Torchy's Tacos

3562 S Soncy Rd Ste. 101, Amarillo
(806) 398-1111

Recent Reviews

Toni H.

Oh my. Driving thru town we stopped in for dinner. Hubby loved the trailer park taco and I thoroughly enjoyed the avocado taco. The tomatillo salsa and chips were awesome!

Simon Silver

Service was awesome! They tolerated our large group and a group member's screaming baby. The staff were all attentive and kind, and incredibly helpful :)The tacos were great too! they let me do a few substitutions to help with my dietary restrictions. The churros and nookies were absolutely delicious too!Vegetarian options: Vegetarian options are available and marked :)Parking: Plenty of parking spots, the restaurant is in a strip center near a grocery store so there is more than enough parking.Wheelchair accessibility: There are no ramps, and the doors open quite wide. Tables are also handicap-friendly

Simeon D.

Make sure and order the Hillbilly Queso + Chips They have a creative selection and variety of tacos, burritos and salsas.

Jenna McGuire

I love Torchy’s but as someone with a dairy allergy they mess up my order EVERY time. I have to check every single item for cheese or sauce before I leave. When someone specifies they don’t want dairy and have an allergy and you constantly mess it up there need to be some changes made.

Kevin Glen Moore

Great food as usual and the service was on point. Highly recommend

Melinda G.

I moved here from Austin recently. Good to see they have expanded up here to Amarillo! I recall when they started with just one food truck! Have only been in business for around 10-15 years! Must be doing something right!

Nate O

Place is delicious. Food comes out fast and a great atmosphere to sit in.

Delaney McCabe

Damn good tacos! Lost 1 star for service.

Jeinis Durrett

I always love Torchy’s - mostly for the queso like most people but the service here stood out for sure. I really enjoyed my lunch here and the good people!

Beckye Estill

Amarillo wins the Best Torchy's We've Been To! Including some in Houston, San Antonio, and Cedar Park. Food was delicious and so were the margs. Good atmosphere. Well done!

Grace Walder

We love stopping at this Torchy’s on the way from Albuquerque (sadly there isn’t a location in New Mexico) to our trips out east. Nice long hours, kind and helpful staff, and a somewhat decent patio so we can dine outside with our dog. Most recently, there were some weird bugs falling off the roof outside and they fell in my queso, but a kind employee wiping down the tables came and gave us a new queso. We like to order on the app ahead while driving to make things go more quickly.

Jeanie M.

This place was a winner. Everything was delicious. Hubby loved his tacos. My salmon taco was perfect. We enjoyed the queso, as well. The restaurant is very casual--order at a counter and grab a table kinda place. There was plenty of seating. Staff were friendly. Parking was just a few steps away. We plan to return soon.

John Bell

I placed a too go order, they gave me the completely wrong order. I went back to get it fixed. They then handed me an incomplete order. I should have double checked the bag but I assumed they would want to be sure this one was correct. I found chicken in my street corn. I will be calling for a refund

Gregg Titus

Torchy's Tacos ? has been an outstanding experience starting from the first week they opened. I have been there probably 5 times per month since then, except when my wife & I are traveling for fun, sometimes 3 weeks at a time. Lol, we always miss Torchy's food while we are gone. A few years ago I found out that the General Manager is James Perkins, because I wanted to meet the person that keeps his employees happy, friendly, & the food & Grey Goose drinks consistently, AWESOMELY PERFECT!!!My wife & I go frequently together, or with my Daughter or Son.What a friendly, clean place to hang out with friends and family!!!Oh, lol, did I mention the food & employees are awesome!!Gregg Titus

Matthew Tate

07/27/22 - My first time ever at Torchy's Tacos. Although busy, it wasn't crowded, and the location was clean, the staff friendly and helpful.But, OH MY GOSH!, the food was incredible! The chicken ? and beef ? fajitas were outstanding, and the queso ? sauce with avocado ? is absolutely unbelievable! Not only was the food delicious, the prices were still quite reasonable. I will definitely be adding Torchy's Tacos to my list of favorite restaurants in Amarillo.VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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