Amarillo's Stockyard Grill

101 S Manhattan St, Amarillo
(806) 373-7999

Recent Reviews

Yussuf Ayankojo

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Matt Miller

The food was very good.

Tammy Husman

Have been here twice and both times they are closed! It is a real inconvenience to drive that far out of the way in a truck for it to be closed... Will not be back!

Donna Snelling

When we did visit, the food was great as was the service.We tried to go today (Sunday, 2/28), but despite it showing online they were open, they were not so I would suggest calling ahead.

Jesse White

The food is always good here. I really like their burgers.

Jerry Mason

Great food, at a great price, 15% off for veterans,Had the breakfast special, it was a great breakfast I thought the hashbrowns were a bit crispy, but had a great flavor.I'll go back

Thais Albernaz

Such a great food! You guys rock!


Had seen the videos on various food shows about how great the chicken fried steak was at the Stockyards Cafe in Amarillo. It was delicious. Steak was fresh. Fried just right. Homemade French fries that were just as great as the steak. Salad was fresh. Service was excellent as well. Went back and thanked the cooks for the great steak.

Front Range Operator

Great Breakfast. ?

Ker Pink

Wonderful breakfast and service!!!

Crystal Tan

Amarillo’s Stockyard Grill is located like in an actual stockyard. You enter the building and it looks like an office and when your inside, on your left is the door to the grill which actually looks like a cafeteria. When your inside you sit down and a server will give you menus just like in any restaurant. I like the food there coz it’s like your comfort food. Well, my husband and I were there for breakfast and I can say that it was a good breakfast indeed! The grill was decorated with western pantings. One wall had a cow hide on on it and a painting. The server was attentive and the food was good and inexpensive. When you use your GPS be careful as it might bring you to the wrong spot (which happened to us). Good thing I was looking around and saw a sign that says Stock Yard Grill. If you’re in Amarillo, drop by Stockyard Grill. You’ll not only enjoy good food but also read about some history of the Amarillo stockyard.

Tyler Wille

Great Chicken dinner with green Chile’s, bacon, and cheese! Some of the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had from a restaurant! Broccoli was cooked to perfection!

Robert Swanson

Had the 12 oz Rib Eye last night. Great cut of steak , cooked perfectly but over salted ?

Selina Vanover

Great lunch specials and amazing food. The hamburger steak, sirloin steak and jalapeno toothpicks are just a few of my top picks!

Charles Harbour

Burgers were huge and fresh. Fresh cut thick frys

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