Laredo Taco Company

9602 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi
(361) 939-9333

Recent Reviews

Hosanna Caraballo

Victor and Margarite warmly took care of customers on a very busy Easter morning. They left on me a positive impression because of how quickly and kindly they made our orders. Shout out to the folks who work here who feed Flour Bluff each morning.

Laurie DL

Store wasn't bad, but ordered Barbacoa because could not find a Molino in CC town.. Very greasy and minced meat. It didn't taste bad, but consistency was so mushy it was gross. I should have went to a restaurant. SMH.

Capt Cook

Best gas station tacos anywhere! I go here often.

John Castillo

Now very clean, food is not of quality.

Jan Graham L.

I used to go eat at the Laredo tacos every morning but since the carne guisada was so good and the meat was so tiny but now it's about 3 in long and that is so freaking ridiculous I had a taco last night from there all the meat was all dried the meat was about 3 in Long and my grandson ate one taco of carne guisada and he almost choked on it so never never again will I ever stop add a Laredo Taco again

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