Dairy Queen

205 N Texas Ave, Bryan
(979) 822-5915

Recent Reviews

Sherri L Murray

The Dairy Queen on Tx Avenue in Bryan near William J Bryan is the best.. Always good customer service, friendly and clean ..

Matt Bludorn

We came here with a huge order and a van full of kids and everything was awesome.

Elissa E.

Slow.... be prepared to wait. Inside is also still closed as of 8/23/2020. It says you can call in orders but they do not answer the phone. The lady at the window asked to confirm the order probably 30 times - each time we had something to add.... we just wanted to finish the order. 30 minutes later we did get the food, it was fresh. But they get one star because they were out of so much stuff. No sweet tea, no lemonade, stuff like that.

Frank Spinks Spinks

Dining room was closed, so we parked and phoned in our order.Service was friendly and quick, food was delicious as always.

Emily Winston

There were at least 3 people working at this location 07/12/20 around 9pm. Not one was correctly wearing their mask. One had it around her chin. Mouth not covered or nose. Talking over top the food. She wasmaking food and doing drive through window.The one making most of the food was wearing over mouth not nose. She pulled it up to deliver food to a car outside. Had gloves on. Touched ouside of mask to pull it up and didn't change gloves before making more food. I saw what looked like a male there too. Not wearing mask properly. Please take this virus seriously. I won't go back to this location due to this.

Christopher Jess

Took too long to make my order and made me park even tho no cars were behind me worst service

Genie Juarez

Had a really big order and they did awesome.and everything was right

Nikki Fonville

Service was great. But they should double check the orders against the tickets to ensure the order is complete. Food was delicious.

Angel Perez

Love this place! Amazing experience. I got a horribly made blizzard but before I could complain about it the young last came back to the drive through window with a fresh one and apologized the first one was melted.

Ashley Hines

Speedy service nice people

Tamara Guidry

Love me some dairy queen and this is one of the regular stops. Had taco salad.. it was good! Not overly full of lettuce and the exact flavor I was after! Momma had steak fingers. Had to bring 1/2 home as they are always so good and fill her up :)

Crystal F

Favorite Dairy Queen. People are nice and food great.

John Hickman

Great place for a bite and some ice cream.

Shawn Ruiz

Good food Great Prices An Original Tx Stop Sign!!

George Renfroe

Allways good food here

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