ABC Seafood

2420 E Arkansas Ln suite 216, Arlington
(817) 861-8818

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Mike Tran

I've been recommended by a few people for this place, but the food was not good at all.The rolling carts that they have the food in was constantly hitting the backs of the chairs that the customer's were sitting in even though there was more than enough room to get by.Almost all the food I got was either cold (suppose to be hot) or overcooked to where it was mushy or just chewy like crazy. The flavor was so light, that it was like eating the food bland or just for the quality of the ingredient ( which was bad and store bought).The waitress and waited dwindling didn't want to be there. The manager had to walk the tables and get their workers to work since the other customer's were looking around for their server like us.I don't know what happened to this place. Change of chefs? Management? Owners? I don't know, but I know I won't be going back.

vin ra

Horrible service, I was not able to order much as staff did not help me no matter how many times I asked. I ordered jasmine tea and was given ever hot tea there besides jasmine. Rude staff and mediocre food at best.

Jo V.

Appetites were craving dim sum which led us to this restaurant that serves it until 6pm. While we were late by only a few minutes, and not being locals, the manager said they'd make an exception for us. Now that is wonderful customer service!!!Their food was pretty good; presented as dim sum would be, in small plates and steamy. Three of us had enough for five people. That's how much we craved, since we hadn't splurged on dim sum since four years ago or so.Good location in a plaza with a lots of parking. Nearby residential areas, small stores, offices, and grocery shopping. Worth your buck for family-sized dining. We were satisfied with our dinner!

Jennifer Chanthavong

Food is usually good, but the service is terrible EVERY SINGLE time. I've given them so many chances and will finally not return. 3 waitresses and only 4 tables to serve and couldn't get any service, even waving our hand where they clearly see us but choose to ignore us. The few time they showed up and we tell them something isn't correct, they just walk off and ignore it and don't come back until you have to come up to them. We tried to send an order back because it wasn't what we ordered and when we tried to reason with the waitress, she didn't even bother trying to hear us and talked over us which lead to us arguing. All three of the waitresses were rude.

Michelle Stuckey

Everything was yummy! Nothing to complain about the food here. Except the shrimp roll, the crepe tasted like water and it seemed like it was over cooked.Although they should really get rid of that mask required sign because I noticed a ton of people walking away because they didn’t have a mask, and the lady would wave them down and say they can come in. HahaThe only downside was they don’t take American Express, luckily we had another card.

Jarrett Stuckey

First, I have to say that the food was top-notch, but the downside is that the service is not up to par. I noticed on multiple occasions that we were not attended to whereas the larger parties were attended and serviced. The other downside is, which may just be me, they don't take AMEX. I was waiting to come across a place that didn't take it. If they didn't, that wouldn't be a deciding factor to go in, but the service does. The service also led to the 3 star review. I don't recommend this place. Try elsewhere.

Christy Marie

first time here. called to place an order, lady was quite rude. wanted mongolian beef w fried rice and an order of deep fried dumplings. lady acted like she didn’t know what i was talking about. finally settled on an order. i knew she got it wrong but i was tired of fighting w her. at the end she asked me firmly “when are you picking up” i told her in about 10 minutes, and she said “bye”. got there and i was greeted by a much kinder lady, then i went to the counter and my order was $17.54. i asked if there were no lunch specials today. same lady that took my phone order laughed and said “it’s the weekend there’s no lunch special” as if i was supposed to know that already. got home to find regular pot stickers instead of deep fried (which i was expecting bc i knew she got that wrong) and my mongolian beef stir fry paired with regular steamed rice. utensils and napkins were also not provided. food is still decent, just not what i wanted. maybe the dine-in dim sum experience is better

Wendy Barron

Beijing duck is delicious, fish dish wasn’t that impressed. Overall is good ?

Alex Nowowiejski

ABC Seafood is a Chinese restaurant specializing in seafood and Dim Sum.The family thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We ordered a small Egg Drop Soup and small Hot & Sour Soup. The small bowls were huge and could feed at least four people! Great price too!We also ordered pot stickers, clams with ginger & scallions sauce, as well as a roast duck (half a duck).Next time we visit we will for sure come during the time Dim Sum is offered. We were told due to Covid that the times for Dim Sum are from open until 6pm and on Saturdays because there are usually large crowds Dim Sum is only offered until 3pm.Everything was delicious and we will for sure order any of these dishes again!In regards to cleanliness the place could be cleaned up a bit. The customer service was top notch and the manager or owner, Ann, spoke with us for about 15 minutes at the end of our meal.All-in-all our visit was enjoyable and we will be visiting soon again.

Wila Buo

Golden Joy is still better. We ordered dimsum which was more expensive than others, temperature on the cold side too. The Hongkong style Crab Fried Rice was too expensive and not memorable either. Crab wasn’t the freshest, and the toasted garlic and onions were a bit too much per square inch of rice. Not returning here, I’m afraid. Golden Joy in Richardson is far better in comparison.

Alex Nguyen

never coming back. not even an actual dim sum place. food has to be placed instead of picked out. we were the only ones in the restaurant. there was a WORM in out spinach… just disgusting

Ariel Aleksandria

LOVE this place so much, the atmosphere is beautiful, the servers were kind & the food was literally perfect. Try the Steamed Pork Bun when you go, it's magical. You can tell their food is made with love. Drove 35 minutes it was so worth it. I'll definitely come back!

Mor Xiong

Best place for Dim Sum in the DFW area!! Chicken feet is amazing, spare ribs are meaty, my everything is delicious!

Jessica Nguyen

OMG! There’s a piece of plastic in between the meat, after I complained to the waitress, she told me it is just a piece of paper. I then pulled that plastic up higher for her to see it because I’m not a 2 year old girl who cannot tell the difference between plastic or paper, it’s gross either way. I tried to take another picture and she quickly grabbed the plate and walked away as fast as she could. I’m glad that I took a few photos before I talked to her.

Kyle Chung

No good service food is good but the service is terrible. They wouldn’t get us water and our food are not coming. There is very noticeable favoritism

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