Peter Piper Pizza

12120 Montana Ave, El Paso
(915) 921-1803

Recent Reviews

Joe R.

Hey Everyone, Peter Pipers wants your money so bad they don't care if your kids die. Thanks for everything Pete!

Tony Starks

Triple P!!! w Wings!!! Good eats!!


Fast and friendly.. staffs amazing and it's super clean

Daniel Duron

The New York 3 cheese pizza is delicious. The lunch buffet is great as well.

Juan Gonzalez

I have no problem with the pizza, but I just witnessed two people walking in with out a mask. It look like they send one person back out to get their mask. My recommendation is to post someone at the door to control this behavior. That's why our numbers are going up, because of someone's carelessness and jeopardizes someone life.

Daniel Rodriguez

Not my favorite PPP location, but the pizza is always good for takeout

Edgar Nieves

I understand we have a pandemic going on but we order ower pizza to be freshly made right, really disappointed to receive 2 cold /chewy pizzas I never had a bad experience hopefully it the last one they way I'm 2 minutes away...

Manuel Dina Jauregui

Always perfect and on time !!!!!

Dina Manuel Jauregui

Always perfect and on time !!!!!

Arcy Yanez

Pizza is always delicious. You can never go wrong w PPP.

toilet paparaxxi

Great place to eat with family. Kids are distracted in games

tony po

Good family fun. More games are needed.

chris padilla

Always a good time at this location! Employees are accommodating and kind and it's always clean.

t ponce

Good family fun. More games are needed.

Jim L.

I ordered pizza with pepperoni with extra cheese and black olive on just half of the pizza. I had them re confirm on the phone. When I picked my pizza up they confirmed what I ordered. I got home the pizza was missing both extra cheese and pepperoni on one side. A very simple order and they could not get it right.

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