5610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin
(323) 987-4617

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Shelby Rodrigues

Not actual restaurant. You pick up your food similar to an Amazon hub locker. Forced to download app. App flawed and wants you to create profile but doesn’t actually allow you to create one. The staff was rude, telling me to move my car rather than assisting me in obtaining my to-go order. 4PM on a Thursday with only 2 other customers so not busy at all. Was unable to pick up order. I suggest moving the business before you go out of business.

Traci Clayton

Great vegetarian options but I got the hot chicken and it was very flavorful! I also love that they have compostable bowls.

Amy F.

This place is more of 3.5. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't very good. I got the avocado bowl with impossible beef/bulgogi. It was very tangy, which was a bit offputting. And the beef was a bit mushy.While I love the concept of healthy Korean food, this didn't quite deliver for me as a vegetarian.

keine moniker

Didnt realize it was just an ubereats ghost restaurant. First they forgot to give me my sweet potatoe noodles, then after eating i started feeling really sick and ended up with explosive diarrhea and horrible nausea. The chicken was clearly bad and microwaved. Food was

Jazy Hill

I really enjoyed the Korean bbq cauliflower bowl and it was delicious. I appreciated the number of flavorful vegan options, and delivery was quick with great communication from the restaurant. I look forward to getting this again :)

Sarah-Grace H.

The coolest concept lots of gluten-free options (the whole menu) food is ready quickly. It's at like a place with lots of food options. I ordered ahead, when i arrived and typed my name in the ipad the locker door opened and it even kept it warm. Can't wait to go back next time I'm in town!

Chelsea Wallace

My boyfriend and I love ordering from Moonbowls! The ingredients always seem fresh and high quality. Healthy bowls and good portion sizes. I’ve tried several different bowls and been happy with all of them, but my go-to is the Chicken & Egg Bowl. I’ve seen several other reviews mentioning lackluster flavor, but that hasn’t been the case for me. I find them quite flavorful and filling.

Torr Luv

Absolutely delicious! Tried the Sesame Surprise and loved it. Would definitely order from here again!Dietary restrictions: Has vegan and gluten free options!

A Andrew

I ordered the food through grubhub app which was fine. The order seemed to contain the correct items however the quality left a lot to be desired. I had the fried cauliflower and tofu brown rice bowl with various sauces. The food was kind of limp and flavorless. The presentation was meh. There was no caramelization, sear or crispiness to anything. This is paint by numbers food, there's no culinary passion whatsoever. It really came off as a slightly fresher microwave dinner. If you said the whole thing was cooked in a microwave I'd be inclined to believe it. For $20 I'm sure you can find better options elsewhere.Vegetarian options: While they do offer vegan options the food was so bad I don't recommend it to anyone.

Cat Schutze

Food was good. Got the sweet potato bowl and the banana chia pudding. Service was super fast and convenient.

Steven & Jackie

The food here has a very plain flavor. The seasoning was far from the Korean seasoning. Very disappointed on the flavor and quality of the dishes, such as the egg, that was almost raw.

Alicia Topolnycky

I love these guys! Great food, good portions, and I feel healthy eating it. I feel like everything on the menu is great; especially the cauliflower wings, the hot caesar salad, and the bowls. Everything I’ve had is super flavorful and their sauces are awesome (there’s always 1-2 sauces included in the bowl). They are always communicative- my 10ish experiences ordering both delivery and pickup have been super smooth every time. I use the uber eats app if I have an uber discount, or the moonbowls site/app if I have a coupon directly from them. One of the only ghost kitchen restaurants that I trust (pro tip check out their other listings/‘brands’ like lulubowls, thrive kitchen, and ginger bowls if you want a couple extra menu options). Not sponsored haha


Ordered the Avocado Bulgogi through Uber Eats late at night, and it came in a cute bag and neatly packaged. The food itself isn’t as fantastic as the branding, but still decent. I come KCMO where there are vegan/vegetarian options but never first on the last for an app like Uber Eats or Doordash- so this was a nice surprise! Wish I had ordered the cauli wings ?

Mayra Ochoa

Was Excited to try these for a while, ordered two bowls. Rice was stale, chicken was not fresh, the breading was hard. I’m ok with healthier food being a bit more bland but this was stale and flavorless.Even my son which loves orange chicken from grocery stores ended up throwing away his bowl :( ouch.

Madison Fountaine

Absolutely amazing! Was very easy to find, and loved the easy no contact pick up! The food was incredible, still hot, fresh and delicious when we got it home. I'm excited to share this place with my friends and family!

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