I do wish that the server would have mentioned that the dish I ordered was not a lunch portion as I was unaware that the shrimp and fettuccine pasta was not on a lunch offering-- prior to ordering I did request for a lunch portion but wasn't informed any different - I didn't plan on a near 25+ lunch

Echo J.

Fast, Friendly, very nice restaurant! Eating in has always been a wonderful experience!!!! When I order carry out, very quick service! The food is amazing!!!!

Lane B.

Did not even get a chance to eat. Sat at the bar for 10 mins .... bartender was out to lunch no pun intended. There was no sense of urgency and had no concept of priority service. This bartender walked to the back multiple times and still did not take my drink order. I removed myself from the bar and made my way to the dining room where basically the same thing happened with another wait staff. Got up to leave and motioned for the floor manager who was aware of my situation at the bar but failed to reassure my experience would get better. Spoke briefly about what I was upset about and he just smirked and shrugged his shoulders. He needs a little better understanding of what his job is all about. This location needs to get a grip on service and how to treat customers. There is a lot of competition in this market ... they better get this ship in shape!

Tim Thompson

We ate dinner early and were surprised to find the parking lot crowded and the restaurant packed. After a short wait we got a table.

Margaret Jenkins

I am unsure of who was my waiter was at first, but he seemed like he didn't really want to serve anyone at the moment. It became clear why when he walked up to my table with a waitress, saying he was leaving because his shift was over. Even though I can understand why now he didn't want to wait me, I should not have been able to tell. When you are waiting tables, your customers should feel at home. They should not feel like an afterthought or unwelcome. However, my waitress was extremely pleasant throughout my entire meal. She checked on me and her other tables in intervals with a cheerful tone and smile. We even had a small conversation, which made me feel welcome even more. She joked a bit with me, being very friendly. Not only was she able to talk to me as if we knew one another, she was always watching her tables. Now that is a true talent. I will definitely go again.

Nancy Swanton

What's not to like. Food is always excellent. I love the Endless Salad. The employees are so nice and efficient. We always have enough left over for a second meal at home. Our favorite is spaghetti and meat balls!!!

Cindy Meisch

Obviously this is a chain restaurant but one of the best that I have been to. Restaurant and bathrooms are clean. Food always tastes fresh and is hot. We love Ariel and ask to sit in her section if she is working. Had the bottomless stuffed pasta on the last visit and it was delicious!

Chris Walker

Food was good, service was good. My complaint is the false advertising. The new stuffed pasta, great flavor, but the picture on the menu shows a good serving size of shrimp and scallops, but when you get the plate there is only about 4-6 pieces.

Emonie House

Food was delicious. service was good too. Food came out fast as well. Great server

Brooke Spahr

Was great food and atmosphere. Service was okay but they were very busy. What bothered me was the server came to take his tip off our table before we ever left. Rule number one, as a former server for many years, you just don't do that. It's rude. Wait the minute it takes us to get up and walk away before doing so.

Mike Kincaid

I love this place it was delicious as always. My only complaint is that I fill up on the soup and bread sticks prior to the dinner being served. I wish I had some of their soup at home on a cold and rainy day like today. Stop in and give them a try I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tennille D Andelet

I have had less than good service and food at this particular location in the past. This time was very different in a good way. We had a rather large party but our waiter was on point and our food came out in great time. My food was great as well. I had angel hair pasta with the creamy mushroom sauce with garden veggies and it was awesome!

Evan Hasley

First Olive Garden experience in the Memphis area and it left a lot to be desired. Service was good and she was attentive however, this does not make up for the other shortcomings. The seating surfaces were faded, worn and ripped at least in the bar area. I ordered the Chicken Gnocchi Soup, one of my favorites, but what was brought to me was nothing I was used to. It was as thick as clam chowder and had strips of chicken a few inches long. Either Olive Garden changed their recipe/supplier or this location was serving some knockoff; the taste was like nothing I expected.


Hadn't visited Olive Garden after starting with my non gluten diet. Was my first time trying their gluten free options. The salad is amazing as ever, and the gluten free pasta with their Alfredo sauce was very good.

Vernice S.

Saw the commercial for the limited pasta dishes & couldn't wait to try it. I got the shrimp, lobster Mac n. Cheese pasta. It was ok. More noodles than meat & needed a little more seasoning. I also got the chicken gnocci soup which was a little thicker than usual as if it had been sitting in a pot for a while. But over all everything was tasty.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

8405 US-64, Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 377-3437