Crumbl Cookies - Cedar Park

1335 E Whitestone Blvd Suite H500, Cedar Park
(512) 337-2914

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Rosie Rios

The lady was so nice, she told me if I didn’t mind waiting a few mins they’d have the chocolate chip coming out of the oven….OMGOSH! it was absolute deliciousness in my mouth. A little crisp on the outside, warm and chocolate goodness on the inside!

April H.

Great location! It was clean and bright. The cookies were warm and are huge! Although I never heard anyone speak to me when I visited, I will probably go back for special occasions just v cause they're so expensive!

Ashley P.

You'd be better off going to the grocery store and buying frozen cookies. These were over priced and tasted awful. I am not a particular eater, especially when it comes to sweets. But these were mediocre at best. I saw Crumbl trending all over the internet and have heard mixed reviews so I had to try it for myself. If there were 0 stars, I'd do that. But ill say the one star is for presentation. They look like they would be good, but goodness gracious crumbl taught me not to judge a book my it's cover. Avoid if you can.

Erin Meise

We had cookies delivered and their delivery times were accurate, and the cookies were still warm! Everyone loves the cookie from crumble... we cut them up into 4-8 pieces though because we like to sample all the fun flavors!

Brooke Busby

I have come to this place twice and it’s been temporarily closed. The worker let a group of cute boys in and gave them cookies, but wouldn’t serve the 5 other people that were walking up there first. Don’t come here.

Amy L.

Great selection of flavors, however it's really sweet. I am a sweet tooth and I couldn't even eat half of a cookie in one sitting. If they made their cookies less sweet then It would definitely be one of my fave place to grab cookies.

Susan W.

I had a very positive experience at Crumbl Cookies. I was giving my granddaughter a gift card for her birthday and wanted something tangible to put with it. We were going to meet for dinner at her favorite sushi place and Crumbl Cookies in Cedar Park was located close by so I decided to try out their online ordering system. All the flavors sounded delicious so choosing my four pack was challenging. I didn't know whether my granddaughter had ever tasted Crumbl cookies or not so I decided to add the cookie cutter since it is reported that these cookies are so rich you can only eat a small section of the cookie and your sweet tooth is satisfied. The four pack came in a very pretty crumble cookie box and the cookie cutter came in its own little packaging. It was a perfect gift along with the gift card for furniture that she requested. Turns out she was a Crumbl Cookie aficionado and already had one of their cookie cutters at home. She advised that she had tried several different flavors as many of her friends had received gift packs. She assured me she would be very happy with the four choices I had made flavor wise. If the smell emanating from those gently warmed cookies was any indication-they were heavenly!! Unfortunately we were stuffed with sushi and didn't delve into those cookies directly following our meal but I can attest that this was a very pretty gift and a reasonable cost. I intend to get up there myself and eat a cookie so that I can leave a review on the actual cookie taste itself. The ordering process online was very easy and it was very easy to pick up when I arrived. The customer service is great. Happy to have Crumbl Cookies as an option in the Cedar Park area.

Ximena S.

I am happy to have a location closer to us now, in Cedar Park! We stopped by last week to get a few cookies for dessert and were very pleasantly impressed by the quality of service and speed of service. I also really like their open kitchen design of the store. The quality of the cookies is really good and they are LARGE! (Large enough to share or have them for dessert for dinner and accompany your coffee in the morning, yum!). The only thing I would like to see is more options without the frosting (there's as much frosting as there's cookie). Since the frosting is really, really sweet it kind of detracts from the cookie itself. I would love to see perhaps more plain cookie or even choices with less frosting. I do recommend this place for a special occasion or if you need a serious sugar fix.

Wolfling Gon

Family orders once a week through Doordash because there is always at least two cookies we want to try or have tried before. So far our favorites are Any of the ones with Chocolate (especially the double fudge brownie) and the Rice Crispy Cookie. Please please bring back the Rice Crispy Cookies! And huge thanks for keeping the website updated weekly with the ingredients of the weekly cookies! It’s really really nice to be able to check what may contain Coconut (oil or otherwise) before ordering

Kathleen M.

I stopped in here the other day to check it out and ended up purchasing a cookie for my sister. They had a nice selection, but what really caught my eye was the lemon blackberry, so that's what came home with me. The cookies are made-to-order and select cookies are served warm or cold, depending on the flavor and ingredients - a very cool and meticulous concept! The lemon blackberry was served warm and thoroughly enjoyed by my sister. While she said it was tasty, she did not find it to be worth the price and purchasing a cookie here is more likely to be a one-time thing as a result. Based on this, I'd say that the experience is worth checking out, but this is unlikely to be a regular staple due to the high cost given other options in Austin.

Lori Erdley

Ordered online and picked up around time choosen.Greeted promptly and had the cookies in a matter of minutes. Hit the cookie jackpot this week. Love the rotating variety! YUMMY!

Adam N.

Really happy to have a Crumbl location in Cedar Park, and no longer need to make the trek out to Georgetown to get my fix. The first couple of visits to this location wasn't the greatest, but now that they've been open for a bit, they've worked out the kinks and things run smoothly each time I go. I usually order from this location at least a few times a month (most of the time it's for work clients), and each visit has been smooth. Ordering on the app is easy, and all of the flavors (at least the past 8 or so times I've been) have been available. Really do enjoy getting the see the different flavors every week, and my clients love them! Will continue to order from here frequently. Weekends are pretty busy here, but during the week I haven't had much of a wait at all. Make sure to download the app and earn Crumbl points for every purchase!

Nancy P.

It was three weeks ago when I make my way to Crumbl Cookies. Easy to find. One customer was leaving when I arrived. Shortly after another customer walks in. Off to the side of the door are some iPad ordering stations. I was looking around to see what cookies they had that day. A girl from the back comes up and asks me if she can help me. That is when I noticed a tray of a dozen cookies, no labels on it to what kind they were. So the girl starts rattling off what they are. By the seventh cookies, I forgot what the first three were. I was not alone in this as the lady who walked in after me was listening too. We both asked what some of them were again when the clerk finished. Sorry, but how hard is it to label the cookies. I chose the four pack. Salted Caramel cream cheese cookie, nutella cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate nut fudge cookie. I paid a little over $10. and left with my box. Once home it took me a week to try them all. Some are best if you eat immediately. Overall to me all the cookies tasted the same, the only difference in flavor are the toppings. I tried them, and if you like cookies they are good. For me, there was no WOW factor plus they spiked my BS very high. So I doubt I will be getting them again

Sean M.

First time here; I had gotten a birthday freebie from there bc I signed up for their rewards program. I got the walnut fudge brownie cookie - and I'm pretty sure I saw the face of god. RUN, don't walk. That was, hands down, one of the BEST cookies I have EVER had. I don't have a picture because my husband and I literally inhaled it. It was a THICK cookie, made fresh, warm, and it was sooo gooey, it was falling apart in my hands. I cannot WAIT to have the opportunity to try their other flavors. I am definitely a big fan!!

Yana R.

I am not a big cookies person and usually easily pass on them, but yesterday my daughter and her friends bought a selection of 4 different cookies and a cute box with half a cookie or so in each flavor was left on the kitchen table so I just had to taste each one. The best cookies I had ever tasted! I couldn't pick my favorite, maybe Lemon? Not sure - it would be hard to choose as every one was pretty amazing.

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