Kosher Palate

7989 Belt Line Rd Ste 154, Dallas
(469) 601-1002

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Jason Basri

Had my wedding catered by Kosher Palate and the food was delicious! We loved working with the team and Howard Chaim Goldfeder is a staple of the community. Would recommend to anyone looking for a caterer and their private dining room is also great. All food is under DK hecksher.

Gilana F

Don is the man!! Helped me out supremely in getting kosher meals for me while I was at a work conference at nearby Hilton. He knows the business! We also had them cater our Shabbat dinner at the hotel later that week, fantastic.

Gomberg Legal

My wife, myself and our 14 month old baby were staying in Hilton Granite Park for a week for medical conference and Don from Kosher Palate really took care of us. All of the kosher meals for the medical conference were spot on, and even better was the shabbat meal that they were able to put together for us for my wife's 30th birthday and Shabbat celebration. The Salmon was incredible and the wine list better than most of the spots we regularly go to in NYC. Highly recommend on all fronts. Thank you!

Katrina Doe Parker

Would like to try this place, but every time I go by they’re closed. Went by just now (6 PM on a Tue) & they’re closed. They need to update their hours on Google.

Francesca Ghezzi

Amazing food he totally made our day! Happy 4th of July! The Floridians

Kevin M. Fleming

The place is clean, I was waiting there and looking at all the stock and inventory on the shelves when someone came up to me, and didn't even great me... they just watched me like a hawk.I said, hello, and what my purpose was that I was there for, and then after our awkward exchange, got the feeling that I was NOT WELCOME.I guess it's not everyday a German wants to do business in a kosher kitchen???Really can't say... I have never been back based on how the employees and the owners were acting so strange.Not hospitable and friendly but instead like I was there and needed to be dealt with asap.After my business there, things got worse.My recommendation, buy offline, don't shop instore.

Neil Krasnoff

Super nice family owned Kosher store with lots of delicious prepared foods, including the legendary smoked brisket.

Clarissa T

Really great spot to get treats for your kiddos! We loved the different snack products from Israel.Not an expert on Kosher foods or recipes, but seems to be pretty well stocked with a variety of options for meals.

Evelyn Faulkner

I am glad I found this place for the kosher food that my family eat.

Michael Hyam

I Went in today and bought some beef jerky and other items. I was way over charged and when I went back to show the cashier (who doesn't greet you or say thank you or know anything about customer service) that my receipt did not match the prices they had written on a price list that was in full display on the wall, she told me that's a fake list. And they would not honor their own pricing. Complete false advertising. For a Kosher place they definitely do not follow halacha. I will never be going back again. Such a horrible experience. Beware!

Mark S.

Very disappointed! REALLY wanted a deli sandwich. Arrived at 3 pm. Sandwiches only available cold. Rye is dry and stale. Barely a drop of condiments. Tiny pieces of onion. Pickles are good! Coleslaw is excellent. Service is worse than crappy. Jason was annoyed to have someone ordering. Good news is the fresh Kosher meat was reasonably priced. Won't be coming back here. Too bad.

Lia F.

I guess I expected a WOW factor and just didn’t get it. I’ve been to Zingerman’s up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Zingerman’s set the bar very very high. Kosher Palate didn’t come close.We tried three kinds of warm savory rolls that were fairly good. Their challah looked totally over baked. My vibe meter wasn’t into it.

Soochie Smetana

I was in Fort Worth for a conference and all the kosher food was catered by Kosher Palate.The food was amazing, and very plentiful. But more than that, we were a decent sized crew, and the staff was accomodating and always offering to do whatever was needed to make it work for everyone's busy schedules.HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH THEM!Thank you Jesse, Don, and Howard!

Honey K.

I just drove all the way here and this place is closed. Why is it says it's open until 9pm and it's closed by 7.30?

Yoely Weisz

What an awesome experience! Their food is great! The attitude even better! Chaim is funny as heck which just makes the shopping and dining experience soooo much betterThank you for being here for us.

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