Jimmy John's

1115 Airway Blvd #100, El Paso
(915) 222-8010

Recent Reviews

Charlotte L.

This place puts Subway to shame. The French bread is fresh and smells heavenly. The meat is plentiful as are the rest of the toppings you may choose for your whopping 8" or 16" sub. This place will not leave you hungry. It's the closest thing to a Publix sub if you've had one..you just know. The drive thru was quick and our cashier was courteous. This was my first visit and it will not be my last. Highly recommend the Italian club or anything with turkey. If you don't want a huge sandwich they have smaller versions and $5 specials.

Diana Ramirez

Always good. Better than subway.

Brenda M

Best sandwiches off top ?

Damion Brooks

Normally I love jimmy John's but after eating at this one I ended up with a really bad case of food poisoning. Won't ever go back

Nomi P

Subway is a thing of the past when it comes to Jimmy John's. The sandwiches are delicious! Try the Spicy East Coast Italian and make sure you leave the hot peppers, it compliments the sandwich perfectly! They have freaky fast rewards on their app and you can earn free food which is always a good thing!

cecil gumbs

Service was amazing and quick and they were patient with my timely decision. Sandwich was amazing and a special thanks to Ryan for the ranch recommendation on the sub it was seriously delicous. Jimmy johns for the win.

Bertha Herrera

Not only quick they're delicious. The price was reasonable compared to other sandwich places. Taste wins...hands down.

Veronica Delgado

This is the very first time that I had to wait almost 10 minutes to get 4 sandwiches. Every other JJ's I have ever eaten at have my sandwiches done in less than a minute maybe one and a half minutes tops. And that's when they're slammed too. The dinning room was closed too.

Miguel Reveles

Excellent quality of sandwiches every time. Fresh and quality ingredients. Great customer service at this location.

HMC Cars

I am literally 5 minutes from the store order was out for deleivery for 20 minutes then the delivery boy had an additude binder this place gets no business. Delivery guy drove a white versa I will be calling corporate

Billionaire Julie

My husband loves their sandwiches the most!!

S C.

Went there last night, don't eat here very often but in a hurry. Guy at the window had no customer service and was not even wearing a mask. Sure hope he didn't prepare the food! Won't be back.

Maribeth Pickens Keller

Placed order on the app. My daughter picked it up & brought it home. Unfortunately the “customization “ was not followed. Items we requested as NOT being on the sandwich were there. It is not that big of a deal, but if you offer the customization, you would think the employees would follow it. This was only my second time eating there, not 100% sure there will be a third. Customer service was good, store was clean, it was fresh.

Angela M.

I placed an order for delivery. They forgot my pickle and when I called for a credit they came all the way back to bring me my pickle. And they gave me an extra one and drew a heart shape on the wrapper that said " Love JJ".

Jay B.

If there was ever a sandwich shop that I feel is severely underrated, it's Jimmy John's. I don't understand why a lot of people I know say, "I hate Jimmy John's" or, "this place is disgusting". Because the phrase I would use to describe this quaint little sandwich chain is....harmlessly satisfying. True, all the sandwiches are cold. But if you stop and think about it for a minute, that's the beauty of JJ's lightning fast execution of sandwich making. Not only do they have mobile ordering; but you'll pretty much never have to wait long for a sandwich anyway because there's nothing for them to cook really. I dunno. I sorta fell in love with this chain way back when I first discovered them in Killeen, TX. It's simple, fast and convenient. I mean, it's just sandwiches, people! What more do you want here? Only reason I don't give them a perfect score is because I only really like one type of sandwich here (tried the tuna once and I wasn't impressed). Not to mention the drive thru speaker box sounds like the cashier just swallowed the microphone whole whilst speaking into it with a mouth full of coleslaw. Seriously. Can anyone explain to me why I can't hear jack shit EVER when the guy is talking to me from the drive thru speaker box?! Anyway, highly innocuous sandwich chain that is ambiguously addictive (to some). JJ's gets 4 tasty turkey and cheese subs out of 5.

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