Chipotle Mexican Grill

10771 Gateway S Blvd Bldg M, Ste 101, El Paso
(915) 822-2968

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Mendiola

Good food. Fast service.

Cesar Diaz

Terrible service.Got my order deliver today and it was a total joke I don't know what kind of people work here but I will for sure never buy food at this place again.


Usually perfect but tonight I got the smallest burrito ever :( and they forgot to put quac AND queso in it, I usually wouldn't do this but it's the one thing I wanted after a bad day and it was messed up??


It's typically an easy 5 star for Chipotle but slow serviced nixed a star at this location. The employees were more concerned about call in orders than the ppl waiting in line. It was pretty aggravating. Food, fresh, delicious and once they paid attention to customers waiting in line it went quick. My advice, order online or call in for pickup in advance ?

Daniel Cervantes

Not worth it. I used to come here for lunch all the time! Not anymore, I paid full price for a ridiculous not even kid serving. Please save your money or go somewhere else.

Benjamin Aponte

Great food! Friendly and quick!

Miguel Reveles

I want to thank the shift manager for being supportive and understanding. I ordered online thinking they do curbside pickup and I had all of my kids and they helped me out by bringing the food out to me. They Do Not do curbside pickup, it was my misunderstanding but I appreciate the customer service and will gladly give them my business again. Many thanks.

Kirk Shanks

seriously going to wait until the food is prepared to tell you that if paying with cash, must be exact change. YOU SUCK

Mike Madson

If this place is any way busy or near peak hours (dinner, lunch) don’t bother going to order in person. They will do 2-3 online orders before going to the next person in line. Being the 6th person in line took us almost 40 minutes to be served. Go elsewhere until they can figure out how to quickly move the line.

Birdie 915

Food is good, customer service not so much. Like the last guy said.... I’m sorry I came in to order food and interrupt your day. Some of the employees could use an attitude adjustment.

Mystery e

The food is good just like at every Chipotle but for some reason every time I go I feel like I am bothering the employees just by ordering food or even being there in general :/

Rebecca Edwards

Tonight I door dashed two bowls with different items in them, but when my order arrived both bows were exactly the same. The one I didn’t receive was also supposed to have extra meat so I was up charged for something I didn’t even receive.

Angel M

Found a hair in my food and meat tasted sour. I wouldn't trust eating that again

Brenda B.

The girl at the register was rude. She was bothered because we asked for the salsa that came with our chips. The chips were stale and full of crumbs. Worst customer service I have ever received at a Chipotle's.

Billy B.

They used to be really good, but lately they've been skimping on the meat, the chips almost seem stale, and about half of my burritos end up being tortilla. Idk what happened but it seems like in the last 2 months they dropped the ball. If I wanted what I'm getting, I'd just go to taco bell.

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