Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1320 E Whitestone Blvd Suite 690, Cedar Park
(512) 778-2130

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Richard Hall

I placed an order for pickup. Staff was very helpful and friendly. I have never had food from this place before. I have to say, this was the best burger I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Highly recommend! Will eat again!

Devin Ballinger Johnsen

So delicious! Their social distancing precautions are top notch too! I felt really safe eating inside, which I usually order to-go for restaurants right now. Their food is still the best burgers I've ever eaten! I have to reccommend the shroom burger and parmesan truffle fries. Everyone was super chill and really nice too!!


Visited about 15 mins after opening and the restaurant had an overwhelming smell of gas, like someone left a burner on without lighting it. Employees were nice enough but I got more of a fast food restaurant vibe when ordering and told where to sit. After being seated at a semi sticky table we were served some bland fries that must have been sitting me. for at least 30 minutes because they were limp and stail. The burger was great and a someone even came to check on us mid meal. Overall, I'd probably go back with the boys for some brews and a burger in the evening, meh.

Ken King

Tried this location 3 times now, and 3 strikes your out. Hopdaddy hopefully differs by location, because we used to go to the Round Rock until it became an uncontrolled kids romper room. But, the food was good, waitstaff not so good.Now, back to Cedar Park...this time the burger had a hair included. I checked the receipt and saw that we were not charged for it, whew. The fries were cold enough to keep the drink cold.

Karen Purdy

Food was Amazing. Be careful ordering a Margarita on the rocks, it is NOT for the weak. But it is very good!! Place was very clean, staff very friendly. Great first experience! Highly recommend.

Austin Texas

Over promo on 07.13.2020 celebrate nat’l French fry day with promo as bottomless fries but end up under delivered in quantity. We came to order burgers for family of 6 (6 burgers + 3 fries) the size of the french fry is just the same Or less of the regular size as we normally eat there. I felt hop dotty did not delivered as it promo with bottomless fries (I rather said..less fries)I want to support my local business during this time of COVID-19 but this promised and delivered will not keep me coming back. I even tips them well for came inside to order and self pickup. I don’t have to tip them but I end up 20% for doing less fries.Hop Dotty just lost us as customers there.

Tim Golden

Honestly, just love the burgers. The fries are alright if a bit overpriced. The flavor of the meat is the star, the fixings taste fresh, but God the meat makes me think much higher price point. On the list of repeat business for sure.

Brian M.

My wife has been talking about this place for over a year now and I still haven't tried it, until today. We ordered online and pulled up for "take-out". I texted them what number I was parked in and they brought it out to me quickly. The hardest part was the drive home smelling the food and not being able to eat it. The food was delicious. Will be returning in the future.

Stephanie R.

I came with my two coworkers because we had an awful day at work and needed to get out. The safety precautions for covid were great. We ordered the Parmesan truffle fries to share and I ordered the classic burger with cheese. The fries and dipping sauce were amazing! So good!! The burger was good as well. I had a bottle beer and it hit the spot. Everything was delicious and not overpriced. The staff was very friendly and we will be going back soon.

Brian Maddix

COVID shutdown sux. But a good Llano Poblano and Parmesan Truffle Fries none the less. They are operating with reduced staff, and one impact is that not all of their usual sauces are available. Their beer selection was more limited than usual as well, but I still enjoyed a PHP Electric Jellyfish ?

Zarah Cejoco

Was not aware of this location but glad it exists! As it is currently COVID-19 time, they had plenty of room for socially distant dining, both indoors and outdoors. The servers and wait staff all wore masks and were helpful about the ways we had to adapt to policies in place. I felt safe eating indoors. The menu felt a little limited compared to what I'm used to at the Roundrock location but still the food is good.

ToUyen N.

My husband chose Hopdoddy's for his father's day meal. Everything in our curbside pickup order was correct except --- his burger! On father's day, this dad got nothin' on his burger that he wanted. He ordered the el diablo and got only a plain bun and dried burger patty. Huge disappointment! I called to let them know and the employee told me to call back several hours later because the manager was too busy to talk right now. Customer service sucks! We arrived in our curbside spot at the exact time our order was promised online and had to wait 10 minutes for the food to come out. No napkins were included either.


Everyone’s burger was soggy. There was no option on how you want it cooked so everyone’s burger was very pink. The lettuce was hot and soggy. The fries were cold and they didn’t give us the sweet potatoes I ordered. Disappointed.

Ivan Arano

Always good to come here. They have a limited menú now due to covid-19 of course but this covers its most popular items. You won't go working it any burger you choose

Brandie Harris

Full bar not open yet, but I had a Delicious frozen strawberry margarita. They served it with a little bottle of Cuervo so I could control the amount of alcohol. Well done!

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