U cuisine

5610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin

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Alexios D

The best Ukrainian restaurant in Austin I would highly suggest for anyone who wanna try real Ukrainian cuisine

C Kim

Delicious!! Probably can’t go wrong with any of the dishes but we really enjoyed the potato dumplings and the chicken dish.

Yuliia Nahorna

Couple days ago ordered homestyle kovbasa as soon as it was added back to the menu. I actually didn't realize how big was the portion! It came hot, fresh, had an unreal aroma and sure thing, the kovbasa itself was delicious! The order was packed in a branded package, with everything necessary inside: disposable utensils, napkins and several leaflets with interesting facts about Ukraine. Everything was carefully packed and corresponded to the order.100% recommended!

Алла Алла

Just tried vareniky( dumplings) with blueberries and fall in love. So delicious! Definitely will try all dishes here. Totally recommend!

Viktoria Nikitiuk

My cousin ordered catering from these guys. The food was amazing.My favorites: varenyki, beet salad and homemade salo.Food: 5/5

Juli E.

I highly recommend U cuisine! I feel so lucky to have found this restaurant! I have not done much traveling in my life so I was very interested to try some Ukrainian dishes. I ordered lunch for me and my office staff. The food was so delicious and amazing! I hope everyone in Austin can try it. I ordered a number of different dishes. I could tell each one had fresh ingredients. I had delicious varenyky with different foods in them. We also had a great, fresh salad and then varenyky with fresh blueberries and also crepes for dessert. Everyone needs to try this restaurant, you will love it!

Anfisa Lyashenko

Poltava halushky with chicken are amazing! If you like farmer cheese, crepes is something you must try. Kids like fish cutlets and varenyky with blueberries. Lviv syrnyk is my favorite desert)So happy finally to be able to taste real Ukrainian cuisine in Austin! Won’t stop till try the whole menu)

Pavlo Kopanytsia

I moved here from Ukraine, and for the last 3 years I dreamed of eating our Ukrainian food again, all the frozen food from stores was not even close to the taste from Ukraine.But here they literally make real Ukrainian food, it tastes like my grandmother cooked it.5/5. Gorgeous!

Darya Ledesma

Absolutely amazing authentic Ukrainian food! I have tried meat balls, fish balls, baked duck with apples, pirogi, home style cooked potato, vegetable pie, chicken liver paste - so tasty!!! Can’t wait to try more dishes. Highly recommend!

Oleksandr Ivanov

If you are Ukrainian and miss your favorite dishes, or just were looking for a place with Ukrainian food - look no more :) I tried everything on the menu and it is just delicious. Borsch, vegetable soup and varenyky are as good as homemade. Deserts are just to die for!

Amy Goldenburg

I had never tried Ukrainian food. I got to-go yesterday which included each type of dumpling, Holubtsi (cabbage roll), Fish sichenyk (cutlet), and Borsch (beet soup). Now, I wonder where it’s been my whole life.The selections are extremely well suited for to-go. They held traveling home well. It was packaged beautifully. I got too much for one meal, but a tried a bit of each last night. I really loved the fish and finished it last night. I had some left overs for lunch. Everything kept overnight and reheated exceptionally well (dumplings need a wet paper towel).I plan to make this part of my weekly eats!Oh, and my super picky kiddo loved the blueberry dumplings! I’m hoping to have him try the crepes and cheesecake next time!

Mariia Oliinyk

Thank you for Ukrainian cuisine in Austin, I was dreaming and my dreams comes true ❤️Holubtsi are amazing, especially veggy sauce on top! Also Lviv syrnyk is my favorite.We will definitely order while visiting Austin.

Nick Mataya

The Varenyky was very good. The vegetable soup, however, was absolutely amazing! Can’t wait for the restaurant to fully open. Will definitely be making trips up from San Antonio.

Anastasiia Khomich

Incredibly delicious! There are traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine and a very unusual mix. I recommend a salad with cranberries and of course a chicken Kyiv?

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