Valentina's Restaurant

425 S Oregon St, El Paso
(915) 545-4906

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El Paso is known for great Mexican Food and is one of my favorite places to get it. But I was far from impressed with this place. Taco Bell tasted better than this place. I will never return.

April Mangum

We read all the positive reviews but missed the one about about not being treated the same as the locals. We love supporting local economies and always look for the best local food places to try. Unfortunately, we were treated poorly as if they really did not care that we were there. In addition, the restaurant was out of queso and chicken enchiladas (as well as any plates with chicken). This was 1:00 on a Monday afternoon. I hope the owners read this review and treat the next out of towners a little more warmly.

Jesús Castro

It is now my favourite Mexican restaurant in El Paso. Food is great. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. They serve their food on a warmed plates.

Les Mahoney

Super good, and authentic!

rebeca garcia

Chile’s Rellenos Very Very Good!!!

Vick C

Fairly decent restaurant. They hardly had any dishes on the menu available. The food was bland.

Billy Joe Johnson

Great food and owned by great American patriots!!

Greg Orcutt

I ate here a week ago and it was so good I'm still thinking about it. It's some of the best Mexican food I've ever had, and I live in Houston and we have lots of good food!

Jmac Blaze

Love the speech that was given on Thats the point with BRANDON! I'm in Las Cruces,from El Paso and agree 100% Much love and I will go eat their when I'm in town!

Aaron M

Saw your interview with Brandon, we'll stop by next time we're in town.

Gabriel Acosta

17 dollars. 2 beers & 2 burritos

Joe Silva

Great service food was hot to order and pleasant atmosphere with friendly people. My family enjoyed our passing thru El Paso. I would love to come back..

Gilbert Contreras

Best Mexican food in El Paso, Tx!!


I found this restaurant when walking around one day, and I really enjoyed the steak. I never forgot the taste, and now I came back here for steak now and then. The steak was so delicious!!! Wish I had a picture of it.

junior Ramirez

The most awesome tortas 8n el chuco

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