Taco Bell

13770 N, US-183, Austin
(512) 258-7309

Recent Reviews

Nathan Buck

Getting a 1-Star rating should be enough to know what to expect... It's disappointing for me to say that this location was one of my first 5-Star ratings many, many, many years ago. Hopefully some changes get made.

Zack Murray

The food was good and the drive thru didn't take long even though there were a lot of cars in line. My bag was missing one item the receipt showed I paid for.

Bryan Miller

I dont know if it was the food or not but I felt sick shortly afterwards

Jennie Perry

So, sometimes I just need a quick burrito or a side of nachos, and this is the place to get one quick and move on with your day with something in your belly. Stick to simpler options, such as the bean and cheese burrito and you will feel as if you'd made it at home and it's a lot lower in calories. Thus, the room for a small .99 nacho side. Haha

Mi Si

For the most part it is still the good old days. Things and recipes have not changed much. The only reason for the 3 star rating is this location is horrid to get in and out of, and they have only 3 or 4 parking spaces.

Hannah S.

The staff was super nice and very friendly.. I got my food very quickly and it was still fresh not like it had been sitting there already made. I ordered a drink with no ice and they accidentally gave me one with ice when I told him and he gave me a new one and let me keep both!!! So nice!!! I don't really understand the bad reviews, that rude employee was probably fired. Give this Taco Bell another chance!!

Nick Moore

Wow great job gossiping with your coworkers at the drive thru instead of getting my order correct. Glad I paid $7+ for basically nothing.

Helen V

In case most of you have not noticed, when you go to any Taco Bell now you have to give your REAL name when ordering. It is a new policy of Taco Bell. A manager explained to me that they have a lot of customers complaining about the food and in order to verify if the complainer actually ordered something, they want your name to look up. That is an invasion of your personal privacy. However, their employees no longer wear name tags to protect their privacy. . Every restaurant system assigns a number to an order and that number is what they should use to identify your food - and you later if you have a complaint. All they have to do is require a complaining customer to have their receipt. Then they can look up your order with the number on your receipt.

Jim Slack

Poor job on listening to order... meal put together like they didn't care... messy

Deanna Matthews

Food was good, fresh and inexpensive. Felt kind of strange entering my own order but nice to see calories next to each item

Brittany J.

Zero stars. They suck! Never make the meal correctly. Manager is rude does not care. Extremely slow process.

Kristen C.

I couldn't give less than a star but I would... The people that work here have never been polite, professional, or even acted like they care about their jobs. I've never been told thank you. There are a few smart asses that work here though. Don't bother telling them not to be wasteful- they couldn't care less about the company they work for and it shows. Btw, If you ask for a couple of packets of mild salsa-they will fill your bag full of spicy ones. I guess this is their idea of fun. Lame. I don't even know why I was polite to begin with and I don't know why I ever returned. I won't make that mistake again. "TJ" claims to be the manger. If a TJ even works there, he's doing a terrible job.

Whitney H.

I don't know what was going on with the staff today but pulling up to order the gentleman was very dull and rude. I asked a couple of questions about the menu and was completely short changed on answers. I never have a problem with this taco Bell (maybe he was having a day) I didn't even follow through my order.... Maybe next time taco Bell, maybe next time.

Ajit Patel

10p on a Thursday night and ran out of black beans, lettuce, 6" tortillas, fire and hot sauce, didn't add the right ingredients. So much for a 4th meal, never again at this location. How you run out of inventory when you still have 4 hours left?

Craig Bond

Bad food, worse service.

Nate Authement

They cook the food quickly , but not as fresh as I like it to be. Very polite employees though.

Leslie Walsh

The staff was really nice and helpful, but the place was dirty and weird flies. We paid for extra steak in a powerbowl because we're on Keto and it looked like less than regular.


I stopped by the Taco Bell drive through after the UT football game. The staff was friendly and the service was fast. The order was correct!

Joe Blow

The food is good, and the atmosphere is clean, and cool on a hot Texas summer day. The staff was very friendly, and prompt in getting our order completed. I have been eating at this same location for over 25 years. I have never gotten any bad food, or had any bad experiences. I will give this Restaurant a well deserved 5 â??â??â??â??â?? STARS. Great Job.

Nick Kiowski

Waited around for my food inside for about 50 minutes. They didn't really give any kind of update throughout. The inside wasn't busy at all. "Why did I wait?" You're probably asking. Good question I should have left because it was a huge waste of my time and money. Never going back to this location.

