3425 S 1st St, Abilene
(325) 673-9100

Recent Reviews

Cesar Christie Moreno Rangel

Great food as Always!!!

Ron L. Payton

Reliably great experience! Great food, efficient service! Good prices.

Barbara Barton

Never disappointed! They are the best.

Sarah J.

Has grown into one of my favorite Chinese takeout local spots, all the awards are well-deserved! We especially love the koi pond by the entrance.

Rhonda Smith Schirle

This food is the best Asian Chinese! We recently visited Abilene where we used to live for 9 years and this restaurant was a favorite spot so we once again frequented it. We moved to Orlando Florida and have tried many of like kind but there’s no comparison. Favorite dishes include the Almond Boneless Chicken, sesame Chicken, beef n broccoli and for starters, the cream cheese/crab clusters. Egg rolls are off the chains too. And the stream in front of the outside with all the fish swimming around just make the atmosphere! ~Mike & Rhonda

Kim S.

Best quality Chinese food in all of Abilene, TX! Everything on the menu is great. Highly recommend!!

Missy B.

This restaurant isn't buffet style. Some meals have the option of spice heat//none -to- hot. Customer service has always been good here - 4 stars Food - is large portions for both lunch and dinner. The Hot and Sour soup is delicious and the sweet and sour sauce isn't diluted like many other Chinese 'Buffet Style' Restaurants that I've eaten at. - 5 stars Price - very good price for the portions - 5 stars

Ron M.

It is OK, but what I discovered is that if you always dine in, if you pick up may sure you check the quality of food because sometimes it is either overcooked or old.

Elaine M. Root

Clean, delicious food, friendly service.

Devin B.

Most authentic I've ever had recommend all the favorites but general tso and orange peel is excellent.

Tracey C.

The food is always amazing and the staff is friendly. There is more food than you know what to do with so take out is always a given. I love the atmosphere. It's quiet and you can talk among yourselves and actually hear others.

Amanda Oliphant

Went to dinner here tonight with my sisters and the food was good, but the service was bad. From the moment we walked in at 8:30 pm (it closes at 9:30) we were rushed. When we walked in one server purposely looked at his watch. We received our dinner before our appetizers. We had to ask for our soups and egg rolls. Even the workers in the back were hovering over us. Our waitress brought our to go boxes before we were even half way done with our meal. I even received a scowl from one worker. We ended up leaving before 9:15. I don't usually leave reviews, let alone negative ones, but it was that bad.

Robert H.

Ordered carryout sweet & sour shrimp. Shrimp were cold with not very many. No napcans, No Silberware, No soy sauce on the carryout. I would not recommend this place!

Kit F.

This review is based on visits in January '20 and 2019. Szechuan is as good as any Americanized Chinese restaurant in New York City or Vancouver. Succulent pork char siu, delicate pork-shrimp dumplings, wonton soup that has strips of fresh pork and clear chicken broth that tastes deeply of poultry, fantastic, spicy Szechuan dishes with crisp steamed vegetables. The menu is centered on American mainstays (nothing like duck with salted egg soup or drunken chicken), but they serve a variation of Peking duck. I get extra entrees to go (along with a couple of pounds of char siu to make fried rice) and freeze for when the craving hits. The decor is lush and quiet - lots of dark wood, glass, and deep comfortable booths. You can see the interior of the kitchen through glass panels, too, and it is immaculate. Even the landscaping is done with beauty and precision - koi ponds under a bridge, trickling waterfalls, and thick hedges. The take-out service can be slow but it's worth the wait. A great find in an isolated area.

Scott Montgomery

2nd visit was today, first visit was 5 days ago. I have 4 children and went for lunch Saturday. Their lunch menu is fantastic and they give massive portions for the price. We ordered appetizers and our lunches which includes a soup of your choice (3 soups to choose from). It was far too much food and we barely scratched $50. Mind you that's food for the whole family. Today we went for dinner a little more expensive plates but let me tell you, the real deal breaker is the dinner menu. You get twice the amount of meat in your main entre for a few more dollars then the lunch. The service was phenomenal, the host and the waitress went out of their way to accommodate our family. I'm definitely coming back soon. Next time photos will be supplied.

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