Taco Bell

11702 Plano Rd, Dallas
(214) 221-5480

Recent Reviews

Leslie Paige

I cant help but to love this place.

Jessica Querin

They are always quick and efficient. Food always comes out hot and they have always gotten more order right.

Lameshia Gilyard

I ordered a Steak Power Menu Bowl with steak, extra avacado ranch, add onions, and extra avacado ranch. I received a Rice Bean, and guacamole Bowl! This store wouldn't answer the phone when door dasher brought my food. Called next morning they denied to remake my order and have it delivered as I paid; blaming the Door Dasher! I called cooperate and they told me as well; NO TACO BELL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR REMAKING YOUR ORDER AS PRINTED ON YOUR RECEIPT. SO, HERE'S THE PHOTO OF MY RECEIPT BECAUSE I'M ON CRUTCHES AND LEG BRACE, I CAN NOT COME UP TO STORE TO SHOW THIS IN ORDER FOR MY FOOD TO BE PROPERLY MADE, AS I ASKED!

marvin bledson

It was good. Food was fast and accurate

Eunice Rediker

Food was good, but watch out little boy with his good manors will try to steal your money at the drive thru.

David Griffith

They get bad marks because they only serve about two-thirds of the menu everybody in town serves. Then trying to make an order through their drive-thru should not be that painful if they wasn't adding stuff I didn't order they was taking stuff off I didn't want removed. Will make a conscious effort not to go back to this location

Kurt Friedman

I really liked the cheddar chalupa box. The store was really clean and the service was fast.

Jerry Renfro

Good all the way around. Freindly and helpful people.

Ms.Real Cowgirl

Sweet! Employees were super sweet. First time to revisit a Taco Bell in about 18 months. Believe me I am a fan. In High School we used to go to Taco Bell on the daily.

Stephanie Castilleja

Love this location. The wait isn't that long. Staff is always nice and they have always gotten my order right.

Yousef Al-Awadhi

Theyâ??re nice and will get ur order ready fast ð??

Tammy Williams

Love taco Bell I loved they Nachos just wasn't enough meat.

Succeed in life

Really good customer service. Really good food.

Charlecia McDonald

Made to order and cheap

chinyere loveday

Cool place too .my daughter love tacos

Jerusalen Olivarez

Good taco bell nothing to complain about.

Lisa Adams

Everything was hot good and well prepared

Harrison S.

So gross. Waited several minutes to make an order. Never happened. I was so grossed out by the disgusting health code violations clearly visible. This chick in the photo walking around the entire kitchen talking her head off and slipping down food. Don't go here

Thomas Wheeler

Pull up to drive through at 1am (closes at 2am). Nobody there to take orders, even after waiting 5 minutes. Look inside and see nobody. Don't go here for late night food.

Todd wilson

Box meals are best value in fast food. Only one that can actually fill you up for $5.

Amelia Hdz


Amelia Hernandez

You gotta try the New Loaded Tacos . HURRY !! $1 while they last.. AWSOME !!!! Try them Forest Ln & Plano Rd ..

Ted P.

Wifi turned off. Just stopped by for snack to take a break. I should have gone to mcdonalds. They have wifi on

Cheryl Willmon

Nacho fries box! Delicious. Great value for the price.

Charles Anderson

Very good taco bell! Quick courteous and friendly associates who are bilingual as well!


Best Taco Bell in the area. Tried the new nacho fries not bad

Buddha Bennett

Busy busy busy but took my change with no problem

Jacque Boutte

Worst place to eat, if they mess up your order they insult you with bring back the food and we will correct your order! They have no respect for their customer's time, money or much else. They treat you as if it's your fault and do not want to rightly compensate you for having to make a return trip. They have done this on more than one instance! Avoid Taco Bell as they value their business over their customers!

Donald Berry

made me A great frito taco from the $1 menu

Dave Davidson

Taco bell is really good but does give me the wicked squirts

Rebekah Locke

This place in wonderful.The staff was one of the most friendly i have ever experienced at a taco bell. Each dish I've ordered so far has been beautifully presented and very tasty. I think this is one of the best dining options in the city.

Rebekah Locke

This place in wonderful.The staff was one of the most friendly i have ever experienced at a taco bell. Each dish I've ordered so far has been beautifully presented and very tasty. I think this is one of the best dining options in the city.

Hugo Neptune

They have really good burritos my favorite is the chicken quesorito

VividViolet TV

Friendly staff but that all washes away when you get home and see FLAT burritos and taco shells filled with lettuce. Prepare to be CHEATED. #FALSE_ADVERTISINGð??¡ð?? 

Elias Alonzo

Worst place ever. Manager wasn't paying attention to front. Worker playing on her phone laughed at me. Manager wouldn't tell me his name or his boss's name had to ask drive thru guy for the GMs name. Blanca you need to hire a new staff because this store is a joke

Jarvis Bowen

Only ask questions about the menu other then that their lost barely speak English but the food came out fast and it was good.Love the nacho fries box ð?¤?ð??

Latoya Deshaun Thomas

OMG this is the only fast food I will choose to spend my money on everyday if I ate fast food like all the other fat ass people woohoo did chicken and beef quesadilla. With me you go hang out thanks to my budget I don't have any fast food

Jonah Underwood

Dive thru was quick and they have a very friendly staff. Its hard to find quality franchises in regards to speedy customer service. This one has it

Cristian Negron

One of the best taco bell location I've been so far I can honestly say the service and the food is great. The staff are amazing especially the morning shift manager Linda she always welcomes you with a smileð???.

mark (Jason) zero

Check the drive through menu price before you order to make sure they don't try to overcharge you.