Panda Express

2725 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 528-0132

Recent Reviews

M Reynaga

The service and the staff is very helpful and prompt. Curbside Pickup and drive through service are available at this time.

Sara M.

I ordered 2 of the bigger plate that had broccoli , and it looks like the broccoli had mold :( ... our dinner got trashed.

Studios de Col Bleu

A mid corona 20 review of this panda express. There's still no Beijing beef as well as lacking cashier skill. The broccoli was good though.....

Michael Scher

I'll trade fried rice in place of french fries any day. Panda wins over burger place any day and is better than the popular chick- place most of the time. I get the bowl with fried rice and grilled teriyaki chicken. Great value.

Vaiyavut Srisilapanandana

Always good and fast service. The food is good.

Carter s

If you order egg rolls in the drive thru, you won't know if you were given the correct kind until you bite into it.

Sergio Q.

Went here to get dinner for my daughter and I ordered the bigger plate, which comes with three items plus rice! Well they charged me but only gave me two items and rice! Look at the amount of Kung pao chicken they gave me, yeah a few pieces! Also after I paid the girls says thank you! I'm like my food please, her oh right! What a waste of my money! The portions are so tiny and usually loaded with vegetables! Check out my picture!

Jason Holman

Really nice clean location. Difficult access from east bound lanes. Great food

Lola Atolani

The food is good when it’s fresh. I like this particular location; very nice ambience and they keep the place pretty neat.


It's alright as a quick alternative, but if you want a better prepare, more authentic meal, then look else where.

Clint E.

It is my daughter's favorite place. Compared to many other fast food types, it is not bad. It has healthy options and is actually cooked where you can see it. This location is clean and the people are friendly and do a great job.


The NEW Firecracker Shrimp is FABULOUS! Well worth the extra cost.

Joe D.

It's panda and you should know what to expect. Usually pretty busy at lunch time but for a quick cheap bite it's not bad.

Curtis Franks

I could have filled up on tasting samples. Every time I looked at something with consideration, the staff would say, "would you like a sample?" Store was clean and orange chicken was yummy.

Shirley Haider

As Chinese , this place actually not bad. Compare some mall fast food, here is way better.

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