Brandon Flores

probably the worst taco bell I've ever been to. the staff have the worst attitudes I've ever seen, they don't care about their jobs at all, they make terrible food couldn't even understand no tomatoes on my crunch wrap and barely put any meat in it with a few bits of lettuce in it. it's sad because there are a few and I mean maybe one or two people who actually try. I went by today to order from this location and they were closed.. no note left on the window no apologies nothing. this is the third time I've came here and I've experienced this. I tried to give this location a chance but things won't ever change. it starts with management who also tend to have a terrible attitude so your employees are going to follow yall and this store will close its doors and this time for good.. maybe that's for the best because I honestly don't ever want to visit this location ever again. I wish yall would have been better instead of dragging not only your name and faces thru the mud but taco bells

Mike H.

The 4 is for the food. I thought it was very typical of a TBell. Nothing crazy wrong with it, the staff was extremely nice and helpful. My food came out wicked fast. My disappointment would simply be cause the place is a little dingy. Maybe cause it's an older location or something. But it simply wasn't all sparkly n shinny like some of the newer updated ones. Looked like they were kind of crammed for space.

Blake B.

Completely disrespectful staff!! Very rude and condescending towards my friends and myself. Made us go though the drive thru 3 times as we had three separate orders and the manager was very rude as well! Especially his personal hygiene!!

Tony Hand Jr

Second time I have come and they have absolutely nothing! No rice, beans, cheese, chicken!??! Without a doubt the most incompetent restaurant crew I have ever come across. Last time I will give this store a chance.

Hannah Taylor

No freezes during happy hour from 2-5. Whole reason even went there. Then won't let you add anything at the window, uhhm I used to work here and people add food at the window 24/7. Pretty sure you can.

Donald Jacobs

Monday 20 minutes before close, the staff there managed to make me some tacos to bring to my family. Even though they were almost completely out of supplies, they delivered. Bless you ladies

Sarah Stein

Fast and they got my large order perfect! Plus it was all hot :)

Toomz Day Gaming

Great service, and the burritos were delicious, i had those cinna bon dessert but they were not fresh, and a little hard, i grabbed to go so was unable to have it replaced, place was clean that i could see

Cory N.

Absolutely horrible experience. Completely disrespectful staff. Forcing people to use the kiosks instead of doing their job. Still managed to get my order wrong and refused to fix it. I won't be back.

Ivette S

Went through the drive through, didn't take long and the window rep gave us extra sauce which is awesome! Low stars because the restaurant was really skimpy on the meat. My steak chalupa was definitely a mix of ground beef/little steak, and not alot of it.

Ciecely Garcia

Used to be one of the good Taco Bell's... buuuut for the last few times we ate here, service nor the food were good. Maybe they are under new management?

Sarah Stone

I just went to this location. They were extremely rude. They wouldn't take more than one box in drive through. While I understand they have window times I don't appreciate the rudeness. When we went inside the cashier acted like she didn't even want to take our order. After taking ours the cashier walked off and didn't take the order of the person with us. When he asked if he was going to get to order she got an attitude and came back up and a coworker came with her and started cursing at a person that was with us threatening to help him "lose his mouth" and to take hium outside. I've never seen such bad behavior and I've worked fast food for 7 years as a manager. This was unacceptable. I will not be coming back.

Gregory Miller

No attention to detail. The food was sloppy, but at least accurate. Dont bother trying to get accessories like forks enough napkins.

Leigh Slade

So freaking slow!!! Saw a manager yell at a customer and completely unprofessional. I understand the low grade food, but damn....I'm not gonna wait like it's a steak!

D A.

I was concerned when I came in that there was so much food all over the floor behind the counter where food is being prepped. Then I waited about 8-10 minutes and no one even acknowledged my presence at the counter. I worked at a Taco Bell and I know this is not appropriate for that or any restaurant. Don't bother posting any weak apology.

Katherine Mena

Hit or miss here. I often find myself sitting in line for over 15 minutes when thereâ??re only 2 ahead and I have a small order. Thereâ??s like one good employee and heâ??s the youngest there.

Kara Davis

Iâ??m currently waiting for my dinner inside and have been for over 30 minutes. Staff is not concerned and is moving at a snails pace. I love Taco Bell but after this experience, I canâ??t say that Iâ??ll eat here. Customer service should be a priority and itâ??s been made clear tonight that as long as they get their money, they could care less about the customer.

Joshua L

Great food and service. Love the self ring up computers. Make all sorts of frankin dishes with all that power.

Oscar Lopez

What more can be said about one of the greatest fast food places all time.

j shoemo

Food was good and staff was nice. Things were moving quite slow. May need more staff