Peter Piper Pizza

12120 Montana Ave, El Paso
(915) 921-1803

Recent Reviews

Arcy Yanez

Pizza is always delicious. You can never go wrong w PPP.

toilet paparaxxi

Great place to eat with family. Kids are distracted in games

chris padilla

Always a good time at this location! Employees are accommodating and kind and it's always clean.

t ponce

Good family fun. More games are needed.

Jim L.

I ordered pizza with pepperoni with extra cheese and black olive on just half of the pizza. I had them re confirm on the phone. When I picked my pizza up they confirmed what I ordered. I got home the pizza was missing both extra cheese and pepperoni on one side. A very simple order and they could not get it right.

ruben morales

Always good pizza and fun games

Jorge Padilla

Peter piper will always take me back to my childhood love the memories...oh and the wings are awesome!

Mary Salcedo

I ordered 1/2 pepp/jal and 1/2 pepp. My order was wrong and they made me a whole new pizza. My only complaint is how loud it is. It's difficult to have a conversation when the TV's are really loud and w all the games.

Elvia Mckenzie

Pretty awesome and pizza was delicious!

Yolanda Aranda Alaniz

Clean, friendly, and child friendly. Hope it stays uncrowded for a while.

Erika Gamez

I loved have my sons party here. The staff the very nice and the food was delicious ♡


I had the wings and best I've had at a Peter piper so far. I like mine extra crispy

Annalise Marquez

Great place for a birthday party or just to eat and play games. And their chicken wings are really good.

John Juarez

Place is dirty. Customer service is bad. Bugs in the tea. Never going back. This was all on a Wednesday so it wasnt busy as all.

Jazmine Cazares

It's awesome for birthday party and to spend times with friends and family

Gabriel Barraza

had a party yesterday for my two boys , great service and a awesome server his name was dominic, professional service and highly attentive great job! we'll see you next year!


I ordered delivery through Postmates and my order was made fresh, packaged well and was made correctly. I also received pepper & cheese packets as well as paper plates. Great job!

Denise Nuncio Seabrook

We had a party yesterday at this location 7/20 lets just say I was beyond impressed on service , hosting, and professionalism from the manager on duty. One of the best times we have had in a while. Thank you for making our event a great one.

Julia Redding

Clean, delicious, and great customer service.

davonta wallace

It was really good the guy didn't give me any straw though

karen garza

My pizza was cold by the time it took them to change the soda machine. Then you ask multiple employees to change it they look at you crazy and act like inconven she would ience my cashier printed a copy of my short receipt so she wouldn't get it wrong, she tried but still got my order wrong. Thanks for a reminder on why I started going to other pizza places, which are cheaper and quality of pizza and customer service is better.

Eddie G.

Can't ever go wrong with a lil PPP. I'm happy kids happy and pizzas delish. My fav is the Chicago classic with extra sauce...Always extra sauce can't go wrong but not everyone's fav as my kids only like either cheese or pepperoni. Fortunately as adults we have acquired tastes. I Like the meats but I also like vegetables so a combination in a pizza fits my appetite. After a while kids disappear and I have the pizza to enjoy to myself.

TonyTones Cordova

It's a very nice place for the family. The kids love this place I can get them out of there the prices are decent they have a very cool arcadeenough TVs to watch the sports that are on that day the staff is very respectful that well-disciplined Texas style I recommended Peter Piper's for anyone

Danny Flores

They acted like it was an inconvenience to give us a better deal then what we were getting, didn't offer it in the first place, and the area to dine in was messy. As a pizza employee myself I have to say this was disappointing. Get better customer service in the front please

Jessica Segura

We love peter piper but customer service was less than par and the (what seemed to be) manager acted like it was an inconvenience to help. Dining area wasn’t cleaned well either. BUT FOOD WAS GOOD OF COURSE

Joseph Reyna

Buffet prices and hours


Don't order takeout by phone, order online. Bad customer service by phone. They will hang up on you in the middle of the order for no reason and it seems like they all have bad hearing. It happens to me all the time. Don't even bother calling. They do have good pizza! Thats the only thing that brings me back every time.

Cynthia Montoya

Very clean it is one of the Peter pipers that I have been and it doesn't smell bad and food comes out well made. Excellent customer service. The only thing I don't like is that hold 5 dlls from my card every time I pay with card but that's part of the system so I can over look it.

Matt Braxton

Great food... great service.

Crystal's Momma

This is a " go to spot" for our family of 6 to have a good time!

Vinnie Malcolm

I absolutely love Peter Piper Pizza! Great place even if your by yourself, lol. No but the best pizza by far and really good the morning after right out of the fridge or microwaves for 30 sec.

Meme Machine

I love this place! I think it will be very good for children and adults .Even now, when I am 36, I still enjoy going there. Order any pizza and you will love it

Monica Flores

Extremely loud and messy. There was no ice in the drink despencer, no straws and service was not the best. The food was good. Hot and fresh

Anna Austin

Good for family fun and parent down time

Tricky Rick

What can I say about Peter Piper Pizza other than that I'm tired of going here every other week for a kids birthday party! Then my kids are like, " Dad, I need more money for game tokens cause I have nothing to show for the last $10 dollars you gave me except this neon nylon bracket and a stale Tootsie Roll". Legal gambling for kids is a genius business model that you can't help but appreciate!

Leslie Gonzalez

I love the pizza from here. We did our sons 1st birthday party at this location and everything went great, the service was awesome and all the kids had so much fun.


Staff always friendly. Food is great! We never have a bad time coming here. It can get packed but not overwhelming. Love it.

Christopher M.

Always love their lunch buffet. The restaurant is generally clean and tidy, and the games are in good working order. I had my son's birthday party hosted here and they really took care of us. My only complaint being that we felt rushed to end our party in order to make way for the next.


Only good if you eat it there fresh out of the oven

carmen c

It's a fun place for the kids, but it's a bit pricey. I was expecting the games to be 1 token each but they vary. Some are 2 and some are up to 4 tokens, and most of the time the game steals your tokens. It's also extremely crowded trying to pass by. Very inconvenient when your kid is calling and you have to squeeze through several families just to get to your kid. The pizza slices are very thin and small. And let's not even get started on the filthy restrooms, toilet paper on the floor the trash bin over flowing. Clogged toilets. Pee on the floor...It's just gross. Like i said your kids will most likely have fun here, it's a kid friendly place, but its also filthy and not worth my money.