Rx Pizza & Bar Downtown Bryan

200 W 26th St, Bryan
(979) 721-9158

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Lisa Valera

With so many options for great food in Bryan/College Station, Rx is still among my top places to eat in the area. The menu is packed with tasty options for everyone. I often eat here with groups of 4-10 people for this very reason. We prefer the Bryan location over College Station because it is conveniently located in the bustling historic downtown district. I strongly recommend trying the sunrise tots. I would have posted a picture of said tots had I not immediately attacked them when they were placed in front of me.

Debra T.

The location is great. Beautiful downtown. We were seated in the back. Excited about their beer on tap, I asked the waitress what they had. She stone cold said, "I don't know. If you want you can walk up to the bar and look at the list. You can even see percentages and stuff." Not good service. We ordered two appies, the mozzarella sticks and the bread with oil. The bread is excellent with the garlic infused oil. The mozzarella sticks I ordered because another poster said they were the best they've ever had. But ours came out not hot but warm, so the mozzarella was not stringy but I guess. We ordered two pizzas and one came out great and the other was burned one one side and raw on the other. So hit or miss. If the food is cooked right it's on point, but I guess you will take your chance. I also didn't appreciate the beer thing. It's like asking a waiter for the specials and they tell you to get up and look for yourself.

Marc M.

Pizza is good here, no doubt, but it's also a go-to bar. The White Linen is outstanding and the frozen Painkiller is very good at its job. The frozen margarita is OK, but the default is with salt, which is disgusting, and they don't ask,so be aware.

Auda Gee

Dropped in for a very quick bite.They delivered quickly.We ate quickly.Totally different take on mozzarella “sticks” and tots.The longest time spent there was waiting for the bill.Can’t wait to go back and a try an actual pie.

Isaac Ray

Decent selection of draft beers and some cocktails too. The pizzas are the star though; wood fired in plain view in a big brick oven. Perfect smokey and crispy crust. I really like the topping options too, prosciutto and goat cheese pizza is a perfect combo.

Donna Lee Sullins

Delicious food. Great service. Fun atmosphere. Our kids love coming here because they give then dough to “make” their own pizza. Inside and outside seating is nice and you can easily walk around downtown Bryan before or after.


Absolutely loved the thin crust veggie pizza we ate. Wonderful staff, great atmosphere. Love the TV channel with animals playing in the background. Family-friendly and all-around positive vibe. Highly recommend!

Nathan Beck

Rx Pizza is a favorite for wood fired pizza and cocktails. The pizzas are unique and you can always create your own if you're picky and think you make the best pizza. The cocktails are also great and the service is always good. This is definitely one of the best pizzas in BCS.

Braden N.

Pizza crust was burnt. I've had it twice now. Edible but not impressive. Other pizza places are superior.

Rhonda Patterson

This was my first time to visit and it was for a company dinner. Rachel did great serving us. Just superb customer service. I was able to try several pizzas since we did it buffet style. The four cheese was my favorite. We had great fried cheese for an appetizer and biegnets for dessert. All was very good. I found I don't like blue cheese on a pizza and prosciutto. The one with prosciutto was very good minus the prosciutto.

Kianna Coy

!!Beware!! You will never be able to order from a pizza chain again after eating here! Rx Pizza is my all time favorite pizza place and is now the only pizza place i will eat at. Everything on the menu is great, the staff is amazing, and the atmosphere is so welcoming. 10/10 recommend stopping by and trying them out. My favorites are the wake up call (brunch menu) and the Tuscan. But like said before, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! Had to shout them out for being so awesome <3

Seth D.

My eldest brother helped build this place quite literally, which means I've been coming to this place since it first opened. It has everything you need, from food to drinks, in a relatively big dining area. with outdoor seating. The Sith Lord is my all-time favorite pizza. Just make sure you start off with fried mozzarella and end with the best banana pudding ever!

Steven S

Best local pizza in the BCS. The original location is where magic happens. Great selection on beverages and you can always expect to find some unique offerings with their monthly specials. Great place to go with friends and they can typically accommodate large groups but I would recommend no more than 4-6 people. Wait-staff have always been kind and responsive. Good place to split a pizza and have a few drinks on a casual date. Worth a try.

Tina Moore

I work here and I know it's a great place to work and we strive to make sure our customers have a Great experience at our restaurant. The Man that keeps it going of course is my Boss Jake Mitchell, he's an awesome boss and makes sure everything is always taken care of and he loves to see his Guest enjoy the experience as well as love the food, and happy hour of course! Lol... But this is an amazing restaurant the Pizza is amazing, salads, and everything we make of course. If you haven't had RXPIZZA, your missing out and need to come join us at either location. You won't regret it, hope to see ya soon...

Corrianne B.

Cool hidden gem in Bryan. The pizza was great and my server was holding down the whole restaurant by himself while still providing great service. Super impressed with them, will be back.

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Rx Pizza & Bar Downtown Bryan

200 W 26th St, Bryan, TX 77803
(979) 721-9158