The Ruffled Cup

3440 S Bell St #100, Amarillo
(806) 318-3961

Recent Reviews

Lindsey Fuston

I always order cookies for my parties from The Ruffled Cup and they always turn out amazing!! I highly recommend them!

Akila Phelps

Extremely poor customer service. Food is good, but the customer service doesn't make it worth it. Had a bad experience a few months back and wanted to give them another chance today. Ordered lunch for the office and the customer service has not improved, may actually be worse. Try a different local place with people that are actually happy to have you as a customer.

Sherry Cross

Nothing to write home about. I think when you're paying 4 to $5 for a cupcake there ought to be something great about it but this don't have nothing great about it it's just a cupcake anybody can make I wish I'd never gone waste of money as far as I'm concerned and if you want to eat lunch here it's very expensive and you get very little for your money

DanielandJennifer Gleaves

Went to get some cupcakes today, and understandably 30 minutes before closing there was a very limited selection. BUT there was a tall cabinet FULL of all kinds of different flavors of cupcakes right behind the counter. When asked, the girl first said she couldn’t sell them because they were a day old, then she said there was something wrong with them, then she said the owner had to approve or she would get in trouble….. Why not sell them when you are down to the last 10 or so cupcakes with 30 mins before closing???? I don’t care if they are a day old!!! Very frustrating.

Kayla Veach

The lady that was originally going to make my sons 2nd birthday cake canceled on me the day before the party. I went into Ruffled Cup to see if they could squeeze me in last minute and they could. They did a wonderful job! Cake was very tasty and was so cute! Would definitely recommend and use them again!

Julie Warren

The boba was good. Wish they had more flavors. The desserts looked heavenly..also have GF cupcakes!!

Grace B.

If you want to find the best bakery in Amarillo look no further! The sweet girl who helped us was so kind and genuinely wanted us to enjoy what we got! My fiancé and I got a variety of things and loved every single thing we tried, from banana pudding to cookie cake, this place is the absolute best! We'll definitely be back!!

Saundie Wade

The manager was extremely rude to a friend I was at lunch with. I would not recommend The Ruffled Cup based on prices and management.

Melissa Hall

So many yummy items to choose from! Nice staff.

Camron Flanigan

45 minute wait for a salad and sandwich. Also waaay overpriced. Id not recommend. I wont be back. It was long waits pre covid as well

Jamie Burton

Oh yummy. I had the Italian cream cake cupcake. Savored every bite.

brigan ford

Aside from seeing an employee stick her ungloved hands in the ice cream with a tester scoop to get herself a scoop of ice cream...we enjoyed the food.

Stephanie M. B.

Wow! A chic dessert place, friendly service, delicious cupcakes.

Page Slater

Ruffled Cup is my favorite bakery in town, so when it came time to book our wedding cake it was no question. As always I was very pleased with everything they did. Always recommend them for every occasion.

Eric Caron

Would come back for the monster cookies but the staff ruined that. Get new staff DO BETTER Ruffled cup. Those guys SUCK. They are dragging your name through the mud with those snarky attitudes.

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