2530 S Georgia St, Amarillo
(806) 468-6000

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They were very nice and quick

Kelly Imhoff

There is always friendly service

Amara Martin

Usually franchise Starbucks don’t do as great of a job but this girl was a star barista. She also had the coolest black/ pink hair and was very nice. Pretty sure this was the best drink I’ve had on my whole road trip

Laura Koonce Yarber

Historically the SLOWEST


Food and beverage came out quick, no complaints there. However, while preparing my food one employee had her mask pulled down to her chin while chatting with her co-worker. She left it off when pulling the food from the oven and handing it to me. When I asked her about wearing it while preparing food, she was rude and didn't put the mask back on. I left the name out deliberately, but we all need to do our part here, especially in food service.

Mason Adams (M8sin)

its exactly what you think

Mason Adams

its exactly what you think

Cookie Leon

This is the third time I had to be waiting for almost half an hour at this location my frappe was all melted

Jacob Imamura

Great service here by Guadalupe and Ms. (I can’t remember her name) but she was lovely. Made my caramel macchiato (which was her very first one) absolutely perfectly! Thank you ladies for the good conversation and safe travel wishes!


I love going to starbucks. They have all kinds of different drinks, not just coffee. The dragonfruit drink is reslly good. They need a couple more sugarfree choices on the coffees. Overall, a great place to go to.

Lillian Markert

I usually love going to starbucks, but i just don't get the joy of getting my coffee at this one. It closes fairly early and just tasted like a 2 star coffee rating. My friend, karen, cut herself with a plastic straw and they didnt have a bandaid. I was in shock, what is the safeness of this place. However, jeff the worker was really nice and kind to my son he had a birthday party at this starbucks with over 30 kids!! ANd most of them got the order right but i was disappointed because my son, jeff, did not get the order he wanted and got a plain decaf coffee. It was horrible i am so sorry to the people who get their orders messed up, but overall i love this coffee place. But the prices are to pricey.


Great Pink drinks. They put lots of fresh strawberries and plenty of coconut milk. Pumpkin Spuce latte is to die for. Rich and creamy.

Kerri Lynn Walker

They NEVER are in stock with their teas. I have gone to every location and 90 percent of the time they are out of tea. I will not drink Starbucks anymore.

Cassandra Valasquez

I was in there today great environment fast service jesse and shally were really helpful even with them being so busy .

Robert Moody

Don't the products

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