Taco Bell

4717 Vista Wood Blvd, Dallas
(214) 376-3222

Recent Reviews

Damaris Morales

Only thing was, we were missing the main reason we went for LOL my brother never got his quesadilla and it's really a drag to drive back and complain. So we just ate our crunchy tacos -_-

Bigg Fluff

The Double chalupa is back... It's good.

Jarrod Martinez

Good customer service and a great fast Tex Mex meal at a reasonable price. Check them out!

Shaneakuia Watson

My kids love eating Taco Bell we will be going to make some wheel of a Frito burritos so much

Michael Griffith Jr

Service is usually bad when I come here. I ordered from the touch screen menu and paid for it like always and then they tell me they don't have the box that I payed for. The cashier then wanted to argue with me that I should have asked if they had it first. If I am to turn around and wait in line to ask if they have somthing when I'm ordering on the kiosk then why have them? So I give this a one star for the cashiers smart remark and attitude towards me also for leaving items that are not sold anymore on the menu.

David Tennies

Honestly not the greatest service. They ignored some people coming in to get their order taken and made them order on the touchscreen. My food was good though.

Iman's Daily Playlist B.

Trying to get information on how to use your app from one of the worker was a bust.


My first time going there since it was built... cashier was nice and friendly.. food was hot n fast

ale mrtz

This place was dirty the manager was rude and disrespectful. I was asking her a question and she was on the phone choosing to ignore me. No other employee came to the register kept having there own conversations. So I walked out. I have never been so disrespected like this before. Your employees need some training in customer service. I will never go back to your location.

Gene Patterson

The Service Was Awesome ð???

Sharon Sharplin Smith

Food was fresh. The boy at the window had to add to my order since he forgot an item I'd asked for. But food was fresh and good

Delisa Anderson

Service is always SLOWWWW and they STILL get your order WRONG.! THE Workers need better customer service communication skills. If rather go 10 minutes out of my way to the b Wheatland location.


The service was very disrespectful. They rush you to order and just passed out food ,with no receipt. SMH...I guess if you get speedy service, don't expect them to be courteous #Customer Service definition please..

John Williams

When I went in to order the cashier was nowhere to be seen and when she did get to the register she was very angry. Got my food around the 5 or 6 minute mark and then continued to my car thinking all was good, until I realized I was missing my 2 soft taco supream's. Went back in and got them after another 2 or 3 minutes of wait time. Its the last time I go at that time of day.

Robert Hoiten

I waited a very long time for my order. As I waited I counted 8 cars go through the drive through. I had never ordered on the computer screen and didn't know how to order no sour cream. After I finally got the girls attention she came out and finish my order. When I got my order it had sour cream on everything. I went to the counter and waited and waited while the girl walked by twice and then waited on someone else that had problems with his order also. The finally looked at me and I told her what was wrong she just kelp walking like I was invesible. I finally made eye contact with the girl again and asked to please fix my order. I went back to sit and wait. I waited and waited and my order just sat on the counter. I will never come back to this place.

Regina Regina

The employees that work there are always nice. I always receive great service

Nathalie Salinas

Waited over 25min to get our order. Only 1 other person ahead of us . Did not see any cars go through the drive-thru either.

Shenequia Taylor

I like the value meals for a $1 they are awesome ð???

Oscar Diaz

So this taco bell is sad to say but management has let this place go. It was bad experience , no sauce really?¿? When i got home and saw the food ,ill keep those comments to myself. I get it , its fast food but we pay for it, we as customers deserve to eat a descent meal.

4Way 4Dat

Itaco bell is usually nice about their drive through. This one was speedy and soundð???

Detara Gilmore

Awful time. Poor customer service. After waiting to place my order for 5 minutes they finally told me that I had to order at the kiosk. I obliged but after waiting for 15 mins I was told that they didn't even have my order. As I waited I did observe that every order was brought back to the counter because it was incorrect. I wasted my whole lunch break and left empty handed.

Damaris Mcmillon

Needs to stay on top of employees for playing other than that , the food was good.The restaurant was clean.

JonQuil Smith

This is the worst Taco Bell I have ever went to. I will never be back, would give no stars if I could. They skimp you on everything. My first time trying the spicy potato taco was here and it was horrible. Every potato was old hard and dried out, barely had any lettuce and cheese, straight disappointment. Now today I try the breakfast. Donâ??t even know why I did that. I usually get a grande scrambler,from another Taco Bell in little elm and one on the way to Arlington, which I love. Ordered it today and they are sooooooo small compared to what u usually order. I donâ??t know whatâ??s up with this location like why they trying to stretch the food thaaat much but umm they need to just close down if the struggle is that real for them. I will neverrrrrr be back. Im surprised and happy that at least itâ??s fresh lbvs


They have the new touch screen registers, they're pretty nice!!

a very elaborate message

its aight food decent an it p cheap 6/7 would eat again

Michael Hickman

Today's brunch was great been a while but great experience love the order up service indoors


Customer service was great. Greeted with a smile and order was correct.

Marquis Allen

This one has great late night staff. They are friendly, competent, and give great service. Never disappointed when I go here which isn't the case at a few taco bell's I've gone to.

Timothy Moore

Great Taco Bell. Food quality is good and good customer service.

Alain Roket

Good food fast service ð??

Cindy Sierra

If your not black you wont get served FAST. OR AT NORMAL SPEED... ONLY TO BE SERVED AN 1/2 HOUR LATER NEVER AGAIN!

Aubrey Shinneman

Always takes 20 mins or longer to get through the drive thru. Even when theres inly 1 or 2 cars ahead of you!

Michael Alvey

This is a smaller Taco Bell location located just of of Legbetter road. As usual, I'm always impressed by the cleanliness of the restaurant itself, as well as the cleanliness of the restrooms (and that is something of utmost importance to me). My order was taken by a courteous young woman. My meal was prepared quickly. And rather than having to wait at the counter for my meal, it was brought to me at my table is choice in under 5 minutes. I was very impressed with this Taco Bell location. My only complaint would be it's proximity to a Walmart and a popular gas station. Though the Taco Bell itself wasn't too busy, traffic going and coming was a nightmare. However, that's not something Taco Bell can necessarily help. Overall, I had a good experience. I would recommend this location to friends.