Nobu Dallas

400 Crescent Ct, Dallas
(214) 252-7000

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Chad G.

First off, if you are going to go to a restaurant and complain about the price, maybe you should have researched before dining. Yes, this place is expensive but you SHOULD know that before ever stepping foot inside their restaurant. In many cases, you get what you pay for, and that is definitely the case at Nobu in Dallas. This is a high-rent establishment, with the highest quality and very unique dishes. Drinks were all excellent, service was what is to be expected as well. Highly recommend but please don't go in thinking you will not be spending a lot of money or you will be disappointed.

Sarita G.

I have been itching to go to Nobu for years. It was on a list of places to try because of the upscale and well known reputation. The restaurant at first walk in looks like a hotel. I envisioned better light fixtures and nicer tables. The restroom was small severely unkempt and a whole two flights of stairs downward to get to (while in high heels) The sushi was not "all that" wasn't rolled tight enough. I've had better sushi at base priced and/or local spots. Extremely Overpriced and not filling. The server was decent in the beginning then mildly came around til finally disappeared completely until we asked for the bill, in which he promptly broght out. I get "turning tables" coming from the service industry however take care of the consumers you have since restaurants are limited with capacity on dining with covid restrictions as well as people not risking going out to dine. I was not impressed. Nor will return.

Horit B.

Underwhelming, overpriced, overrated. Nobu has decent sushi, at indecent prices, served in an environment designed mostly to be seen in, and to provide that vapid sense of contentment and achievement for people with more money than taste. The service is barely adequate, and the sushi itself is just okay. We had to do a lot of neck craning and looking around during our meal to see if our server could spend some time with us. But let's talk about the food.The rolls range from sub-par to good, as do the main plates. There's a certain amount of shtick in pretty much everything associated with the place. If you sit at the sushi bar, be prepared for an endless stream of upselling, and arm twisting by the semi-Japanese chefs. Starting by pitching the most expensive roll, or nigiri available is a pretty transparent tactic. It would be a good tactic if the dish itself was spectacular. For example, we didnt ask for the "baked snow crab roll", but ended up being served that anyway (some $30 for 6 pieces). It was decidedly the most ordinary thing we ate that night - and we ordered about 10 different varieties of Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki. $250 for two, including one glass of cold Sake (not indicated on the menu, or by our server). The bill didn't bother me - until I realised that I could have had almost 3 spectacular meals at the vastly superior Uchi for that price. Too bad they were booked out that night, and we just decided to saunter into Nobu instead. Think we'll leave Nobu to the Kardashians, Instagrammers, and moneyed folks who dig Jalapenos and mayo in their sushi. Will we be back? No(boo).

Deja V.

Never had a chance to post a review for this place. Finally I have another chance to feast myself and refresh my taste memory of how superior their sushi compare to other places around Dallas. It's a well brand established name so don't expect anything less and cheap here. If you're trying to be frugal and rather pay for low quality sushi I wouldn't recommend you to come here. Located inside a hotel and with valet services. Very welcoming atmosphere and great services to start with. The dishes that we ordered looks highly presentable and decorative. The quality was top tier and the sashimi will melt in your mouth , the cod and sea bass was flavorful and delicious. Overall everything was perfect and it's a good night. I suggested that if you want high quality sushi to come here it's one of top 3 sushi place in Dallas in my opinion.

Aqsa T.

This is by far one of the most overhyped sushi restaurants I have ever been to. 2/5 for ambiance 1/5 for taste I'm so far in disbelief with how they manage to get away with listing these prices with such mediocre food. I'd rather pay for Kroger sushi considering it is the exact same quality and taste. The hot appetizers were the best part, and that still didn't save the meal. I've been to $ sushi restaurants and $$$$ sushi restaurants and this food does not even compare to the $ sushi restaurants I have been to. The server thought we had finished eating after the two appetizers because it took about 15 minutes for him to get the rest of our order. When he did, he asked "Did you guys want anything else?" What bothered me most about this was that it seemed that they took the customers who were dressed down a bit and sat them in the back of the restaurant, separate from the main dining area. I'm not sure if our outfits proposed that we would not be able to order more food, but I regret doing so. I personally feel like you're wasting a good outfit if you plan on dressing up for such a subpar meal.The sushi was dry and I honestly 100% would not be surprised if they did run to the nearest Kroger's and serve us their sushi. The wagyu was subpar and not only did their entrees taste off, the soy sauce and ginger on the side tasted bad as well. I honestly don't think a free appetizer or a gift card would bring me back to this establishment. My recommendations for sushi restaurants to go to instead are the following: Sushi Zen - Southlake, TX ($)Densetsu - Plano, TX ($$)Uchi - Dallas, TX ($$$) ~equivalent, if not, better ambiance~After going through multiple reviews, my best hope is that this is due to their limited Covid 19 menu, that is me giving them the benefit of the doubt. If your limited menu is going to limit the quality of the food, please limit that ridiculous pricing as well. Once again, if you'd like to receive what you'd think to expect at Nobu, visit Uchi.

