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200 Buttercup Creek Blvd #117, Cedar Park


Reviews for Wok Express

It is one of the worst place to get food. The menu has one price and I get charged different price. When you ask the old lady, she replies that it is old prices when I had got food from this place couple of weeks back. I get hot sauce but this time there is a price tag associated with hot sauce. Will not visit again

Rice was decent, that was the best part of my meal. Chicken was extremely chewy. It was also swimming in sauce, way more sauce than I've ever had in Chinese food. My cup of iced tea was fairly small, but wasn't even full. I never got a refill. Did I say the chicken was chewy? I had a couple bites I actually spit out because the texture made me wonder if those bites were cooked enough. I hope I don't get sick. It was the 2nd worst Chinese food I've ever had, this place only...read full review
NASTY!! I don't have a lot of posts on Yelp but they're generally positive. I feel I need to write this as a public service announcement! Turn back! Do not proceed! Why, WHY does my Egg Fu Young taste like vinegar?!? Why is it not a firm patty held together with egg? Where's the broken gravy that's a usual accompaniment to this entree at other Chinese places?! Combo fried rice is hardly combo..think I found one lonely little shrimp in my order. Never...read full review

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