El Chavo Elotes

6954 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 600-3451

Recent Reviews

Lizzy De Santiago

was recommended this an all time great place for snacks they are always packed corn was given hot which was a good sign but once i opened it butter wasnt fully melted all chunky and chile they use taste bad and churros are hella expensive and have almost no filling in it was ridiculous i was given one with no filling and i didnt see them wash their hands either while handling cards and food the cook isnt very friendly ir amicable the cashier is really nice and polite will visit this plce but not going to be my home snack place i still have yet to find a reasonable mexican place in el paso maybe i should stick to doing them myself much cheaper and good tasting

Donnalee Chuca

I saw one of the girls putting a traffic cone outside for the line and once she went back in I did not see her wash her hands as well as the girl that charged me and made my two churros with lechera filling after, which they did not have much of a filling and I have a picture of it!


They have the best elotes in town!! Love this place!

Lorenzo Morales Jr

Elote en vaso is delicious. Great customer service, very friendly. Husband loves the pepinazo

Diana Herrera

I have always loved this place. The best corn in the cup. Always busy worth the wait.

Freddy Pedraza

Best chilindrinas in town, be prepared to wait since its a small shop with only 2 employees. Excellent

Paulina Ibarra

Love going there with my family. It never disappoints when we go

Erica Hernandez

El Chavo came in clutch with churros, aguas frescas, raspas, and elotes!!! Everything was amazing! My family and I will definitely become regulars this summer!!!

Paola Santi

Delicious corn! Fast service!

Lorena Aragon

Horchata and melon with elotes, AWESOME!

Xitlali Rocha

I dont understand.. WHY DOES EL PASO MAKE WEIRD ELOTES. Like it's Not like this in Houston, San Antonio or Dallas. So it's not a Texas thing, it's just an El paso thing. Elotes are not supposed to be watery it's just supposed to be- yellow sweet corn, with Mayonnaise, Queso fresco, and chili. Not water!


I do not recommend this place. My first experience did not go well so I decided to give it a second chance and I was served a rotten pineapple the second go around. Very disappointed.

Anais Lopez

It's a hit and miss with this location. Sometimes they make things good and at times they rush to much that it's messy and it taste bad. But they are nice all the time.

Lilian Favela

Good snacks, great churros!

Veronica M.

The lady that help us was making everything as fastest as she could, even thou she had a huge line. Props to her! Great food

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