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Stanley S.

I am not a sushi person at all, as I personally do not like fish. Thus, my review might be a little bias.

Service: We came here for a birthday celebration, and the place is very beautiful on the inside. We were spaced out from others, following COVID protocols. The waiter was very helpful in guiding us over the menu. Although, the only flaw I had was that the water cups smelled like fish. It really bothered me that I had to ask for a straw.

Food: Since we had a large group, we ordered a lot of food and shared it amongst each other.
- Regular edamame and spicy edamame: The spicy edamame was delicious, as it was the favorite option at the table.
- Beef Tobanyaki: It was very flavorful as it came with a steamed mushroom, sliced beef, and asparagus. I believe the meat could have been marinated a little more to add to the flavor but over all it was a solid dish.
- California Roll: This is your classical California roll. I don't think anything specific really stood out in this one. You can get it cheaper somewhere else if you want to save your money.
- Jidori Chicken: This was another table favorite for everyone. The flavor was perfect for this dish, as it had a hint of spice and perfect seasoning! I would highly recommend this.
- Shrimp Tempura: I love shrimp and this was definitely a good dish to eat. You can taste the freshness of the shrimp in this sushi compared to other places.
- Matteo: Surprisingly, this was very tasty! Not exactly sure what was in there, but you can taste the avocado and have a slight crunch when you eat it! This is one of Nobu's popular sushi dishes!

I believe the highlight of this restaurant was the Wasabi. It tasted very fresh and homemade. Probably one of the best Wasabi I have ever had. I was practically eating it by itself at one point. I would come back here again for a special occasion just to have that Wasabi again.

Kathy R.

Their service and food are spot on.  We enjoyed everything they recommended.   The crispy rice with spicy tuna and the water yellowtail appetizers were fabulous.  Can't wait to go back!

Tommy R.

Great experience as usual, I have been to four Nobu locations and have never had a bad experience at any. This is an absolute must everytime I'm in Dallas. The cuts of fish are impeccable!!

Alexandra G.

My husband and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary here, and our experience was spectacular. Everyone from the host to our wait staff ensured our first experience was one for the books. Our cocktails were delicious and our food as well. We have deemed Nobu our new anniversary dinner tradition. Thank you!

Samantha James

I love Nobu. So I’m a little biased... first Nobu I ever went to was in San Diego for my brother’s thirtieth birthday. Had an amazing time there ( that location is a little different than this one). I highly recommend going here to anyone .

Christina B.

Food was exceptional. Had a late reservation at 10. Place was still busy. Food was fresh and well presented. Still incredibly over priced. Only reason I did t give 5 stars was cuz of the price comparison to portion size.

David Pruit

I love Nobu. So I’m a little biased... first Nobu I ever went to was in San Diego for my brother’s thirtieth birthday. Had an amazing time there ( that location is a little different than this one). I highly recommend going here to anyone who puts a heavy value emphasis on art, Japanese culture, space, lots of feng shui, a delicious handcrafted meal and a very special dining experience. Similar to uchi yet also very unique in their super premium style and presentation.

Peter Harold

In Dallas on business and found Americano near my hotel. A great find! Food and service were excellent. Delicious cauliflower salad, outstanding linguine with grilled shrimp, and scrumptious strawberry compote and olive oil infused ice cream for dessert. Will be back next time I am in town!

Jacqui H.

Nobu Dallas has been on my list, in fact I was supposed to come here for my birthday, but alas Covid-19, all restaurants shut and an overall day of deep depression. But things started opening up finally and we made a reservation for our anniversary. I've been to Nobu in New York, so I guess my expectations were pretty high to begin with, but that being said, it is Nobu and even when entering the place, it did not have the same ambience or feel that you would expect.

We were seated at a corner table, there was social distancing. But it didn't feel as intimate or special as the NY Nobu.  We started off with the Japanese Old Fashioned - Barrel Aged Kikori Old Fashioned which was recommended by our server, it was awesome and very smooth.
We went with the Premium Omakase tasting. There's two to pick from - the signature ($125) and premium ($185) so slight price difference in the two.
Premium Omakase ($185pp) -  Chef Matsuhisa's Cuisine with
a Multi-Course Chef's Tasting Menu.
1st Course - Uni Taco - The only item outstanding in this dish was the wakamomo green peach - we ended up asking for extra of these separately.
2nd Course - Fresh Scallop, Gold Snapper with Ume Salsa and King Salmon Pastrami - These were decent, but again nothing too compelling.
3rd Course - Sushi - Toro, Nodoguro, Fresh Ikura, Kampachi, Jumbo Clam and Wasabi Salsa - Another flop, lacklustre at best.
4th Course - Chu Toro with Yuzu Miso and Jalapeno Salsa - This went well with the Yuzu Miso which was the highlight of this along with the Jalapeno Salsa.
5th Course - Lobster Amazu Truffle - A little bit chewy, I think the batter wasn't that great and the sauce as well was pretty ordinary.
6th Course - Japanese A5 Wagyu Hot Stone - Probably one of the better dishes. The Wagyu was good quality and the sauce was very good.
7th Course - Soup - Spicy Seafood Soup - we got this to go as the amount of food was becoming a bit much. The soup was good, not too spicy, but flavourful.
8th Course - Dessert - Banana Soy Toban - Not a banana fan, so didn't really enjoy this. The Malaga Gelato was good though, could have done with seconds of that. They also served a special dessert wishing us for our anniversary which was nice.
Drinks - Barrel Aged Old Fashioned ($22) and Lychee & Elderflower Martini ($17)
Wakamomo ($6) - The Old Fashioned with Kikori was definitely the highlight for us. Superbly made, just delicious. The Lychee & Elderflower Martini was pretty good too.

