Walmart Bakery

2801 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park
(512) 690-9344

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Nichole M.

The COVID precautions are ridiculous and don't make any sense. Shouldn't have to go through a maze to get in or out of the store. That to me causes major safety issues in the event of an emergency. Take the maze down!! And only having 1 working door!? VERY DANGEROUS AND SO POINTLESS!!

David S.

This is the best store in the area (Walmart). #2 in the nation. Just a pleasure. Thanks!

Thomas G.

I live in the area and have had numerous problems with this store and their management. No problems with the employees however, this store is the worst managed store I've ever been to. They couldn't care less about any of the issues going on in their store nor do they care about your customer experience at all. Even when confronted about things management completely blows you off and makes you feel like the Jack-***. In addition, they have problems with not helping shoppers out and continuously close early and lock people out even when they should still be open. If you're shopping in the area I recommend going directly across the street to HEB, they are MUCH friendly, have a great staff, and genuinely care about their shoppers. Don't waste your time or money at Walmart.

Shayla T.

I just want to say I'm also doing a BBB report as well. I went to Walmart on 6/6/20 with my 8 year old niece and 2 year old nephew to get get stuff for the pool. Well my niece liked to sit inside the cart and hold the stuff and my nephew was sitting in front of the cart. Well we picked a couple things out swim vest float for my nephew and other stuff. Mind you this isn't my first bad experience at that store. Well we went to self checkout. I proceeded to scan everything in the cart as my niece handed it to me making sure I got everything even seen if she might have been sitting on something. Well everything was scanned and I noticed and another shopper checking out noticed that Megan the clerk was watching me as I scanned everything. So I go to leave she's like did you scan the down vest I said yes it just couldn't fit in the bag as it was big. Well at this point I'm embarrassed she gets the other lady Patricia who I have encounters before she say can you see if she purchased this cause I didn't see her scan it. So I'm pissed at this point then she scan my receipt what do you know I did scan the vest so all that for nothing. Then I ask for the manager who was of no help that day and her name I wrote down, but didn't write it correctly because my hands was shaking and I was embarrassed and it was in from the of my niece and nephew. Megan and Patricia have no ideal how to treat African American customers and I say that because the other women Taneshia which I got her information watched her watch me the entire time. I was soooo angry and now I do not even go to that Walmart let alone any Walmart at all. This is the 3rd time something like that happened to me at that particular Walmart.

Donna C.

I like this Walmart. Friendly employees, consistent employees(low turnover) since I see the same employees a bunch. Customer service very friendly and efficient.

Michelle D.

Today I had $260 worth of groceries and tried to pay with an electronic gift card that was sent to me. I had just used it in the store yesterday through the self check and all I had to do was scan it and I even had an associate help me with it. The associate would not scan the gift card for me and there I was standing there with a basket full of groceries with my 6 year old and my husband who is currently on hospice care. I had my husband on a two hour oxygen tank sitting in the care waiting for my son and I to get supplies that we had not been a to get for a while now. we drove from Lago Vista to go to that store. The associate told me they couldn't scan it because of fraud which I understand but I had just used the day before. They said i had to make a copy of it which I'm is the same as scanning it on my phone. I dont see what the big issue was. they told me I could go across the street to the ups store and print it out. im pretty sure I could have gone to HEB and they would have been more than happy to go above and helping out a customer. I was not happy with the customer service. the gift card clearly said I could use it online or in the store. it said nothing about me have g to print it out. I was lucky to have had my credit card on me to pay for the groceries. I just sat there and cried. i didn't have that much time to waste due to my husband waiting in the car on his oxygen tank that was only good for two hours. I'm really saddened for the fact that they couldn't print it out for me or just scan the gift card. I will not be going back to this location again.

Sarah J.

The gentleman named JB should get a raise. He was so helpful at this Walmart. He kindly helped me carry out 2 bikes. Another guy, looked like a manger, had no interest or intention to help me even though I asked him.So kind of JB to help me when I have back issues and couldn't lift two bikes alone!! Merry Christmas JB. You should be the manager!!

Frank G.

Me and my wife went shopping for Thanksgiving at walmart in Walton way in cedar park, we been shopping there for 10 years already, due to our work schedules we have to shop late in the evening around 10pm or 11pm at night, we have alot of groceries and standing on the side of the isle adding up what we have and see what else we need when the wireless electric floor cleaner that drives it self came up behind us and stop in its track, and a walmart employee older man with kinda long hair in a pony tail and glasses said it ain't gonna move by people standing in it's way, I was like ok you don't have to be rude and hopped in it and rode off and was mumbling words the whole way down the isle, what ever didnt bother me and we get inline to check out and they have no cashiers and we have alot of groceries so it was all self check out, se when my wife asked if someone could help us another man said why, but he eventually got someone, now for the 3rd strike we need another basket so I went up to the front of the registers and there was 10 empty carts so when I grabbed one a older lady with white grayish hair says standing down the isle, bingo thanks for taking my carts very rude, wow man where is the customer service and holiday spirit, well anyways I'm not mentioning names all though I should post them I'm not like that, the only person that was nice was the lady checking us out at the register's and her name was Linda, Linda thank you very much.

Seana Strother

This location used to be awesome. I had a lady named Melisa who would always do the cakes I ordered and she was amazing. The last three times I've went in to order a cake, they always seem to be booked and when they have taken my order, it ends up being wrong.

Jennifer Montes

The bakery staff was extremely rude to me when I went in to order a cake. I ended up giving my business to HEB, and was not disappointed!

Josh R.

This location sets the standards for all other Walmart's. Super clean, well organized, great staff that go out of their way to help, awesome austin price store w fantastic techs, and the list goes on! I've been to a lot of Walmart's in my time and you will love this store. Check it out!!!!!

Alicia M.

Just got my oil changed i was there under half an hour....and they vacuumed my car, washed the windshield and dusted it out!!!! I feel so taken care of!!! Thanks!!

James W.

Came in looking for a size 10 Brahma pull up steel toe work boot. They had 9's and 11's but no 10's. Do you think I could find someone to help ??? Nope

Q B.

Subway location review only- This Subway is always lacking something on the menu like the meatballs for the marinara sub. There's always an excuse given, without apology, as to why an additional wait for products on the menu is required. The blonde woman is rude and surely needs customer service training. (Walmart is clean, organized with friendly staff)

Jerry L.

Geez. What a circus! I go in this AM ... with a defective football (The stitches were coming undone.) ... no box (It was a Christmas gift.), but the UPC code printed clearly on the product ... AND armed with the original receipt. Would you believe that I had to near-argue with two (2) associates to return this 9.97 item??? WTH?!?!?! At what point does this store's management step up?

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