9530 Viscount Blvd #1Aa, El Paso
(915) 592-0444

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Corrupted Ward

Had their breakfast egg and sirloin sandwich. It was actually really good and seasoned well. Even though it was busy staff got to me fairly quickly.

Gloria G

Very delicious! Clean, simple. A great place to enjoy a great meal and talk.


I love the breakfast menu and the smoothies ? are delicious. I was introduced to this place by my BFF friends ? When they say we're going. I say " Yes Please" I get the Mushrooms, Turkey, Spanish, Cheese, Avocado with yogurt side ? of course coffee with a smoothie togo. ? I love the energy booster, anti-aging,and anti-stress smoothies. You want to eat clean for a moment of the day. You'll love this place also will come back on how reasonably priced.

Antonio Savethebees

The server was awesome! I especially liked that she was Bilingual.

Adriana Anderson

Great place for soup and sandwiches. I enjoyed the carrot soup. I've heard the tea is good there too

Rosa Camarillo

best service and food it's delicious

Yvette Gonzalez

Love this little gem! The breakfast special is the best! Ask for pecans with the wheat pancakes! It costs extra but they are so yummy!!!! The egg and mushroom sandwich is sooo yummy too!

Susi B.

Delicious and healthy food, if I'm in the area this place is a no brainer! The cilantro soup is to die for and the salmon is soooo good.

Cody O.

*DELICIOUS VEGAN OPTIONS* Absolutely the friendliest staff that I have experienced as I'm driving across country from Florida to California!! An absolute pleasure to spend my money with you all, and the front greeter/order taker was 10/10! I saved this place for my future journeys as a must stop!

Mike Munoz

Easily my favorite restaurant. Period. I travel constantly and I always look forward to coming home and visiting T Coasters. The food is fresh, healthy and reasonably priced. Everything I’ve tried from their menu is delicious.

Marisela Morales

Delicious, saldly they don't offer decaffeinated coffee

Yasmin C.

Been watching what I eat & places that have a kids option is super important to me so my daughter can eat as well. I was so impressed by my meal, my daughters meal & the customer service ! Went during lunch time and they didn't offer to much for kids for lunch but after I requested at least fruit for my daughter they came out with the yogurt and fruit cut up for her , so sweet! My lentils soap was so good & I finished my sandwich so quick it was so creamy and the bread was toasted perfect. I would definitely be going back

Jorge M.

For the first time of me coming here alone I received the "hurry up and order" service. The person at the cashier was so pushy for me to finish ordering giving me stares and making me feel stupid at ordering. I wanted 2 breakfast plates because I have always ate them from here. Someone always used to order from our work and we would just pay the person. Today I decided to come alone and buy. Worst mistake ever, next time this local business wonders why it's understaffed or not doing well. You need to re look at your cashier (which looked like the manager or owner) that attitude was just so awful and bad experience. And then they wonder why we rather deal with the corporate chains instead of the local spots..

Apple B.

So I've been here before and was very satisfied with everything including the service. Today, I asked my smoothie "to-go" and my orders for dine-in to include a bow of soup. I later saw a very large soup bowl so I ask to have that my soup "to-go" too as she handed me my smoothie in a glass. I reminder her that the smoothie is suppose to be to-go and she claimed that I did not informed her that it is "to-go". It was the only food I ask "to-go" I believe she would not have made that mistake if she wrote it down. But she only started to write things down after I placed my dine-in orders. It was off putting when she says, "You didn't tell me the smoothie was to-go" when I clearly did so. I wish they have a camera with audio because that was not a customer oriented response. I should have lowered the tip significantly but still gave the standard 20% tip but I could've easily double it if she didn't imply me lying about my to-go order. Good food but service was unacceptable. The Juicery Plus might just be my alternative spot for dine in and "to-go" orders.

Elsa Rey Contreras

Delicious healthy food and smoothies. Great service and calm atmosphere. Highly recommend it!

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