lulubowls (Hawaiian-Inspired Bowls- Frontage)

5610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin
(323) 417-9830

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Well that was disappointing. I got the Hawaiian hot chicken bowl and it was just breaded chicken with Buffalo wing sauce in a ramekin. Also came with brown rice, not white.Just go up north to Shoyu Sugar.

Urban Consultant

I wouldn’t see my dogs this slop I should’ve read the reviews first for


Fantastic. Will order again

kenzie snow

So many poor reviews and so confused as to why! I ordered from here tonight via Uber Eats because I just wanted something healthy...I took one bite and audibly gasped. I'm polishing off my bowl as I type this out because I literally couldn't wait to leave the best review of my Google career... Every bite was so delicious and flavorful with just the right amount of spice. Easily my new favorite place in the city. I expect that I will be ordering from here again very very soon!


I wish there was more meat in the make your own and I would probably just have to add extra for that but everything was so good I would have again.

Jennifer Carpenter

I was absolutely blown away at how delicious this was. This was just nearby a hotel I was staying in, so I happened to order it while working from my room. This is the 'Spicy Meat Party' pictured. The sauce is SPICY, perfectly placed in a ramekin on the side to add spice of your liking. This dish was full of color, flavor, and DELICIOUS. I would undoubtedly get again. 10/10 recommend.

Bella Ricks

Has this delivered, received a laughably small portion, food was stone cold, tofu over cooked, broccoli and pineapple very low quality, grey and mushy looking. Couldn’t even eat it.

Jasmine Martinez

So dry, so small, so bad. Was so excited, but hated it after the first bite. Huge disappointment. Threw out the whole meal after 3 bites. Don't recommend. Overpriced and disgusting.

Chris Miller

I loved all the flavors l, my go to for Austin bowls.

Jewlie Ard

Really loved the tofu pineapple teriyaki bowl


Don’t eat here. It’s very bland. Chicken is very dry and tastes like it was just frozen. Please don’t even waste your time or money. Had to recook it myself to add flavor but their food can’t be saved. Hopefully they learn how to cook or change their line of work.

Grace Trippe

I've tried Moon Bowls, Ginger Bowls and Lulubowls now. They're all similar and have some tasty vegetarian options, but I prefer Lulubowls hands-down. So good!

Daniel Rydstrom

This food is just ok. I agree with the other reviewer in that the chicken was low quality.


Got this delivered and wow, the cauliflower wings are incredible!Delivery: Yes


The food was a little bland for my taste. The flavors come through a bit and they are great but it feels like everything needs a bit more sauce / marination. Good portion sizes and the options are really interesting. The cauliflower ‘wings' were my favorite thing we ordered, but again, the flavor isn't *quite* where you'd hope.

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lulubowls (Hawaiian-Inspired Bowls- Frontage)

5610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78751
(323) 417-9830