Deep Sea Vegan

975 Main St # 4, Nashville
(629) 255-7372

Recent Reviews

Jay D.

Incredible. I want to buy a gallon of the cheese potatoes. Service is great. A rare event, but worth the wait.

Ashley Pendrak

I had the calamari po'boy and the golden reef chantilly. The calamari was fried so crispy-crunchy and had lots of flavor and the chantilly reminded me of cheesy potatoes I hadn't had since I was a kid! Everyone working there was so friendly and passionate about what they do. Great experience, if you're lucky enough to be in the neighborhood when they're open you should definitely stop by!Vegetarian options: Everything is vegan!Dietary restrictions: Everything is vegan

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Golden Reef Chantilly

Meuri Solutions

I came and ate here 2 years ago and I’m coming back later this month!! I can’t wait to come back and eat lol. I remember eating here and being so sad that they weren’t located in my city. The food was great and the employees were so nice.. I got the Oceanless Calamari Po’ Boy with slaw

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Vegn Burger, Calamari

Marie Perez

Best vegan food in Nashville


Their vegan Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes are the best. Both of the sandwiches are really good and I enjoy their desserts.

Cee Jay

Are they still open or did they shut down?

Abbey Simmons

This has recently become one of my favorite plant based spots in Nashville after trying them at Hunters Station last weekend, then having my boyfriend go back later that night and the next day to grab us food. The fish sandwich tastes exactly like fish and the cheesy potatoes compliment it to well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they open up on a more consistent basis but for now I’m ok with stalking their insta page to see where their going to be. 10/10


I was super excited about trying this. I thought it was a bit bland and overpriced for what you get. It seemed like a lot of the advertised toppings and flavorings were missing.

K Lynn

Highly recommend! The food is so amazing you wouldn't believe it's vegan! My favorites are the 'fish' sandwich, key lime pie, peanut butter cookies, burger, hotdog....bottom line i haven't had anything I do not like! I live 5 hours from Nashville but each time I pass thru or near enough, I make a point to stop in! The owners are awesome and so friendly! They truly make their customers feel like family! Looking forward to their permanent location so I can stop in any day of the week.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Nnemka Nwajiaku

I met the owners older brother the day I was flying out of Nashville and I was so upset I didn’t get to try this place! But if the owner’s anything like his brother I’m sure the customer service is amazing and the food is great! I’m looking forward to my next visit back to try some great vegan food!

King Lu Afuraka

More like mobile pop up


Delicious vegan seafood. Their fish sandwich is better than the real thing. The key lime pie was also delicious. I hope to see this place grow because Nashville needs more of this!

Dirty Souf Yankee

Didn't want to rate them terribly to bring their rating down... but apparently this is only a pop-up location which I had no idea until I got here and started asking where it was. I couldn't find it, according to Google maps they are open on Sunday but they are not even here. Disappointing

Skyler James

Food was AWESOME! Met the owners Kendall and Kelvis and they were very nice as well.

Cheyl Collins

This was the best vegan fish I have ever experienced. They season the food very well, I enjoyed some delicious potatoes. I recommend this restaurant and thank for opening this awesome business in Nashville.

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