1229 Waldron Rd, Corpus Christi
(361) 939-7907

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Patrick Peale III

I stop in 3-4 times a week after work on a motorcycle. I don't like using the drive thru.(aggravating on a bike especially in winter). Sighn on door says dining room open till 11pm. Not once in the last 3 months has it been open when I get there at 10:15-10:20. So I go elsewhere

Sam E.

I deliberately come here because of the location being near the beach, but it's certainly a plus that the service and quality has been consistently good, personally. Every time I come here, I'm never disappointed; the lobby is always exceptionally clean, service/staff is amiable, especially an employee by the name of Stephanie, who is helpful and kind every time I come in to order, regardless of my apparent mood (I always try to be polite, despite how I am feeling). She gave me permission to mention her in this review; she's doing awesome. Kudos to the managers as well.5 stars well deserved, and I will continue being a recurring customer, and recommend this place to others.

Melissa Espinoza

Omg where do i start , so yesterday i order three home styles burger combos i asked them at the first window make sure they ,make my order right because they always mess up something , the lady was rude and just said yea ok , so i go to tne second window they hand me my drinks nd ask me to , over to third window because have to wait for fresh patties. I waited for awhile , then get my order i check my food sure enough its all wrong so finally manager comes he looks like o whatever even ask whats wrong i tell him i told him to read the tickets and make sure they mak it right , so here comes lexi i fixed your order i tell her everything is right now she said so i should have checked again but i was so upset so i took off. Get home tomatoes were added ND still no cheese . So i call to store lexi answer i tell her my order was not correct nd y did she say she fixed it , they literally threw tomatoes nd changed buns , no cheese nd all had onions , so she said to came back when i get a chance so we are starving take everything off we didn't notice tol my husband almost done says look its red the burger is red raw , we all get sick , No one has called me back from corporate , nd that's cause i left messages . So that's why i do , y surveys , hopefully now they will contact me back THIS is not Right . Flour bluff McDonald's is the worst , she did say for me to go get my order remade , those patties werent cooked right . But we did notice till me nd my son had ate ours husband notice . Dont even deserve 1 star . We are still sick today . But i will be goin in to store as soon as i feel better. And calling corporate or store is the worst THEY NEVER ANSWER OR CALL YOU BACK!

Larry Peterson

Easy to order online, quick pickup and consistently good food. And the McRib's back! Classic American food at a great price.Food: 5/5

Bill Hale

We ordered 2 mcribs & it had to be the worst food we have ever eaten. It was loaded with bar-b-que sauce dripping all over the place & the taste was stomach turning. I'll never eat at Mcdonalds again.

Dina Cruz

The cashier said the Happy meal Halloween buckets were not available. I had to talk to the manager to get them. That cashier was so mean. She kept the happy meals on the counter for a long time before she gave them to me. The fries and hamburger were cold. She was so disrespectful by her actions. Next time I'm taking a video.Food: 1/5

Sandra C.

If I could give them zero stars I would!! Left out half my order had to drive 12 miles each way to pick up my the rest of my order!!!Horrible service and the big girl at the window was so disrespectful. I'm not your hon or your sweetie!! Passive aggressive shit doesn't fly!! No wonder drive thru is empty!! Shout out to McDonald's n Alice for always doing a great job and taking care of their customers!!

Isaac Hernandez

Fries were old and dark and no where near filled, the burger was cold, & they forgot 2 of our straws.

Edward Limon

This location has the worst manager. Today I took my daughter to get a happy meal. I told them at the order widow I wanted a happy meal and a small cone I drove up to the pick up window and they handed me a bag with a 6 peice when I told them I ordered a happy meal the manager looked and asked the worker what was the the aside with the look of I waited for my correct order I can visually see the manager throwing fry’s in happy meal box.was it a lot to ask for my correct meal??? I donot see how people with bad attitudes are giving manager spots. If making a happy meal is to hard them mabey finding another job would be better

Delilah Cortinas

Their shareable meals are pretty good deals. Only complaint was that they had limited drinks, which I thought was odd. Hopefully just a one time thing

Lee Ann Dollie

The chicken sandwiches came out amazing we decided to dine in for once and it was Immaculate inside. And the staff were so friendly and helpful I'm sure it's because they are all new hires but they are doing a very good job.

Andy C.

Great curbside when you order your though the app! Order on your our phone, pull into the curbside spot, check in, and the food arrives. Service is always frat this location and relatively fast. The app allows you to customize your order items (no salt, extra mustard, etc.), and that can be very difficult in a drive through.

Jaymes De La Garza

I’m not one to continuously post about these chain fast food restaurants but this one definitely had my nose twisted. The food is normal and as you’d expect out of a fast food restaurant but DO NOT go inside unless you’re a plumber cause then you might be used to the smell of sewage all day.

Annie G.

Longest wait time. I only ordered a cookie and it took 15 minutes. Stuck me at the third window and forgot about me.

Trey Haltom

For a fast food joint they ain't bad. We got our if there for under ten bucks with full bellies.

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