Kountry Kreamery

2430 Teaster Ln # 109, Pigeon Forge
(865) 774-8008

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Andi W

The service was friendly when I was here and the dark chocolate with raspberry is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. However, it’s unfortunate to see a business owner argue online with customers. Not very professional and doesn’t make me want to return.


My 2 kids got 2 scoops and my wife got 1 and I got 2. So a total of 7 scoops of ice cream, my bill was 65 bucks. Insane price and the taste was only so so.

Matthew Roe

Food was good service and ada acceptance not some much. Placed our order and requested to sit inside I use a walker and hard for me to stand. There was a sign on the chairs that were stacked on the table please do not put down chairs. There was a table outside but it was a hot day and the table was in direct sun. If a handicapped person needs a seat give them one. Remember good reviews go a long way. On another note while bending over to grab something to prepare my order the gentleman showed entirely too much butt crack/cheek for a professional establishment. A belt wouldn't go amiss. In summary ice cream good (5 stars) service/environment (2 stars)

abbey varner

Jeremy was extremely friendly and helpful. We loved trying the different olive oil combinations with our ice cream. Super hospitable and knowledgeable about pairings. Great prices as well! We will be back everytime we’re in the area!

Grace Hicks

The owner was very rude.Edit**The way you reply to people that have a bad experience with you is really telling. When you have people telling you over and over again that you’re rude then I mean ??‍♀️ funny how everyone wh go has a bad experience with you has “sticks up their rear”. You can keep your $9, essentially store bought, scoop of ice cream and have safe travels yourselfI understand everything has gotten more expensive and that you still have to make a profit even, but it’s hard to justify spending that much to support someone who is so ✨not nice✨ I guess Hershey ice cream with some olive oil is gourmet, but you can buy quarts of the same thing (meaning the exact some Hershey brand ice cream) at a grocery store. I never said anything about any of the products being off brand. I’m not sure why you keep responding if you don’t what I think anyway ?

Clarence Voss III

Fastastic quality And service. Glad we found this one of a kind ice cream experience. If you're ready for a new ice cream experience, you will love the Kountry kreamery!Thanks for being so kind to my family on vacation.

Savanah Dutton

Told my child he couldn’t sit on outside table even though there was no one around right!?! I remind you it’s in the middle of summer and my son is 3!!! Older man working

Sheila Hill

The gentleman was nice. The prices were ridiculously high so we didn't buy anything. Plus no one was allowed to sit at the tables inside the shop. Sad

M R.

So, this was next to where we had just eaten dinner and I'm a big fan of Hershey's Ice Cream. So thought, let's go get a scoop. Unfortunately, I had already said to all in the party we were going before I saw pricing. Holy smokes!! Over $6 for one scoop of ice cream on a regular cake cone. No sugar cones. Cake cone or one of their "specialty" cones. If I had known the prices of a scoop of ice cream, I wouldn't have walked in there but didn't want to disappoint b'day boy so just went with it. Stranger was the fact the guy behind the counter ensured he rang up that ice cream with a small scoop on top before he dared hand it over the register to you. It was kind of odd to be honest but whatever. What did he think one was going to do? Grab the scoop and run out the door? To be honest, with prices like that one would likely consider it. As much as I like Hershey, I don't like it enough for over 6 bucks a scoop. And not even big scoops to boot. This will be a HARD no based on price alone if we're up that way again. I mean, I want people to be successful in business but not at the expense of ripping off the working man trying to get a nut. High altitude doesn't equate to high prices neighbor. 4 one scoop ice creams (one of these in a cup) on cake cones wasn't a great deal less than 4 of us to eat dinner at the restaurant next door. No joke! Unfortunately this business isn't on TripAdvisor or I'd go there and not yelp.

Celia Pagliughi

Absolutely delicious and amazing service. He was so kind to my son, who loved the ice cream. Coming back before heading home later this week. Thanks for the amazing treat!


Love love love! Make this a stop in your trip. Ice cream with flavored olive oil on top? My sensabilities were scrambled when he handed me a combo that tasted like bacon and waffles! Every combo we tried was spot on! My milkshake was gone very soon after leaving the store, it was that good.My mom, husband and I absolutely loved the owner's sense of humor and excellent service! Screw the bad reviews and try for yourself!

Emily Ward

I asked what flavor something was, then I picked a flavor of cone. He asked my husband if I was always this picky?!? Then I told him my ice cream flavor and he said he had other flavors... Also wanted everyone to try a sample of ice cream with olive oil on top. The ice cream is fine but he was not fun.

Evelyn Rose

The man working was very nice and super fast despite being the only one. We got a banana split with cherry balsamic vinegar on the chocolate icecream, IT WAS AMAZING and tasted just like a chocolate covered cherry. I have never been somewhere that offers balsamic and olive oil on icecream before but it's really tasty as well as fun to try!

Casey Gregory

Me and my husband always make it a point to stop in here when we are in the area. The ice cream here is top notch! The owner has always been super friendly and helpful too!

Chase Harker

Do NOT listen to the bad reviews. If you have a stick up your rear and are a Biden supporter, then sure you might get “triggered” here. But this is the best damn ice cream places I have ever been to. The owner usually works himself, and he suggests tons of combinations he’s created himself that taste like: thin mints, jolly ranchers, PB&J, orange creamsicle, and many more! You won’t regret coming here!

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