Dairy Queen

2800 US-90, Alpine
(432) 837-2420

Recent Reviews

Robert Gutierrez Jr.

Ordered a chicken salad ; opened it , found a long hair in my food . Also had an Ofer of nachos , virtually no cheese and had old Jalapeños . Went back on what was left of my lunch hour , and the staff joked about it . They didn’t offer a refund , while joking about it saying they will replace it . No thanks ! Nasty little restaurant. Marfa Texas location

Devon Elizabeth

Dining room closed during this Corona crisis. Our 45’ trailer obviously can’t fit through the drive through. We were refused service when trying to walk through the drive through. I know a lot of truckers that need to eat in the same situation as us. Shame on you Dairy Queen!

Joe Selvan

Dairy Queen is always Texas pride. This outlet is clean and courteous staff and delicious food


Restaurants are pretty slim in Alpine so we ate lunch at the DQ. Staff was friendly, restaurant was clean and the food was good. Hard to beat!

Claudia Molina

Every thing was fresh n good.

Kevin Short

Always consistent. They include the chocolate sauce in Blizzards that many others skip.

Donald Anderson

The food was great and the service was quick.


order your DQ ice creams and blizzards and move on. Nothing to write home about or complain about. The food was good and it hit the spot.

Taylor Fant

The guy who worked the register looked extremely dirty. I didn't even receive what I asked for nor did he even have the correct information about what I wanted.

Jackie Cassady

The man working the counter looked like he hadn't showered in a week and when I asked for a box of buster bars I was told all they had was cherry, which I had never heard of a cherry one. Left the store and looked it up and they dont even make cherry buster bars. Very dissatisfied.


Friendly, quick service. The order for 7 people was correct and delicious.

Sarah C. Wagner

Slow. Good customer service.

Mary Lou Vasquez

Was out of town on this one.Took too long to get our food, then when we received our dinners, chicken strips were overdone and the fries were cold. Want to add that I always get great service at our Dairy Queen in Lubbock.

La Morena Sotelo

Worst Dairy Queen I've Been To Over 40 Minutes Just To Get Our Food!!! Bad Service Never Again

Pat Ball

Great service! Food was good and everyone was so friendly

Jonah Bush

I am really disappointed in this dq do to the fact that I have complained more then 5 times before about this young lady blue/greenish hair colored she's always treating my kids and wife in a unacceptable manner plus the fact she always gives us the wrong orders by the time I try to make it back to let someone know this unacceptable situation and she happens to be there she rolls eyes at us and replies by saying "oh well to bad" I left some complains before and am just tired of it but I will not stop going that dairy Queen cause I know for fact I will not drive all the way to marfa for food or blizzards to make it home....unacceptable

Jeremiah M

Horrible DQ experience, don't eat here. Burgers tasted rotten, salad was spoiled, they reheated a week old burger, freezer burned fries, poor customer service, unclean and unkept, flee from this DQ.

Kari Wilson

Love the food, service is usually pretty good.

Adam White

25 minute wait for a fast food burger at lunch time when there's only one customer ahead of you? That's pretty sad. I'm now sitting in a room full of confused looking people waiting and waiting for something to happen while the staff tries to figure out who does what. I think it's time to raise wages and attract some marginally competent employees. I'd gladly pay an extra quarter on my meal for competence.

Kimberly Kingman

Tried applying but pay rate is too low they start with 7.50 McDonalds pay more 10.50 although great food...

Charlie Falco

The service is pretty bad. I attribute this to their high turnover rate which I imagine is caused by a few different factors. Always long waits, regardless of what you order. Sometimes, it feels like it would take an act of Congress to get an order made correctly. I hate to say that about a local business, but this place has always had poor service. Yesterday I ordered a vanilla shake, ended up getting a specialty blizzard of some sort, and the employee looked at me in confusion when I said all I ordered was a vanilla shake. Then it took another 15 minutes to get the shake. There ya go.

Kim Stuhr

Quick service and friendly people. Delicious food

Daniel Chavez

Visited today, June 18th. Window service was good by the young girl but the manager failed to complete the order. We didnt get our salsa. The person serving first should finish the order.

Richard Spengler

No fast food here! Be prepared to wait. Severly under staffed

Bullzeye 1000yds

Good food, but the kids were not keeping it spotless, even when not busy.

Deborah Naville

Got nachos grande and husband and I split them ... There was 1/2 bowl of jalapenos left after we ate all we could handle ... Seriously?

Bryan Martinez

Good service triple buster amazing nice customer service specially the manager she asked me if everything was o.k. way to go store is cleaner and nice...

Daniel Hernandez

Good service tooked like 4minutes to give me my order was faster then last time clean area cool girls working manager Ms Rosa nice person very attentive to her workers and everybody smiling thats what I like most and great tacos I highly recommend

Sue Akers

Service great food hot and good, passing thru.

Lisa Widmer

I love DQ. They ALWAYS make my turtle peacan blizzard with no carmel and extra chocolate and pecans perfectly. Staff is so awesome.

Gary Lee Orozco

Clean restaurant, good food and friendly staff.

JoAnn Rivera Garcia

everything on the menu, especially love their burgers! excellent employee service all the time! thank you, I know it's hard work at times.

Traci Felsot

This is the worst restaurant ever!! They stop serving food at least 30 minutes before closing so they can get out early! On taco Tuesday they run out of meat constantly and have to thaw (microwave) a bag of meat to be able to make more which comes out still half frozen!! Went in to get ice cream one day and when they went to make a hot fudge sundae they were using the chocolate that they use to make dipped cones instead?! They are clueless!!! They put a chair in front of the drive thru so they don't have to take care of customers and had a sign on the door that they were only taking credit cards because they had cashed out the drawer early!! These people do not care a single bit!! When we were leaving tonight 4 other cars pulled in wanting food and left when they saw us walk out and all asked if they were still serving food and we told them they weren't!! When asked who the owner was they said oh we don't know who owns it sorry!!!! Don't even bother!!!

blake lightfoot

Decent service, very long wait time.... but the worst part is my blizzard was pretty much just a cup of vanilla ice cream. There was no effort or care put into making it!


Went there for some milkshakes with a couple of friends, had a lot of fun, havent been to a DQ in a while. It was mellow and decent.

Daniel Post

Out of coke, no ice, exact change or credit card, every table dirty. Blizzard was good.

Fang Claw

Our Alpine one has good food & the staff is friendly, it's just generally understaffed so service/getting your food takes a long time, if you're in a hurry it's best to go elsewhere, even if just for a blixzard.

Wesley Young

Got sick from chicken sandwich.

Crawford Born

Cold hotdogs cold fries and a dirty table

Loana Grado

Dairy Queen- My visit here at this DQ was basic. I rarely come to Dairy Queen in Alpine because the service is really slow, the food is pricy, and the place is not sanitary at all. The employees didn’t seem to care for the customers & took there time with delivering the meal, taking orders indoor & outdoor and even forgot my order. I don’t recommend this Dairy Queen, but if you want to cultivate the quality of patience visit this Dairy Queen. It’s just a waste of time driving to this fast food establishment, it’s so bad I forgot Alpine had a Dairy Queen. 2 Stars. Save your receipt, do an online survey and get a free dilly bar.