7597 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 760-8990

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Bianca L.

This Chick-fil-a is not giving the best customer service that this franchise is so well known for. I recently went to this location and ordered $30 worth of food and once I got home I was missing my Mac and cheese and a bunch of sauces. After this incidence I thought I'd give them one more shot, to be disappointed once again. I checked my bag in the car before driving off and the workers failed to put the sauces I asked for in the bag also they had a very rude attitude whenever I spoke to them. Both times I did not get a "my pleasure".

Dakota W.

This is the worst CFA I've ever been II , they are so rude, I'd rather go to Popeyes or drive to the east side.

Laura Moreno Garcia

Fast service, fresh food and taking precautions for COVID ??

Randy Swan

The staff was very courteous and helpful.

Georgia Scott

I just paid $2.25 (plus tax) for this large fry from this Chic-Fil-A. Guess they took a regular size and poured it in the large box. Problem is they charged me for the price of a large! Also, they threw one packet of ketchup in the bag with the fries. They didn’t even ask what sauce I wanted. I’m not from here so maybe they just do things different but if you’re going to make an assumption about which sauce someone wants, you should err on the side of giving them the chic-fil-a sauce. Not coming back that’s for dang gone sure. Horrible!

Dylan Nailling

Poor location. Have gotten two wrong orders didn't receive a redeemed reward TWICE. Look for a better one, this one doesn't quality check their orders.

Marz Barz

What is there even to say about this place besides "the food is amazing!!!" Every time I am at a Chick-fil-A I always order the spicy chicken sandwich and it never disappoints me. Their fries are delish and their cookies are to die for!! I love this place.

Angel R.

Kinda sucks when you order a meal for your family and you get home and the third entree is missing. One we don't want to drive back twenty minutes to get it and two we paid for something we never received. I tried following up on the missing item via the app but haven't heard anything back. Slightly disappointed.

Terrin Hoffmann

LOVE our Chick-fil-A! Food is always good. Order is always correct. And customer service is OUTSTANDING!

Danielle Ortiz

We ordered from this Chick Fil A for my birthday lunch and when we got home everyone had their order except me. When we called, the manager offered to replace the entire meal on our next visit. One week later, I came by and picked up the entire meal we had ordered for my birthday with no charge! No questions asked. No hesitation. Chick fil a has incredible service and amazing food. I would choose to order it all over again for my birthday!

David Bailey

Food quality and service as good as you would expect for Chick-fil-A. They have a great process to get you through quick and are pleasant while doing so.

Mariela Garcia

Awesome customer service. Food is delicious as well.

Kirsten Molnar

This location has great customer service. I hadn’t tried CFA until last year, but I kept hearing about the overall good service the company offers. I’m not a huge fan of chicken sandwiches but decided to try it anyways. I went with my husband and toddler the first time and we just sat down to look at the menu on our phones before ordering. A lovely girl came over and asked if we were ok and brought an ice cream cone for our daughter, we thought it was super nice of her to do so. We just fell in love with the place. Every time we have ordered from this particular restaurant we’ve had nothing but amazing service. They’re mac&cheese is also heavenly

Cristine Pena

1st time at a Chick-fil-A in a long time.

Emmanuel Garcia

Amazing customer service as always, but definitely had to wait a while these last few times I've gone. Still a happy customer and recommend to anyone who is in the area.

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