Taco Bell

2802 E Ledbetter Dr, Dallas
(214) 371-9028

Recent Reviews

LaToya L. Farr

They always forget at least one item on my order, but the customer service is good most days ??‍♀️

Raime Bell

The people were VERY VERY rude! Extremely! Exspecially the black dude that works night shift window

Valarie Moss

I wish I could give zero Stars to this place because the customer service is ridiculous!!! they have no sense of professionalism whatsoever, they walk around and don't even acknowledge you, they just engaged in personal conversations within themselves and then when they feel like speaking with you that's when they turn and acknowledge you I am beyond sick of this place and I'm surprised it still open

Shawn Hill

Gotta stop eating here.. goin downhill and the prices are goin up ??

Mrs.Keo Mayberry

The worst place by far. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS LACK big time. Now, not saying all the employees extremely rude but the majority especially the MANAGER . The waiting time is way over due and they close way before closing time. I ordered my food tonight aeou d 7/8 - the closed EVERYTHING down soon as I walked out an there were so many people still coming. I went to the drive thru bc my order STILL WASN'T RIGHT an by the time It was my turn the automatic message speaker box said they were now closed. even during the week. They even argue in front of customers. Seriously place her people or tear the whole taco Bell/KFC down. I

Yellow Gold

I've been here on numerous occasions. Long story short, the customer service is terrible and the food is just thrown together. With that in mind, I made a bad decision of sending my "uber eats" driver there to get my food. 1st of all, they didnt start making the meal till the driver got there. I ordered nachos... they put shredded cheese on the chips instead of NACHO cheese! If u live close, I recommend the taco on wheatland and 20. Please dont go there or you WILL be disappointed.

Tony Owens

The story was very very dirty every time I go

Leonard Sands

Not clean visable unclean ness dont eat there unless u have too

Deborah Hill

This is pitiful can't get a order they're always out of lettuce e, taco shells, never have any ice. Rund out of biscuits for the chicken just a total mess. Does anybody care?

spook crow

After waking up out a coma from a night of drinking liquor 1st place I went was Taco Bell! Had to get me 6 Gordita crunches, and they serve them hot n ready! Thank y’all for saving my stomach? ?

Ja’nae All That

Very poor service they are out of everything both restaurants smh worst experience

Jason O'Neal

So this establishment just closes when it wants to; I saw no signage about holiday hours in your drive thru, so you just don't have any regard for your customers!

Felicia Love

How you gonna put different hours on the window, says 10:30 but dont update the hours on google which says 6 am to 11 pm

Willie Faulkner

Dont go late at night , I tried to order three different items and they told me it was unavailable.

Crystal christian

Went at 6:35am says they are open at 6:00am...And I'm the only person here. Horrible !!!!

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