Papa Johns Pizza

9222 W Parmer Ln D, Austin
(512) 249-7272

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Scott B.

Absolute piss poor. Got food poisoning. Took 2 hours for Uber eats to deliver cold, hard pizza. I ordered pepperoni and mushroom. This is what happens when you have lazy people who don't care about their job.

Shawn S

I ordered 1 medium pizza, chocolate brownies, and breadsticks, at 6 o'clock and didn't receive them by 9:40pm. and they forgot the breadsticks. This is a 3rd time they missed the delivery time. We live less than 2 miles away from the store so there is no reason to take 3-4 hours. We will NOT order from here againFood: 2/5

John Schiebel

This is the third time I’ve ordered from this papa John’s for delivery. I work not even 5 minutes down the road on the same street as the restaurant.I always get quoted a time that’s already absurd like an hour for 1 pizza and then door dash ends up delivering my pizza every time.When I finally get my items over an hour later they are always cold.The pictures below show icing that is supposed to be loose and is caked on because it is cold and cold garlic knots.At least keep my food in a warmer or in the oven if you’re gonna be 30 minutes late for 40$ pizza.

Grant Williams

Order pizza. They never send pizza. Let them know. Never make it right.After that, infinite waiting on hold trying to figure out where the pie is. Cancel the charge or take the chargeback. Your choice.

Corrine Ritz

More than 2 hours later- still no pizza delivered and no answer when we have called multiple times. Terrible. Do NOT order delivery from here ever.

Jessica M.

We called to speak to a manger because it had been almost 2hours from the expected delivery time. Larry from the Papa John's on 9222 W Palmer, Austin TX. Told us, there was no manager and the store was figuring stuff out. He said, "you are not getting your Pizza, you want your money back? I said no, I want my pizza. He then started to say he could make a deal and that this was hilarious. I told him this wasn't funny and I asked for the manager again and again. I asked for a manager several times. Larry then said over and over F--- You!! You are not getting your pizza!!! He kept yelling over and over F-- You! At least 20 times. He said he didn't care about his job and for us to get a life! I did not get my pizza or my money back! This store is horrible!

Tyler Moore

A simple order turned into more than a 2 hour ordeal. The tracking site suggested the pizza was delivered, but of course it wasn't. Dont ever try calling this location, you'll be on hold for eternity. Papa Johns corporate makes it impossible to actually accomplish anything, and the hold recording is the most obnoxious thing in the world.

ja Pe

BUYERS BEWARE! This establishment uses 3rd party non Papa John’s employees to deliver pizzas. Delivered late and look like they were messed with.

Custom Built

This location gets your order out quick! Call em for delivery or pick up and your is now, LOL!

briana wiggins

Pizza originally said it would take 30 minutes DIDNT show up for almost 2 hours. Tried calling the store and was on hold for about 30 minute then it hung up, when calling back it said it was closed. When I finally got my order it was almost frozen cold and was missing items, I then could almost see through the cheese bread. I ended up calling the store the next day and after about 45 minutes f being on hold I finally talked to someone and got my refund. Only reason it’s a two star and not one.

Joshua AnE

N. Parmer is one the better locations in the area. I’m between three locations and I choose to go here. Always fresh, hot and they actually put extra cheese on the pizza when you order it. Makes my kid happy. Thank you.

Mike Mc

Waited 5 hours and called multiple times with no answer. App stopped working after 4 hours. If the company is backed on orders, stop making orders and fill the orders you already have. The adverts during the holding time is obnoxious on purpose.

Kim Filipponi

Ordered dinner tonight for my family. Paid with my card like I always have. Expected to receive my order like I always do, only to be expected to pay in cash..... My card was on file, and charged. Why was I being asked for cash? Tried to talk to the store on the delivery drivers phone, who really did t understand much English... The store personal said, I'm sorry, but it is a cash order. I tried to explain that we have always ordered on our card, and we do not carry cash. (Who does these days?) We had to return the order, while our card was still charged. When I called the store to find out what happened, the Manager told me the funds would be returned to my card in three to five business days. When I asked what I was supposed to feed my family, he hung up on me. I have never experienced anything like this from a food service place in my life. I will not be ordering from them again. Not for my family, and not for my business.

Marc P.

Pizza is ok as long as they don't screw it up. Don't expect to be able to get the store to answer the phone. Randomly will just forget part of your order and your just SOL because you have no way to get your money back...overall I would avoid if possible

J. AnE

N. Parmer is one the better locations in the area. I’m between three locations and I choose to go here. Always fresh, hot and they actually put extra cheese on the pizza when you order it. Makes my kid happy. Thank you.

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