Dana I.

To be honest I'm not understanding the hype behind this restaurant at all? First off, the service isn't great. My friend and I were seated at the most awkwardly placed table far away in the back. The waiter was sweet and attentive at first, but eventually lost track of everything. We were brought someone else's dish and water refills were essentially nonexistent. Secondly, the food is expensive for the quality and taste. The wagyu was atrocious, their appetizers are mediocre at best, and the rolls just aren't good. I have been told that if you know what to order it's a great restaurant but I don't believe that is the case. If you're looking for good quality, fresh sushi experience I'd much rather go to Uchi.Also, the valet is very rude and unhelpful.Cheers.

Ronnie Weight

I admire this restaurant a lot. It has a very special mood. The meals are tasty. the service is dynamic and the crew is very professional. The pay is decent. I warmly recommend.

M Newton

I love this restaurant very much. It has a very special mood. The cuisine is exeptionaly good. the service is dynamic and the team is polite. The price is reasonable. extremely recommend.

Whitney A.

5 stars! They have the best steak and sushi in Dallas by far. The espresso martinis are amazing and it's such a great experience. Highly recommend!

Ben Mitchell

5 stars for food. 1 star for service. Food tasted great but the service just fell short. I've been to this restaurant in the past and the service has always been prompt. Looking around the restaurant last night it seemed that the staff was working hard but they took on more than they could handle. At one point in the evening a guest from another table walked past ours and said "maybe we should have waited until they figured this out." I will pass on the message. If you don't mind waiting an exorbitant amount of time for some excellent food then this is the place to be. Until then I would hold off if you're looking for a dining experience that justifies the price point.

Allison M.

This was one of the worst meals I have had in a long time. When you are spending over $100 a person, you expect quality service. Every time we saw a waiter which was few and far between we were checking in on our order. We waited 20min to be greeted at our table and 45min for both drinks to be delivered. The food was wonderful but we spent 2.5 hours waiting on our food. We ended up canceling our last course and leaving early. While the food was great, we were greatly disappointed and will not be returning to Nobu.

Ami Patel

Thanks to the Kardashians, there's been a lot of hype about this high class restaurant chain. The only time they really eat here is when they're filming, and I'm sure they get some of kind promo or perk, as everything is business to them. My point is that the hype is due to the fame, not the food, and definitely not the prices. The food was mediocre, certainly not filling, leading us to order dish after dish after dish. I"m a very petite woman, so if I can easily chow down 3-4 dishes alone, imagine what the average Joe would stick to. We ordered so much food that I can't even tell you the dishes we selected, so please take a look at the pics. The drinks were exquisite and unique. I'd come back for cocktails more than the food. The service was par. Our waitress didn't really go out of her way to serve/please us, at least not the type of service I'd expect at a $$$$$ restaurant. Be sure to call weeks in advance to reserve a table on the weekend. I called the day of wanting a reservation in the next hour and they told me they were fully booked for the next couple weeks. I had to use a title to get me a table and once I got there, there were plenty of open seats. I think the restaurant itself tries to use this mechanism where they say they're booked, but really aren't to orchestrate a social status and create a greater hype.

Jason P.

Sensational. I have been to Nobu restaurants across the United States and Nobu Dallas is one of my favorites. They have some unique dishes there which can't be found at other locations. The salmon with miso sauce is outstanding, as well as the Wagu Karara. A must is the frozen Misco Cappuccino cup for dessert. What made our evening extra special was the service. Gilbert - who worked at Nobu Dallas for years, but is now working at the Washington DC location, is exceptional. Vickie and Noni are still working at the Dallas location, and they too are terrific! Great menu suggestions, well thought out (what dish should go first, next, etc), and nice pace to the meal. Can't wait for my next trip to Dallas so I can dine at Nobu again.

Nia N.

Easily one of the best meals I've had. The yellowtail sashimi melts in your mouth. Every single meal was well balanced and sauces crafted perfectly as expected from this place!

Franz K

We went there Sunday evening when all evening is "Happy hour". We got a nice spot in the Bar-area got some great cocktails and food from the Happy Hour Menu. This along with an amazing server made it a perfect night in class! Thank you!

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