Burger King

201 Walton Way, Cedar Park
(512) 259-0060

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Arun Tamang

Worst experience waiting in line as the young lady that was cashiering would not even care that people were waiting to be attended to. Some of the people behind me in line already left and I had to finally ask her if I could talk to her. I would give negative star to this store for customer service.

Was Meant2Be

Quentin went above and beyond when we order a caramel mokachinno besides of a not working blender he manage to pull it up on for us. And We love it!

Heather Statham

I have never had an experience as bad as this.. We ordered a $32 dollar order.. First thing wrong was no tea literally told us they threw it out, so my daughter couldnt have any... My sons drink was wrong only carbonation.. Then handed our food and a complete meal was missing.. When i mentioned it to the cashier, who also took my order thru drive thru she acted like i never ordered it yet she said it was made and grabbed it.. Then she passed it to me and i proceeded to drive home.. Arriving home found out nuggets were rocks, chicken fries also rocks.. The burgers cold as if made an hr or longer earlier.. This was clearly a horrible food experience would never return..

Jordan Williams

2 stars because the staff is usually wonderful. A few minutes ago, I ordered a Texas double. the cashier answered his cell phone and was talking on his phone while ringing me up. Then, staff was calling out the burgers instead of order numbers, resulting in orders getting mixed and I received my order before people who had been standing in line for a while. Took three bites of my burger and found pink meat. Walked up to pointed out and the young lady flipped her hand and said "I'm not the cook", then went back to what she was doing. I went back to my table picked up my food and went back to the counter. I asked "can I return this?" She replied "depends on how much you've eaten" I say "only a few bites. Enough to find the pink meat" she rolled her eyes, and walked to to back to get someone to return my money. Took about 5 minutes of messing with the register before deciding to return my money with cash.

Vivian Cruz

They are always so friendly and they always have a smile on there face .

Earl Collins

I almost always have a "perfect" experience here. Good food and friendly staff.


Recently tried their spicy nuggets. Both my friend and I whom tried them are now face first in trash cans and squared in separate bathrooms trying not to die. The staff was incredibly friendly, I’m assuming a bad batch but nevertheless be weary folks. Don’t get food poisoning from the new spicy nuggets.

Miguel Perez

Waited for a whopper jr plain for 15mins. Employees in this burger king dont seem want they want to work. Walking very slow and taking their time

T.J. Boismier

My onion rings came with a french fry. Tiniest order ever for $1.70. Forgot to put bacon on my bacon cheeseburger. Ketchup only on one the top of the bun, nothing below. Bad for a burger king.

John Brown

Flame broiled...yummmy

T.J. McDublets

My onion rings came with a french fry. Tiniest order ever for $1.70. Forgot to put bacon on my bacon cheeseburger. Ketchup only on one the top of the bun, nothing below. Bad for a burger king.

Lovely W.

Our food was prepared good and hot. We almost didn't get our onion rings or sauces. Home of the whopper!


Wow the wait time. We we there for over an hour

Charles Duoto

It was dirty to the point that I regretted eating there for health safety concerns. I mean really, there was trash on the floors and all the tables were messy. I'll add that this location appeared quite understaffed. Avoid it and grab a burger from somewhere else.

Jn t

The only burger king in cedar park i will eat at. ( other is nasty dirty) sitting area is normally clean. Cashiers and staff have always been nice. kitchen looks clean every time look back. great two meal deals for around 10-12 dollars

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