NALA'S - Cedar Park

12920 W Parmer Ln #105, Cedar Park
(512) 260-1060

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TinksTheMetal G

I really wanted, to love this place!! The Curry Chicken had bones, in just about every piece of chicken.. The Nana was Burnt.. I was missing an order of rice.. For the amount of money paid, for 3 meals.. This is unacceptable!! Not Sure, i can return..maybe someday..

Samantha Skaggs

Ordered for the first time through Door Dash over Tarka.Definitely going to be ordering again from this location soon. ? yummy

Urusha Kc

Just ordered a delivery through Uber eats. Worst food I’ve ever had. We ordered butter chicken, naan and onion bhaji. Naan came entirely burnt I don’t know how would they even pack this for someone to eat when it’s all burnt. The taste was obviously bitter because it was burnt. It’s an insult to the customer to even pack the burnt naan. I’ve pictures if needed. Onion bhaji was only besan.

Sunkris B.

Placed order for chicken tikka and instead got chicken 65 - was allowed to check out at pickup. Called the restaurant and they were like you left quickly - when a restaurant personnel actually let me do it. They did give a refund for the tikka though. But after that, we see that the paneer fried rice is basically completely burnt! I live so close to this restaurant and n very bought from them for ever since the pandemic due to previous bad experiences. Decided to give a shot today but this burnt trash food has made one thing clear - Nalas you need to go!

Prishanthy Wilson

1st time ordering with Nalas. Methu vada was burnt. Puri dish was below par! Not consistent with the food quality.

Samantha Duchene

Ordered for the first time through Door Dash over Tarka.Definitely going to be ordering again from this location soon. ? yummy

Christopher Daniel

Great Food. Loved their Tikka Masala, Tandoor Chicken and naan. Nice ambience and great service

Rosy Melendez

Over an hour wait for an already purchased take out order. Only 1 person working. If you only have one employee, 1. That is really dangerous for the food prep and 2do not bother opening. I was 1 of 15 people who were waiting for their orders. A lot of people decided it wasn't worth the stress and wait and canceled, me included. This people who run this business are in over theor heads, unprofessional and the placed smelled really bad today. Will be calling the BBB.

Michele M.

We ordered this tonight wanting to try something new. It was pretty disappointing in every way. Not the worst food I've ever had but just maybe the worst versions of Indian food we ordered, if that makes sense. I was really unpleasantly surprised to see that we got instant white rice in place of basmati. That feels like the biggest rip off ever. I make better rice at home. I didn't eat any rice but luckily I ordered double naan on accident. Sadly though, the naan was so dry and crunchy and just not a great flavor. My husband got the lamb tikka masala and it was so pungent with curry and he wasn't a big fan. I got the saag paneer and it was ok. The spinach was so puréed it was like baby food and it had a strong parsley flavor. We ate our food but we would not order again. This was just hugely disappointing. I will say for positives that it was a lot if food but it was extremely pricey. We just weren't feeling it.

Manish singh

Only go to this restaurant if you have 2 hour useless time! Frustrating!!

M.Govind R

wow. pls save yourself from being hungry by waiting for 2 hrs after ordering online (via doordash). Didn't expect this from a restaurant which had been operating for so long. Very disappointed. Sorry you lost a customer today.

Manoj Kumar

Won't order for pickup anymore. 1.5 hrs delay is unacceptable. pls get things in order, otherwise you will lose the reputation you have built so far. Customer service should be your top most priority. Looks like it seems to be the least important to you now.

Manikandan Nambiar

The food is great at Nala's and love their ambur chicken. Biryani. I had a negative feedback about one of their staff and they called from Nala's to get the feedback and fix it. I am glad they are willing to hear customer feedback and adapt. My review changes are to reflect that.

Paul B.

The food is tasty but It doesn't make up for the horrible customer service. I placed an online order for curbside pick up. 15mins past the pick up I finally called again and they only answered on the third call. They then told me 15mins. 30mins later I tried to call again and got no answer after several attempts. I went inside to find no one at the desk. Someone finally came up and asked about my order. Went into the back without saying anything or offering an apology. It's now 1 hour past my scheduled pick up time and I'm still waiting. If time/customer service means nothing to you then by all means come here. It means something to be, so I won't be returning. Finally received my order 1hr 15mins past my scheduled pick up time. Not even a word of apology or explanation. Pitiful.

Sada V.

Not satisfied. We ordered parottas, fried rice, dum biryani, sambar idli and gobi manchurian. I am used to eating spicy food but Gobi manchurian was extremely spicy and it almost burnt my lips. Fried rice was again rice with chili and some cut veggies. It didn't have the test of a fried rice at all. Kothu parota was good or at least there is nothing to complain. So was the case with chettinad veg curry but the quantity was too less. My suggestion would be to cut down the menu into half and focus on what your strengths are instead of having too many things and not being able to make all of them the way they are suppose to be. I am hoping that the management will take the comments seriously and improve the quality of the food

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