14301 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi
(361) 949-7777

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Jason Lopez

This Whataburger has a special place in my heart. I grew up going to this island Whataburger and even worked here once when I was young.They still have friendly staff, good food options and, a great atmosphere. You can sit out back by the water on the canal overlooking fish jump out the water.I had the new chili burger. Man it was good but definitely a cheat day food item.

Deb Chambers

I ordered grilled chicken sandwich at the drive thru, late at night. I'm told it will take 7 minutes, because it has to be made fresh. I approve and it is nice and hot when I get it.Food: 4/5


I was so impressed with the Customer Service and atmosphere in this Whataburger that I literally called the Manager on duty out to talk to him and give him a "pat on the back". From the cleanliness of the store, the food, Customer Service to the atmosphere, I was impressed. He was a young manager. Good job!Food: 5/5

David McCann

We use this Whataburger location often. Always is clean and service is great. Nice to have them right around the corner from the house.Parking: Always have a handicap spot open and close to the door.

Redfish Incorporated

I wasn't really hungry but felt like I should eat something so I pulled into Whataburger for something familiar. I decided on the garden salad without the chicken. By the time I had filled my cup with diet coke hey were bringing my salad out to me. I had my salad with thier lite balsamic dressing which isn't the best balsamic dressing I've ever had but it was okay for a lite dressing. The salad is actually a very good size, with a variety of fresh greens including spring mix and lettuce. There were also several grape tomatoes in there and shredded carrots, topped with cheese. For $4.99 it really is a decent sized salad. I ate slowly in the Whataburger dining room enjoying the conversation of the staff? it was a good lite meal that I will order again in the future. This particular Whataburger was very clean and well lit. The bathroom was also very clean. While there I overheard the manager giving instructions to the crew to clean various areas including scrubbing the walls in the kitchen areas. It is obviously a well run and we'll maintained restaurant. I will return to this Whataburger soon .


This has got to be the slowest whataburger in corpus christi. They have no sense of urgency. It's like they don't care. If you want your food fresh and fast STAY AWAY from this whataburger!!

Brian Null

This was one of the best Whataburger's I've been to. The staff worked hard especially Thomas who took our order. The restaurant was very clean and the food delivered quickly. The quality was also very good.

lily A

Went the night of August 8th for some dinner. Food was fresh and hot, had everything I needed like napkins and sauce on the side.Now let me tell you. I had the best customer service in this restaurant. I believe his name was Rhys, and omg he was absolutely amazing. He had the patience of an angel and just super professional. He definitely needs a raise!! Will definitely be going back!

Kindra R

Stopped by yesterday morning. Staff was friendly. Food was good. Took a while for our order to be brought out but other than that things were good.

Lesli Shamblin

I have never been to a Whataburger location that has such genuinely courteous staff, and such good fries before.. the crew working around 10 am on 7/11/2022 was amazing.

Tiffany Burns

During my visit, this location was understaffed, but for me, this does not excuse that the manager wasn't even helping in the line and no one was even close to acting kind or being polite to customers. The manager who refunded my order (after waiting for 30 minutes and then being told I would be waiting an additional 30 minutes because someone ordered 30 sandwiches, a fact they should have told me before allowing me to order) wouldn't even look me in the eye and didn't even speak to me as she refunded both myself and the customer behind me. Being understaffed and busy is no reason to be rude or hateful.

Jackie Hatherly Simmons

Terrible management!! Multiple times we come here and have been told that the wait is going to be 45 minutes or longer. Today we ordered and have to this point been waiting over 40 minutes.

Joshua McKinnon

Avoid curbside pickup at all costs. They don’t care about you. They’re more focused on drive thru and walk in orders. Took almost 30 minutes past the time in the app to get our order. We actually had to go inside to get it along with the car next to us. Completely unacceptable. Based on other reviews it seems like this location has problems with time management and processing orders in a timely manner.

TJ Spears

While visiting North Padre for vacation. We decided to go to this Whataburger for breakfast. After waiting 30 minutes for our food this is the taquitos we received and opened up back at the hotel. By far the worst I have seen and had. I gave them 3 stars because of the horrible food but the staff was great and very friendly.Moral of the story always check your food before leaving.

Denise Perkins

Great experience. Our cashier was so friendly…he even played back when jokenly asked if there was anything else he could get for us and I asked him if he knew the winning lottery numbers and for the first time in hundreds of attempts at many different places, this nice young man actually started giving me possible winning numbers. Food was very fresh! I was overall very pleased with my visit. Was the best customer service in corpus.

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