Sabaidee Lao & Thai Street Food - Dallas, TX

5200 Lemmon Ave #100, Dallas
(214) 520-6868

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Ebonee B.

The best fried rice I ever had ! Love the spicy Lao chicken fried rice ! It comes with so many options .

Fatima I.

I don't like this location at all. Rowlett is way better. Employees were condescending and laughed at my face while I was ordering. I'm used to ordering stuff from the secret menu at other locations and they laughed saying that they didn't have chicken egg rolls. I have a habit of ordering them from other locations, that's why. The food wasn't made as food as the Rowlett location. There was barely any chicken in my order and in my friends order. Will not return to this location.

Marisela Z.

food was sooo good! we got level 2 spice pad Thai and it was SPICY lol but definitely tolerable. was a really good experience overall and would definitely go back!

Carlo P.

They only  do take out, and they can't  get that right. Ordered crispy veggie egg rolls, got home and it was a container of white rice.....
Pad Kee Mow was mostly bits pork little noodle, and the Pad Thai tasted like it was covered in burnt BBQ sauce. Will say the only saving grace for this place was Tom Kha soup, hence the 1 star.

Recommend going to Si Lom if you want amazing Thai food, cause Sabaidee was a disappointment. Maybe ok as drunk food, but even still would choose some Taco Bell over this.

Alma P.

To go drunken noodles every time with chili flakes to make it extra spicy. Call ahead for your order, usually customer service is pleasant

Alicia H.

LITTERALLY the best Thai place in Dallas. I recommend to everyone i know. Their Panang Curry is my go-to. They also have bomb pad Thai. Like seriously go go go!!

Fonda J.

Great pad thai, drunken noodles, and panang curry!  Also got papaya salad, very good but a little spicy!

Monica M.

My favorite place for Laotian and Thai food my love for the items they do really well override some of the more average offerings. Their Red curry is the best I have had in Dallas- they nailed both the flavor and texture (not so soupy like most places). The pork riblets are a must as well- they are flavorful and perfectly cooked. I have tried both the Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles and they are both great but sometimes the drunken noodles are a bit on the greasy side. The spicy basil stir fry is just okay- they used ground meats so that's a little different from some places.

Anne Givens

First and last time there.Tom Ka soup was SO salty! We could not eat it!Veggie stir fry tasted old and tofu was like leather.Waste of! Why are other reviews good??

Abby R.

I don't even know why I'm giving two stars instead of one... I guess because it's possible we just got the wrong entrees or caught them on an off night but the entree that I got was absolutely inedible (crispy rice wrap). The tofu was so hard I couldn't chew it and the rice was so "crispy"and over cooked that the entire dish was dry and I couldn't even pick out the tofu from the dish to salvage it. My husbands tofu was the same - inedible. His pad see ew had decent flavor and the shrimp was only slightly over cooked.

Cynthia Valentine

laotian food, mmm, super good. service is always prompt even when they have a full house. definitely worth going back to. it has a nice atmosphere. food is similar to a cafe in indianapolis i loved.

Cara W.

This place was pretty good. I think it was very standard Thai food (or at least what I ordered). I think the prices were very reasonable for what they were offering, so that is what I appreciate them for. Additionally, I did to-go, which was very easy and convenient for customers.

Rodney Freeman

Good food and prices. Drunken noodles, sweet soy noodles and the crispy rice wrap are among the best I've had. Portions sizes good and its not overpriced like alot of places in Dallas.

Ryan Maxwell

I live nearby and have ordered several times. On a good day, this place is a solid 4, but the prep and cooking are inconsistent. About 20% of the time, a dish will come out at 1-2 stars, hence the lower overall rating. Last night, a dish I’ve ordered and enjoyed several times came with the vegetables only partially chopped and almost completely raw, including an un-chopped clove of garlic and a big chunk of onion, and the sauce was straight liquid. It was almost like they threw together some cooked chicken with raw vegetables and squirted some sauce on it. I ended up cooking for another 5 minutes at home before eating.

Guy H.

In the Lemmon ave Inwood area on other business when hunger struck. Needed asian fast and these guys were close. Called in my order and pulled in to pick up hot sensational food in 10 minutes.

Found one of my favorite parks in the area and enjoyed one of the best Curries I've had in along time. This is take out only. Wish these guys were in my part of town.

Definite Go!

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Sabaidee Lao & Thai Street Food - Dallas, TX

5200 Lemmon Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 520-6868