Taco Bell

13770 N, US-183, Austin
(512) 258-7309

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Kimberly Thomas

You could that the people working here did not put much effort in to the taco's. It's not hard to make a taco but someone figured out how to mess it up.

João Calhandro

This is a hit or miss place. Food was great today. Whoever ordered it got some good items because it sure wasn't my order (drive through). Always check your order at the window is my new rule. Apologies in advance to everyone behind me from now on.

Benjamin Mills

Every time I've ever ordered here, it has been put together with the least amount of effort, and is often cold upon arrival.

Ashlyn U.

I have been here a few times since the remodel, and 2 out of the 3 I have found hair in my food

Alexey Q.

Best Taco Bell in Texas. They make great food. It's amazing quality, and Didn't destroy my stomach. They deserve some credit

Julie Z.

This is the first Taco Bell I've been too ! At night the employees have a shit attitude ! Like they dint want to be there . Now let's talk about the food they dint put meat in the tacos or anything ! Are they taking home the meat ? I wish I could give it a -0 unbelievable! They should be closed down after reading all these comments ! I'm calling corporate on Monday.

Laurence S.

Worst Taco Bell in 5 states that I've lived in. They make food like they have to pay for it, they always mess up orders, and they always have attitude.

Desi R

This Taco Bell was great ! My order was correct and my food was still hot when I got home . With the good experience this will be my home Taco Bell .

Tracy Gray

Been there multiple times, but this was the first time we've had a poor experience. The person working the drive through refused to take a second order in our car, claiming that there was a rush, but we were on only car in line when we pulled up. Got to the window and when we asked why he couldn't do a second order he let the window slam, then when handing our food over blurted that there was a rush (by this time there were cars in line). We pulled back around and got back in line only to see him hand the mic off to another employee, who took our order. But it was the original man at the window taking other peoples order. Like I said, first time with a bad experience but it really sucked!

Bacon Lettuce Tomato

Not friendly, ran out of nacho containers, & gave us the wrong order! This is what my food looked like when I opened it!

Eddie Hershey

If you doing any deliverys from any food app dont come here after 12am the boy told me its always been the rule this taco bell is not accepting orders after 12am in which he is in lying.

Hanna S.

WARNING!!!!! ZERO STARSHow can you serve this?? Its supposed to be a loaded griller! Then they give me another half the size?? WORST SERVICE DO NOT GO TO THIS TACO BELL.

Philip G.

Crappy service for mediocre food!I'm not naive enough to think that TB is some bastion of fine dining, but can't a guy get some late-night food without a bunch of screw-ups messing up my order? For the SECOND time in a week they forgot my drink at the drive-through. First time was reasonably ok because there was only one other car in front of me as I circled back in line. This time, though, the line was too long to wait just for a stupid drink. I couldn't go in because of their coronavirus protocol, so I called. And called. And called. And called. Each time the phone would ring approximately 20 times before disconnecting me. So essentially the phone rang with NO ONE EVER PICKING UP!!! Is this the way a business is run now in this current coronavirus situation? Does a business just not care anymore about customers because, hey, they know there are a limited number of options? Does a manager now just think, "Well, I don't need to care about any level of customer service anymore because everything is so messed up right now?" I'm serious.I was on a Zoom call with several friends before I left to drive through this location. Some of them mentioned how Taco Bell is just another "crap" place to go to. I said no, that I've come to like this location. I was stupid to think this was not like any other run-of-the-mill fast food place. Again, I had no illusion that this was a real Mexican food restaurant, but is it too much to ask to get good service and for someone to ANSWER THE FRIGGIN' PHONE!!!??? The answer, apparently, is yes, that is too much to ask.

Lucas Hendricks

20 mins in drive through to get the order wrong of 2 burritos and then expect me to wait 20 mins in the drive through to get it right is not acceptable in my eyes.

Remington Johnson

I always get the same order, 2, 5 layer burritos with no sour cream and today was the 5th time that they have messed that order up with sour cream. 5 times? I go back and get the correct order and they are always nice about it but jeez I shouldn't have to keep going back for such a simple order. Will start driving the xtra 15 min to the next taco bell from now on.

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