Pizza Hut Express

6540 Charlotte Pike, Nashville
(615) 320-9712

Recent Reviews

Tennessee H.

Great job pizza hut! A vegan pie was ordered No cheese Cut with a clean knife & bam we find pieces of sausages! Soooooo not cool wtfudge!? An excellent way to get someone super sic in my house. Eye have noooo t:me to play with yAll, frfr. Brad the mgr one question how did you get that position?

Brandon S.

Ordered online for delivery, got here quick and everything was right and hot. Delivery driver was super friendly and funny.

Eva Stiles

The worker was very friendly and had my pizza ready when I got back.

Audrey L.

I visited the West End store for the second time in a few months. The customer service was excellent. Everyone there working was helpful and courteous. The food was hot and looked so delicious, I couldn't hardly wait to get home. I have to thank all and especially Adley.

Clyde Ward

Has always been a nice place for a quick meal!!

Davis C.

Two hours to get the pizza half a mile away. Called the manager she told us she was happy with us being miserable.... Pizza Hut, get your jazz together.

Caroline K.

Will never order from here again. Was told 30 minutes and I waited over an hour and half. Ridiculous.

Isabell D.

Ordered a pizza by phone. Was told it would be 30 minutes, but an hour and a half later they called and told us that traffic was bad. Horrible service and we thought about ordering another pizza because nobody would answer the phone. Never ordering from West end location ever again.

Alex H.

Worst delivery experience ever , was two and a half hours late. I called and told them i needed a refund because im now leaving work and wont be there whenever it eventually if ever got there. Was told id get the refund in 3-5 days so lets see if they can deliver that on time.

Jessica Moore

So, I ordered delivery the first time and it took about an hour and a half that time. I live less than a mile away. Just now ordered online delivery. Order was confirmed and then they called and said they had no drivers could l pick it up. Really? Hmmm....

Bob C.

They have screwed me over so many times. They won't make your order, then call 1 hour later saying they have no driver!!! The drivers have gotten lost multiple times and are super rude! also this pizza hut location makes me feel like i have aids 30+ after i eat it.

Jeff B.

If I could give -10 I would. The worst customer experience ever. The "manager" hung up on me twice after calling to inquire about my order after two hours. I asked who the franchise owner was and thats when the second hangup happened. Ordered a large pizza, boneless wings and breadsticks. 2-1/2 hours later when the driver showed at the hotel I met him at the concierge stand only to find out he just had pizza! I asked him where the rest of the order was to only here...dude the wing machine dont work. I asked...well you dont need that for breadsticks??? He shrugged his shoulders and handed me an ice cold pizza. The concierge mentioned that they steer everyone clear of this Pizza Hut. Please heed that warning folks! I have been in contact with corporate...lets see if they make it right. Dont make the same mistake I did...many other good places to order from around here.

Diana Y.

Pizza Hut, I'm over it. Called while running errands, and was on hold for 7 mins, so I just dropped by to order. Lucky me, since there was no delivery-- because they were "swamped." Then waited (first of 2 in line) ten more mins to order. Finally, the manager came over. It took him another five mins to place my order on the system--two medium pizzas; he kept getting the toppings wrong. Ps--stuffed crust means you don't get the 5.99 deal. Two large stuffed crust and I would've been looking at $37 for two pizzas. No. They said it would be ready in 15 mins, so I waited in my car. I came back in in 20, and stood, without being greeted, for another 8 minutes at the register, watching people in the back texting on their phones and hearing employees complain about customers. They saw me, but no one acknowledged me. Finally, the phone rang, prompting an employee to come to the front. Without even nodding at me, she picked up the phone, turned her back to me, and took what sounded like a personal call for another five minutes. The manager passed by twice pretending not to notice me. When the employee put down the phone, she laughingly apologized for ignoring me.. yeah, she said ignore...and sent for my pizzas. I was so hungry when I got in the car that I opened them up and took a bite. They were cold. How is that even possible?! Lessons - if I'm first in no line upon entering, and your business phone isn't ringing off the hook, and your cooks are on their cells, and you have time for a personal phone call with your back to me... you aren't swamped. It's worth noting that they AT LEAST had the ingredients. I've tried ordering from two other Pizza Huts in the area over the phone, and when I got there, they informed me that they hadn't made my pizzas because they were out of something. How this franchise survives, I'll never know.

Nicole B.

My boyfriend went to his friend's house and ordered pizza from here and waited three hours. This is an Outrage. Chas does not deserve this kind of treatment.

P R.

Two weeks ago (Monday) I placed an order for delivery to my office (W ednesday) for an 11am meeting. At 11:30 Wednesday I get a call from corporate saying that my order would not be filled because NO ONE showed up for work at that store! Store was closed. WTH? Really? Filed a complaint with corporate. Got an email saying the store would call within 3 days to address the problem. NOTHING after 2 weeks. Avoid this store.

Dylan D.

I ordered a pizza over an hour and a half ago and I'm told it will be another 45 minutes. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Christy U.

Honestly very surprised this location is still open. I've ordered from them before and have had my delivery arrive an hour and a half late. On top of that, the delivery driver dropped the marinara sauce cup on the ground, making it splatter everywhere--including on my shoes! He then didn't even pick it up to clean it! He just walked off. I have ordered delivery two or three times from here, only to get a call that they don't have the gluten free dough. Tonight was one of those nights. I've also ordered delivery around 8pm in the past, then gotten a call that the one and only delivery driver had left work early. 8pm? What?! This location needs new management. Y'all can do so much better than this!

Amanda T.

Two pizza- both crusts were undercooked. Hand tossed was actually still doughy throughout the entire pizza. Ordered take-out. Ready to go when I got there. Staff was friendly. Pizza was perfect Pizza Hut pizza. Staff is always nice. They've fixed my order a few times when I ordered wrong.

