Marble Slab Creamery

5001 183A Frontage Rd Suite O-400, Cedar Park
(512) 337-7375

Recent Reviews

Andrea Coombs

It was very good. Limited choices but still delish. Was a little hard to find because the main sign is about the cookie business, I had to call.


This place is sad and smells like the inside of a gas station.

zachary leick

Sweetest kindest owners and staff. Great ice cream and cookies. They took time to tend to each of our three kids and let them try stuff and were so patient. I can’t thank them enough for helping our kids have such a special treat. Highly recommend for families are anyone seeking a special treat. Never could expect someone to be so patient and kind to another’s children.

Shawn Brown

Lol Well we are driving around in circles trying to find marble slabs Creamery we only saw a Great American Cookies

Patricia Vaughn

We just left, the young man that helped us was so amazing.. I hate we didn’t get your name!! Keep smiling young man!! Your amazing!!

V. D.

Every time I've tried to come here they have either closed the ice cream section early or the entire store early. So weird.

Lita Sharb

I wish we caught his name but the guy working there was so helpful. Our go to is red velvet milkshake and not every location has one but he took the time to tell us what ice cream combo tastes just like it. 10/10 delicious and great service

E. S.

Hey, so here's a thought. If your online hours say you close at 8 pm, maybe don't close an hour before you post that you're going to be closed, hm? And when people complain about how difficult it is to find you, maybe instead of saying to those customers "give us a call next time," you actually adjust the location, because you sure aren't going to be there, to pick up the call, when you close at 7 ? My doordash was cancelled because he spent 20 minutes looking for you, and YOU WEREN'T PICKING UP THE PHONE when he called, and then you suddenly closed at 7. Great job! This is sarcasm, in case you're not familiar.

Kevin (Kevin)

Have tried to order from here several times and all orders were cancelled without a reason given.


can't find physical location. no pics to assist. fail

Jared Stephenson

Wanted ice cream, alone with half a dozen other potential customers, but they were closed way before closing. Absolutely ridiculous.

Kevin Searcy (Kevin)

Have tried to order from here several times and all orders were cancelled without a reason given.

christie heaney

Lost my order, Refused to redeem groupon voucher

not listed

Yummy. Lovely staff.

Joe Doe

8:40pm and the kids working had all the ice cream put up. The business hours say they close at 9, and the open sign was on, but they claim they were closed. Said they close at 830. Guess they need to update their hours.

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