Good N Crisp Chicken

14601 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi
(361) 949-0011

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Eydia Reyes

Will not be returning to this place. Employees don't want to work. One was sitting down in the kitchen with his cellphone. The girl at the register looked at me and kept doing other things like if I weren't in front of her trying to place my order. It took 25 mins for me to get my order. For 1 person it took them almost 30 mins. The restaurant was empty and no one at drive thru. Ridiculous!!! Just close if no one wants to work or hire people that want to work.

Shawn Bashelor

Went thru drive through. Cashier was very nice. Food was fresh and tasty. Thank you workers for all that you do!! Your awesome!Food: 5/5

Destiny Mendez

Chicken tastes 4 days old. Definitely has just been chilling under a heat lamp. Biscuit was stale and top of it was almost hard as a rock. $9 wasted. I understand it’s fast food but golden chick would NEVER.

elizabeth stinson

On Monday the 24th of October, a friend and I , stopped on for lunch, my food was good , however the language being used I. The kitchen , was not , we ate our food , and the spoke to the staff , one young man apologised, but it wasn’t just him , the manger said nothing

Christine Vogel

Oct 24 We visited this location…. Food was Good …. BUT ….. Unfortunately The Employees Neglected to Save Their Verbal Venting about Other Employees to a Private Moment ….. They All Spoke Very Loud & Using Extremely Vulgar Language to Express Their Not Enjoying Working w Another Employee…. Who Obviously Wasn’t Even Present ….. We Expressed Our Being Uncomfortable w Their Verbal Language….. Completely Unprofessional Behavior by All 4 Employees!!! Truly doesn’t make Us Ever Want to Return!!!! Where is their Manager or Lead ???? No Wonder this Restaurant is Closed A lot !!!! Poor Management!!!!

Suzan Brown

2 piece fish and shrimp (24 shrimp!) with fries was more than I could eat! With tax, $16. Good food at a good price!Parking: Plenty!

Maria Birriel

Everything we ordered was spectacular and the service was great. Milkshakes are delicious and corn nuggets were really special and a family favorite. We will definitely stop by here when we come back to the area.

John B

Nice folks, to be fair they were short staffed. I ordered wings, not my favorite. Was looking for crunchy and got chewy. Went for a burger across the street…..dead on!

Rosa Williams

Everything was fresh and hot. My seven year old passenger, said" it smells great". And everything was great!Lady at the drive thru was very nice.

Jaymes De La Garza

Kind of a decent area for food. The only real reason to eat here is that this is your only option for fried chicken in the area, otherwise it’s subpar. They actually run out of food quite often so I’d recommend not making the mistake of going without 3 or 4 options just in case. Or maybe just don’t go, running out of your main ingredient (chicken) kind of makes you a sorry excuse of a restaurant. The food itself is nothing to speak of as it’s not bad but there’s nothing special about it, it’s just plain old fried chicken and the normal sides. (Did I mention it’s overpriced)

Charles Deosdade

We are from San Antonio we went to Golden Crisp Chicken last year that we were here and couldn't wait to get back for some more ? we have visited twice already this trip and yum yum good as ever ??? we recommend coming to this restaurant for your chicken pleasure!!!!

Gabriel Bustamante

What a great chicken place. We discovered this place a few years ago when going to the beach. We always get the chicken tenders and they are juicy and delicious. Very friendly workers. Conveniently located near padre balli Beach area. Definitely would recommend for great chicken when you visit the beach.

Victor Charles

Lobby is closed, they must think it's still covid. Go to the one one in Taft, you will will get good chicken, chicken tenders and the Managers special, gizzard and liver. Whoever owns this one on tge island must just want to say they own a chicken place. Never lived in the south!!!!!

Bianca Torres

Like the name says it is good n crisp. Customer service is not great. Seems like people hate working here, but chicken is good.

Dj G.

Really good fast food chicken! Arrived before 9pm when they had run out of a lot of things, but everything we were able order was great. We liked the red beans and rice and the jalapeño poppers.

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