Chinatown Westlake

2712 Bee Cave Rd #124, Austin
(512) 328-6588

Recent Reviews

Ryan Fitzpatrick

BEST flavor and saki bombs in all of Austin!! Loved it!!

David L

Really enjoyed the food. Staff was prompt and helpful. Great Sushi Rolls

Julie Mengarelli

This has been my place to go for years. Allows done right!

Tyrone Sanders

Very very good experience. This place has wonderful service and extremely fresh seafood. I would recommend this place to all my friends.

Deb O.

Oh my goodness ,I was so excited to see favor offering Chinatown. I had not eaten there for years and remembered that it was incredibly delicious. I guess a few years make a difference. I ordered the lemon chicken, crab puffs appetizer and eggrolls. The first thing that I noticed was the lettuce bed of the crab puffs actually smelled. I moved on to the lemon chicken which was absolutely tasteless. So sad, the service from Favor including the runner was excellent. I guess I will stick with Hunan lion and leave Chinatown in my memory.

Nhan Tran

Delicious food, even the dipping soy sauce was well flavored. Everything was complementing each other. One of the best Chinese/Asian food around!

Jane Amschwand

Huge pet peeve - when you order a vegetarian dish and get virtually no vegetables or the lamest vegetables on the planet (bell peppers only). Ordered the Kung Pao Tofu and gigantic amount of tofu with some red & bell peppers. So lame. Throw a vegetarian a bone (ha ha) and at least give us some other good veggies i.e. broccoli, mushrooms, corn. So disappointing!

Becky Martinez

Excellent service and great food

Lauren D.

We go to Chinatown almost weekly for lunch. The wait staff all knows us now and has always been so friendly. If you don't have a lot of time for lunch this place should be your go to. We order and get our food out within 7 minutes every single time. The food is hot and fresh and delicious. It's also one of the few Chinese food places I can go to that I'm not allergic. I don't know why but I usually swell up like a weirdo every time I eat Chinese unless I'm having Chinatown. I had the Kung Pao Chicken today and it was great, had just enough spicy kick to it. I usually get the sesame chicken which is also amazing. They have a really good happy hour with cheap sushi rolls and appetizers. So go check out Chinatown ASAP they're awesome!

Aralyn Thomasson

Awesome experience and food was excellent! Staff was very friendly, and helpful. Great ambience, and atmosphere. Will be coming again!

Aura Stewart

Update 2020: The restaurant downgraded from destination Chinese to neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Since Sonny left the quality of the food has diminished to the point that I do not find a reason for paying a premium for average food quality. The broccoli I had today had yellow parts, an indication of age. We look forward to seeing this restaurant back to its previous quality level.2017 review: This restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in the area. It is an attractive place with professional staff. The quality of their food is consistently very good, always finding ways for indulging their customers. Today they served me "Sony Chicken", a chicken I am naming after their charming and helpful maitre. I requested a Sesame chicken with the sauce on the side because I wanted a less sweet version of that dish. Instead, Sony created a dish that in many ways surpasses their already outstanding Sesame chicken.The rest of their menu is also very good. Their service is good.

Dawn S.

My 17 year old nephew and I decided to grab some food so we headed to Chinatown. He knew exactly what he wanted; I could have ordered for him as he gets the same thing every time: Sesame Chicken. I decided to order sushi. I haven't had it in months. I ordered the Mexicano roll (see description in photos). Each entree was 16.00- kinda pricey ‍but we were in Westlake. I guess that makes a difference? I did check out the lunch menu and items seem to be more reasonable (around 9 bucks). I did take a gander at the drink menu to perhaps grab a glass of wine...again on the expensive side. The glasses were all about 9/10 bucks. I decided to stick with water and get a whole bottle after dinner at Trader Joe's .*Covid update: all employees wore masks. Each table had hand sanitizer on it. They seemed to be doing a fairly large amount of take out. The bar was "hopping" as far as covid standards go. It seemed full and people were enjoying dinner and a drink at the bar. OVERALL: I would go again and perhaps try lunch. If you aren't on a budget, go give this place a try. Our food was excellent and the service was great too!

Sue Z.

Omg I had their awesome handmade California roll and also the tiger roll and it just melted in my mouth with awesome power. I usually don't get these types of rolls but it was recommended and the best thing ever!!

Hasan Yacoub


Ace Wolf

Really good Chinese food and very good service. Great place is your looking for some where quiet to eat. Food is also authentic.

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