Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

8405 US-64, Memphis
(901) 377-3437

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Echo J.

Fast, Friendly, very nice restaurant! Eating in has always been a wonderful experience!!!! When I order carry out, very quick service! The food is amazing!!!!

Lane B.

Did not even get a chance to eat. Sat at the bar for 10 mins .... bartender was out to lunch no pun intended. There was no sense of urgency and had no concept of priority service. This bartender walked to the back multiple times and still did not take my drink order. I removed myself from the bar and made my way to the dining room where basically the same thing happened with another wait staff. Got up to leave and motioned for the floor manager who was aware of my situation at the bar but failed to reassure my experience would get better. Spoke briefly about what I was upset about and he just smirked and shrugged his shoulders. He needs a little better understanding of what his job is all about. This location needs to get a grip on service and how to treat customers. There is a lot of competition in this market ... they better get this ship in shape!

Nancy Swanton

What's not to like. Food is always excellent. I love the Endless Salad. The employees are so nice and efficient. We always have enough left over for a second meal at home. Our favorite is spaghetti and meat balls!!!

Cindy Meisch

Obviously this is a chain restaurant but one of the best that I have been to. Restaurant and bathrooms are clean. Food always tastes fresh and is hot. We love Ariel and ask to sit in her section if she is working. Had the bottomless stuffed pasta on the last visit and it was delicious!

Chris Walker

Food was good, service was good. My complaint is the false advertising. The new stuffed pasta, great flavor, but the picture on the menu shows a good serving size of shrimp and scallops, but when you get the plate there is only about 4-6 pieces.

Emonie House

Food was delicious. service was good too. Food came out fast as well. Great server

Brooke Spahr

Was great food and atmosphere. Service was okay but they were very busy. What bothered me was the server came to take his tip off our table before we ever left. Rule number one, as a former server for many years, you just don't do that. It's rude. Wait the minute it takes us to get up and walk away before doing so.

Mike Kincaid

I love this place it was delicious as always. My only complaint is that I fill up on the soup and bread sticks prior to the dinner being served. I wish I had some of their soup at home on a cold and rainy day like today. Stop in and give them a try I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tennille D Andelet

I have had less than good service and food at this particular location in the past. This time was very different in a good way. We had a rather large party but our waiter was on point and our food came out in great time. My food was great as well. I had angel hair pasta with the creamy mushroom sauce with garden veggies and it was awesome!

Evan Hasley

First Olive Garden experience in the Memphis area and it left a lot to be desired. Service was good and she was attentive however, this does not make up for the other shortcomings. The seating surfaces were faded, worn and ripped at least in the bar area. I ordered the Chicken Gnocchi Soup, one of my favorites, but what was brought to me was nothing I was used to. It was as thick as clam chowder and had strips of chicken a few inches long. Either Olive Garden changed their recipe/supplier or this location was serving some knockoff; the taste was like nothing I expected.

Vernice S.

Saw the commercial for the limited pasta dishes & couldn't wait to try it. I got the shrimp, lobster Mac n. Cheese pasta. It was ok. More noodles than meat & needed a little more seasoning. I also got the chicken gnocci soup which was a little thicker than usual as if it had been sitting in a pot for a while. But over all everything was tasty.

Emily Ha

Family went here for evening dinner. We really enjoyed the food and service. Food was excellent and fresh, waitress was friendly and attentive, and atmosphere was cozy. They have a fireplace in dining area. Overall experiences have been good! Will definitely return.

Jon Rittenhouse

The food was great as usual. The service was good for how busy it was. They were packed on Friday night. It only took about 15 minutes to be seated though. My wife and kids enjoyed our visit so, all in all, it was a goid time out with the family. Thank you, Olive Garden, for being a family-friendly, tummy-filling place I can hangout with the ones I love the most.

Keith Hayes

Service was excellent.

Itssel G.

We came in around 5, so it wasn't really busy yet. Our waitress Raygen was at our table promptly and was very friendly. She has an awesome personality and her customer service is amazing! Best waitress I've had while at an Olive Garden. She goes above and beyond and made sure we were happy the whole visit. She mentioned moving to Memphis not too long ago and she's already doing such a great job! Keep her around! I would like to add that the food was great as well. She was very attentive of our salad and breadsticks, which most waiters/waitresses haven't done in past visits.


When we visit my mom in Memphis, she likes to go here. Compared to other Olive Gardens, this one is dirty and the food is poor quality and overcooked, also wait staff is sub-par


We felt welcomed as we walked in. Greetings from all around. The food was superb. We will be going back really soon.

Pamela A.

Tyei was great Awesomeness just wish I could have got my sparkling water for free 2 Cheese Gnocchi excellent Chicken n shimp carbonara excellent

Elizabeth B.

First. It smelled like they were having plumbing issues. That should have been the sign to turn around and leave. I do recommend that you do the online waitlist so you aren't waiting forever...I did that on the way there since it takes us at least a half hour to get there and the wait said it was 25-30 minutes online. When we arrived I was told it would be another 20-25 minutes (which was 25 minutes after I made the online reservation and had the text confirmation on my phone) I was also told (rather rudely) there were several large parties that had priority over smaller parties. Okay? My boyfriend is always mellow about these things and of course since this is the Olive Garden, there were zero places to sit and my 7yr old didn't want to stand outside with the people that were smoking. Luckily, we only waited about 5 minutes. Several people came up to complain about wait times while we were standing there. As we were walked back, I was surprised by the number of empty tables vs the people waiting...maybe they were short staffed? Once we were seated it took a bit before anyone came to take our orders. The food was not the greatest. My salad (which I usually eat a ton of) was wilted and soggy and gross. The salmon picotta I ordered was half burnt and somehow half undercooked. Never got refills on our drinks and I guess they no longer put peaches in the Bellini peach/raspberry tea? That was also bitter and disappointing.

Charleye Hayes

great family time for birthday celebrations

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

8405 US-64, Memphis, TN 38133