Quantity 5/5 - Yes it's filling, we were pretty much done by the 6th Course. The items look small, but somehow it gets to you.
Ambience 3/5 - Not what you'd expect, didn't really give off the special occasion feel. The decor was good but the seating was pretty open, overall a bit underwhelming.
Service 2/5 - Ok, where to begin with this. Our server started of well, recommending the Kikori Old Fashioned which we loved. Then on to the dishes, he did not have the best knowledge on what was being served and pretty much skimmed over the detail. I also asked if I could get a list of the items, since they didn't have a menu for this and he at first said he would write these down for me and then asked unless you'd like to keep note, I was like uh no that would be great if you could do that. Then when we needed to get a dish to go, he brought over the boxes and was about to do it and then said, unless you'd like to box them yourself? Excuse me, why on earth would I want to do that myself, what exactly am I tipping you for. No I didn't say that out loud, but pretty sure my face sure did. When you go for fine dining, you expect the full fine dining experience - the knowledge, service and overall attitude. For us, the overall experience that was delivered by our server was subpar to say the least, really not sure if he usually works there, as it felt like we had got some substitute for the evening. Yes, again I was comparing our server to the one we had at NY Nobu and he and the whole experience was a world of difference.
Spice - 0/5 - no spice and not m

Naomi J.

We always have the most amazing time when we go to Nobu Dallas! It's where we go to celebrate every special occasion! The food is unmatched and well worth the $$

Jojo D.

I mean it's Nobu!! Think upscale Tapas style RA Sushi! Ambiance is very intimate and upscale. The website states there is a dress code but our party was dressed business casual and had no issues. We attended to celebrate a birthday. The wait wasn't long and safety measures were being implemented (you know the usual mask, sanitation wipes, etc.) Our waiter was very kind with waters and drinks coming out very quickly. So fast that we didn't have much time in between to look at the menu (not complaining at all). The menu offered different kinds of entrees and appetizers - I remember seeing wagyu. The drinks were flowing so well that majority of our bill was that LOL! Some tried the spicy edamame and devoured it. I ordered the spicy shrimp garlic and loved it. I would give it a 4/5 spice level with lots of flavor (especially if you love garlic). Portions sizes are very small so we tried ordering a few plates each to get full. A very nice dates spot if you ask me but if you're looking for something heartier, head to RA for only a fraction of the cost.

Missy Larremore Nelson

Awesome! Great place to try new things.

Courtney S.

Super underwhelming omakase experience. Sashimi quality was alright, but nothing too special. Flavors were out of balance, tempura was soggy, tenderloin was very overcooked. Service was attentive, but none of the wait staff did an adequate job of describing the plates we were eating or their inspiration/origins. I think this is what happens when a chef opens outposts but cannot fully assure the quality of the food.

In short, not worth the hype or the bill.

Melody T.

Looking for a fine dining experience?! Do you love sushi? If the answer is yes and yes, then come here! A beautiful and dim atmosphere that is sure to put you in a fantastic mood! Your choice of two bars to sit at and of course the dining area! For fun interaction with the chefs, I highly recommend sitting at the sushi bar! They feature a cold sushi bar and then the hot kitchen! You can see everything being handmade at the sushi bar which is pretty cool! Shine, the server provided the most amazing customer service and enjoyed watching everyone eat! To note there are samples that you can order that come out one by one, an 8 course meal to be exact! There are two grades to pick from, both are $$$ and completely worth it! You don't have to have an 8 course meal, you can pick from the menu whatever your heart desires! Then wash your food down with hot / cold sake or an action packed green tea shot!! However, there is a full bar if Sake is not your thing! My favorite hot item is the wagyu steak, comes out and is set on fire at the table! It's tender, juicy, and mouthwatering! There's a taco with a little bit of gold topped on top, a must have! And if you love lobster, please order it!! The seafood miso is filled with all types of goodness and has a kick, this one won't disappoint! If you have never had caviar before, this is place to have it for your first time! And if you have had it before, please order up ... The sea bass and salmon  falls straight back onto your tongue! Super high grade of meat and does not smell fishy! When you come here, you come for it all! Ensure to try the spicy edamame! Cheers, enjoy, and happy eating! Don't forget the desert at the end! It will for sure put a smile on your face and in your belly!

Larkin B. Bowles

Had a great time, wait staff was was amazing!

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