Kirsten D.

I don't usually complain but my experience with the Pizza Hut on west end in Nashville was horrible. I ordered a single pizza at 5:35 today and still have a yet to receive it at 8:50. I called 7 times and each time they said it was "the next one out" initially they had my phone number wrong but that issue was fixed over an hour and a half ago. They then said the address was wrong, however it was correct in my order confirmation email. The manager discounted my order early on then made it free 2 hours in. After 3 and a half hours I decided to cancel my order seeing as it's almost 9 o'clock and the pizza must be cold after 3 and a half hours. The employees never gave me a clear answer and some were quite rude and I was left with just a muffin from Sunday morning for dinner.

Jason K.

I will never order from this location again. The young lady I spoke to was professional and polite. However, I gave the wrong address due to the fact that I have recently just moved. I heard the manager in the background, not using curse words, but being entirely unprofessional in the way he handled the situation. Great job to the young lady, but terribly job by the manager that she has to work with.

Jonathon H.

Ordered a dinner box with a pepperoni and banana peppers pizza, breadsticks (an extra marinara), and cinnamon sticks with icing. The pizza looks like crap, the banana peppers look overcooked, the cinnamon sticks are overcooked and broken somehow, and there's no breadsticks at all in the box! Good thing I got ONE marinara though for what, my cinnamon sticks and pizza? I call back my delivery driver and then the driver tells me to call his manager directly to get the order in fast. The manager says that's unprofessional and has me call the store. I go on hold, then finally get through. Now an hour and fifty minutes before they can redeliver. So, order at 7:50, pizza due at 8:40, arrives at 8:57, get this crap of a box, deal with the multiple phone calls, then add an extra hour and fifty minutes to get pizza starting at 9:20. Yelp needs to let users put 0 stars so these ratings can be more accurate for places such as this.

Nichole F.

I always get cold almost cheeseless pizza when I order here. This place makes me not want pizza ever. I have to go to a better one here in the city. I actually have to add extra cheese to my pizza. Ugh never again!!!

Kristina S.

I ordered after work...3 hours later, I still don't have pizza. I usually never get delivery and after this, I never will - especially from here. Awful experience.

Melissa U.

If possible to award negative stars I would, this has been the worst pizza ordering experience in my 20+ years as a consumer. We placed an office order for 10+ people at 12:00 noon and it is now 2:00 and we have not received our delivery. Upon calling we wee told unless it was over an hour and 45 minutes late there is nothing that can be done. Well, here were are 2+ hours. Your store should be absolutely ashamed ourselves and rethink your entire costumer service strategy. I will be placing all of this on social media outlets as well as reporting you to your corporate office.

Lindsey S.

We were desperate for pizza late at night and this location was still open. Don't even go here if you're desperate. The pizza was horrible and the breadsticks weren't even in stick form. We didn't realize how shady the place was until we got there. There's only a front desk and a couple chairs to wait in like a dentists office. Long story short, settle for gas station food. Don't go here. You'll regret it. I paid $20 to eat bad pizza. How do you even make bad pizza? I'm not hard to please. I'd even eat little caesars happily. Thanks for nothing, shady Pizza Hut.

Tracy T.

Not the biggest fan of this location. My friend and I ordered online and chose carry out, thinking it'd be easier to just pick it up on the way back to my apartment. My experiences with Pizza Hut have always been through delivery - and for the most part, the estimated delivery time has been relatively accurate. I can't remember a time where I got a pizza late. But the estimated time for our pizza this time around was so off that we waited for our food for nearly an hour. We'd placed an order around 6:45, got the estimated pizza time of 7:10, showed up at 7:20, didn't get our food until after 8pm. Not to mention, the staff wasn't the friendliest. And the pizza still didn't taste fresh! Word to the wise, choose a different location. Pizza Hut will always be Pizza Hut, but at least you'll have a better experience with the staff & timing elsewhere.

Gary C.

Actually -1 The waitress was awesome the place is filthy! If you are accustomed to eating in a trough with the People of Walmart this is your place!

Hec R.

Your carry out order won't ever be ready on time. Management must have changed hands or something. Better make your plans around their schedule.

Andrea Frey

Super friendly staff! The Cantina Bowls are pretty delightful!

Alex P.

So about a week ago, I was looking at condos at Chowning square in Belle Meade. In between showings, I took a quick break and ran across the street to the nearest food place... It was a pizza hut/ Taco bell. Anyway, this was the first time in for as long as I can remember coming to a pizza hut. I got a personal pizza and it looked amazing and the tomato sauce was addictive. I decided that the pizza hut was a lot better than from what I remembered it to be... Skip forward to tonight. Its about 10:30 at night. The school dining halls are closed and I don't feel like going far. I get a craving for pizza hut! And although its not directly across from campus its like 2 blocks away. When I get in, I make my order. She tells me that the wait is 15-20 minutes!!! The other pizza hut didn't even make me wait. Second, I had to sit there and listen to all the workers complain. The girl kept saying how the phone wouldn't stop ringing and she hated her job. Then the two guys in the back who were cooking the pizzas kept role playing about how they would tell their boss that they were quitting and then the two delivery guys that kept coming in and out kept commenting on the people they delivered to. I guess their jobs suck, but it really really sucked to listen to this stuff. When I finally got my pizza it was mostly crust and looked really greasy and disgusting. I tried it and guess what? It tasted greasy and disgusting... maybe my experience at Belle Meade was a fluke? or maybe I was so hungry, I might have eaten anything and said it was delicious? Bottom line: I'm not coming back here!

Katie Carrothers

Great service surprisingly.